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We Have Much To Celebrate On International Print Day

We Have Much To Celebrate On International Print Day

Infigo Software

Today is International Print Day. It seems appropriate that it falls on the middle day of The Print Show one of the year’s major trade shows, where we are exhibiting our Catfish, MegaEdit and Symphony software.

International Print Day was created by Deborah Corn, Principal of PrintMediaCentr.com, an expert in print who simply wants to spread the word about print – well beyond our industry.

Last year’s event resulted in 8683 tweets delivered to 23,023,968 timelines with 1271 contributors. The target is to beat that this year, when the theme of International Print Day is #PrintNOW.

To quote their publicity: “#PrintNOW was chosen because it covers the current state of the industry, technology advances, the role of print and paper in marketing and the opportunities it creates – AND – as a call to action for marketers, designers and even consumers to continue to use print in their communications mix.”

As print software creators, we couldn’t agree more that technological advances continue to revolutionise print.

In our relatively short history as a company (compared to the introduction of the printing press to the West by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440) it is already noticeable how the print industry has moved on with the help of technology.

Many of the companies and organisations who have bought our software have told us how much it has done to change their business – and that is just in the last 12 months.

For example, The Printed Word has almost doubled its print business and its product range since restructuring around digital presses and our Catfish web-to-print software.

Paul Manning, of B2B print company Rapidity, told us that MegaEdit fitted the bill perfectly.

MegaEdit, which has two streams, was first devised as a system for building photobooks, but is also an intuitive online design tool which allows end users to personalise products, as well as companies such as John Good to produce shorter print runs, allowing them to supply smaller theatres.

Our software has helped them in this regard (being part of a £500,000 investment into digital services) while some industries using print have been slower to adopt digital printing than others.

The packaging industry, for example, has only just started to tap into the potential of personalised printing – and we are proud to have been the software designers who were part of the solution.

We worked with The Alexir Partnership and Advanced Business Equipment who offered visitors at the Packaging Innovations Show personalised packs of chocolate mini rolls as a demonstration of the potential of the technology.

The fact that International Print Day is led by a group in the United States of America is also exciting to us, because we have hit the ground running expanding to the other side of The Pond this year.

As well as selling our software to new customers in the United States and Canada, we have set up an office in Miami, Florida, plus put together various partnership deals such as with Page Technology Group and Arizona State University.

About 30 per cent of hits on our website now coming from the States. This makes us believe the web-to-print market there to be four or five times bigger than in the UK, which itself is a market where hundreds of online retailers use our software in many industries that uses web-to-print to reach customers.

So, on International Print Day 2015, we have much of which to be proud and to celebrate – and we believe we have the creative, passionate team to keep revolutionising how companies and whole industries in the print world work.

As a feature in Digital Printer concluded a few months ago:

“The different industries into which Infigo can push seem to be, in a word, infinite.”