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Arizona State University

Case Study

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Case Study, Arizona State University

Infigo secured an order with Arizona State University to deliver a powerful web-to-print, online photo gift and marketing solution. Having expanded into the United states last year, Infigo has an office in Miami, Florida and attended several major trade shows, through which the deal with ASU was struck.

ASU felt that their previous system was outdated and lacked front-end user functionality. These necessary functions include HTML5 responsive designs that optimise the site on all devices, faster loading speeds thus enabling the user to complete an order faster than in the old system and finally, more extensive templates that allow them to move their offline orders to an online and automated system.

When looking into Web-to-Print systems ASU didn’t just evaluate the software but the company itself. “Along with having the most dynamic and innovative software on the market, Infigo also had the most responsive team behind the software. We value our relationships with our partners, depending on them to stay on top of trends and new technologies across many platforms and Infigo definitely proved themselves with their actions, not just their words. It has been a pleasure thus far, working with one of the best support teams out there”. Cathy Skoglund, and the Arizona State University Print & Imaging Lab.

So what were ASU looking to achieve?

When they implemented the Infigo Software solution, Cathy Skoglund told us “We hope to achieve a fully automated workflow with Infigo’s state-of-the-art software. This includes personalised items, the ability to push one off unique jobs through automation to lower costs, provide a portal to do so and create a feeling of community with ASU students, faculty, staff and fans. The idea is - created by students, manufactured by students, purchased by students at the same time funding more educational opportunities for students.”

Now, a year into the relationship, Cathy tells us, “Orders are being processed at a much high rate than in the previous system because turnaround times are faster due to the ease of use of the admin area. This means that less students are needed to manage the site, thus allowing them to work on building new products and growing the library of templates. Positive feedback from customers on system is greater than ever, and the software is allowing us to tap into new markets and products we never thought we’d be able to do in an online system.”

“The deal with ASU proves what we believe – that both the education sector and the United States market are ripe for revolution. We have proved there is nothing like Catfish on the market, globally. Hundreds of online retailers use our software in the United Kingdom, but about 30 percent of our website traffic comes from the United States, where we believe the market for web-to-print software to be four or five times the size of that in the UK.”

“It’s a pleasure to work together with the team at ASU to evolve our solution to meet their needs."

Douglas Gibson
Managing Director, Infigo Software Ltd