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ISL Launches Custom Book Module For Catfish Web-To-Print

ISL Launches Custom Book Module For Catfish Web-To-Print

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Publishers and printers extend their publications to a wider online audience

Crawley, UK – 11 July 2013: ISL, leaders in innovative software solutions for print and marketing, launches a new Custom Book Module for its Catfish web-to-print platform.

Publishers and book printers can now offer their customers a way to personalise any type of publication from recipe and music books through to meeting agendas, diaries and user manuals via the easy to use Catfish platform.

The system is fully automated for both the customer and the publisher. Catfish offers a complete service that takes a customer seamlessly through the process of selecting their design, inputting their information, proofing, ordering, taking payments and production.

Douglas Gibson, MD of ISL says, “The module is ideal for any organisation that has content to publish. Catfish removes all the technical aspects and enables publishers and printers to extend their publications to a wider online audience. It reaches out to those people who want a truly personalised publication and the ability to adapt the content to suit their own specific needs.”

Catfish customers can sort and edit the pages of their book whilst maintaining a live preview across the whole project such as:

  • Each page or section has different options for style and layout.
  • Text can be edited and changed in terms of font style, size and colour.
  • All pages fully support the ability to have drag and drop images.
  • Customers can insert their own personal files such as text, pictures and designs
  • Unique customer data information can be pulled through an automated XML import process.

Publishers can then choose to output publications via their existing print operation or they can access ISL’s expanding marketplace of Catfish-enabled printers across the UK.