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It's All About Automation and Innovation

It's All About Automation and Innovation

It's All About Automation and Innovation

Infigo Software

This International Print Day, we thought we’d share our insight into the changing consumer behaviour that is driving an unprecedented rate of change in the printing industry.

As demands for shorter print runs, super-fast turnaround times and self-service solutions increase at a rate that could barely have been predicted just a few years ago, businesses in almost every sector are realising that they need to focus on user experience, automation and workflow efficiencies in order to deliver on-demand services and remain competitive in the digital era.

You can’t escape the industry news about how the Amazon, Uber and Airbnb effect has changed consumer behaviour in a way that is effecting both B2B and B2C businesses across almost every industry. Consumers expect to be able to access services 24/7, wherever they are. They expect personalised experiences that are tailored to their needs and they want immediate prices and delivery. Gone are the days of waiting until Monday morning to speak to a print estimator, and businesses are quickly having to adapt their operations to deal with this shift in demand.

It is this rapid evolution that has driven massive growth in demand for our e-commerce web-to-print solutions over the last few years, and it is why here at Infigo HQ we’ve been focused on developing the right partnerships and integrations to make seamless automation easier for our clients and to deliver a great end user experience.

This year has been our busiest yet and integration and partner relationships have been at the heart of our innovation. From engaging live-personalised product collaborations with HP Indigo at a number of high profile events (from Dscoop to Interpack to Label Expo) to the industry-first integration with the Tharstern MIS that enables real-time, live pricing quotations, we’ve really put our stake in the ground as an innovator in delivering tangible benefits to our clients.

This month also saw a full house at our first ever tri-company webinar which showed live examples of how automation is changing the way businesses can interact with and engage their end users. The webinar showcased the power of partnership in delivering game-changing workflow efficiencies and brand engagement opportunities.


More and more, clients want to see the end to end solution that will enable them to meet the needs of the always-on digital generation. They don’t want to see just one piece of the jigsaw in isolation – they need to see how they can productise solutions to deliver value and differentiate their proposition for their end users. This is why we’ve found such success in joining forces with strategic partners to deliver a complete digital solution. Putting ‘aces in their places’ means we can each focus on building our core business to be its best while linking with best-in-class partners throughout the workflow chain to deliver more together.

It is this focus that lead to the collaboration on the tri-company webinar with two leading suppliers in the print and packaging industry. Following the hype that surrounded the announcement of our OEM partnership with Enfocus, and the live estimating integration with Tharstern, we joined forces with these two powerhouses earlier this month to deliver a webinar that showed how we’re able to revolutionise print and packaging workflows and deliver real results.

This engaging webinar demonstrated the real-time, on-demand quotations that are enabled through the integration between our Catfish platform and the new Tharstern API. And to make it as engaging as possible, we also weaved in a demo to show how the Enfocus PitStop and Switch integration completes the game-changing end-to-end automation, resulting in genuine time and costs savings for clients.

Automation and user experience are at the heart of the collaboration to show how we’re innovating our solutions to meet the changing consumer behaviour that is driving demand for more 24/7, self-service operations in a vast array of industries.

Douglas Gibson, Managing Director, Infigo Software commented, “In our experience, automation and user experience are the two most important factors for printers delivering an e-commerce solution to remain profitable. Our clients need solutions that reduce manual input, increase the opportunity to deliver 24/7, on-demand services, and all with an easy-to-use online user interface. This is why we have focused our effort over the last few years on developing partnerships with best in class suppliers to ensure we can deliver efficiencies, cost savings and end-user engagement for clients. We were delighted that this collaborative webinar delivered an engaging showcase of how our partnerships make success easier.’

If you missed it, what better way to spend an hour on International Print Day than listening to the recording of this informative webinar? Check it out here...

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