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We are a leader in personalised print and marketing engagement solutions.

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Infigo Software, with its decade-long history of deploying hundreds of its comprehensive suite of web-to-print and related applications around the world, has now expanded its presence into the American web-to-print market.

Based in Miami, Florida, we are here waiting to offer our unique web-to-print software to the USA.

Catfish Web-To-Print Software - with a development and management interface designed with the end-user in mind, be that the printer’s production staff, or the printer’s client's marketing staff.

  • MegaEdit - Personalization tools to offer enterprise-level production of photo products. Can be used on its own, or with Catfish Web-To-Print to provide an all-encompassing system for variable data.
  • Symphony and Cross Media Marketing – Provide truly integrated campaigns and fast measurable results.
  • Catfish Sync – an extensive API toolset to integrate Catfish Web-To-Print with existing systems.
  • My Fish Food - Creative tools and templates to help jumpstart an online presence.

Infigo Software Limited is a leader in personalized print and marketing engagement solutions.

The company was founded in Sussex, England, to concentrate on creating software for all industries which uses web-to-print and variable data to create personalized products.

The resulting Catfish platform became such a phenomenon across so many industries that news spread of its abilities as far as to Canada, where the software is now being used as a white label product by a leading print company.

Image of tablet with MegaEdit on the screen - Infigo Software offering products in America

Montage of Infigo Software web to print products screen shot positioned as layers, Infigo Software in America

In the UK, hundreds of companies now use Catfish as their platform for their web-to-print within the digital arm of their business, in industries as seemingly unrelated from each other as photography and packaging, cross-media marketing engagement and the traditional printed media such as magazines.

Using the words of a recent feature in the trade press about our products, the possibilities for Infigo are infinite.

When we attended the 10th annual DscoopX Conference in Washington, DC in March 2015, people asked us why we had made the long trip from England.

The answer was simple: We’ve proved there is nothing like Catfish on the market today, anywhere in the world – and Dscoop, a community of thousands of members worldwide that are focused on printing on HP Graphic Arts equipment, gave us the chance to prove that.

We returned to England with a full contacts book of potential clients interested in Catfish, which reduces the number of manual changes that have to be made because everything is edited in the cloud.

This is something that is very attractive to traditional print as they expand into the digital, as well as businesses which already have an online operation.