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Birmingham City Council

Case Study

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Case Study, Birmingham City Council, Hybrid Mail

Infigo Software is excited to announce a partnership agreement with Birmingham City Council alongside Altodigital. Birmingham City Council having already used Infigo Software’s comprehensive product suite, Catfish and MegaEdit, required a web-based hybrid mail ‘desk to print solution’ for their external and private sector customers.

Additionally, the solution would also need to provide a print management function to allow them to deal with their systems data and bulk mailings. Infigo were happy to expand their services to accommodate the Council’s most recent challenge with their Hybrid Mail.

The specific requirement that Birmingham City Council had was the need for the solution to be web based although there are many Hybrid Mail solutions on the market, none are web based with the exception of Infigo Softwares. Being web based would allow them to implement the solution more cost effectively and with greater speed. A common issue with local authorities is that many do not own their IT networks and are often outsourced or working partnerships with a private company, therefore these companies control what and how much anything costs to sit on their network along with the timescales that they control.

Birmingham City Council came across Infigo through Altodigital, who are a contracted supplier for Birmingham City Council and were already working on a digital store for the city which fitted so well with requirements that the Council had.

Client Feedback

“We now have a commercial hybrid mail and print service provision that we are selling directly into public and private sector markets. Utilising 2D barcodes and zonal mail sort DSA, we are unique in the marketplace as we are the only local authority actively selling hybrid mail and printing into the public and private sector.”

Robert Lancastle
Business Finance & Development Manager, Birmingham City Council