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Collaboration is key to business success

Our recent recognition in The Parliamentary Review is down to more than us alone

Collaboration is key to business success

Collaboration is key to business success

Infigo Software

“Business and government working together is the key to a successful UK society and economy.”

That was the view of former shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, who was speaking at The Parliamentary Review Gala at Banking Hall in London on 1st October. Infigo Software was present at the event, being highlighted for best practice in their industry. Something we’re extremely proud of.

Our founder Douglas Gibson started Infigo Software eight years ago with a vision of what he wanted to achieve. But he would be the first to admit that he didn’t do it alone. Along the way to building a successful company, he worked with others to make his dream a reality.

Almost a decade on, and nothing has changed. Just as Ed Balls said, agreements and partnerships between organisations can lead to great things. Hence why at Infigo we don’t see ourselves as working in silo, we want to work with partners who share our beliefs and values in what we’re trying to achieve in the web-to-print and martech arenas.

A perfect example is our integration with Management Information System provider, Tharstern. Thanks to our partnership, businesses can have an online platform which allows their customers to personalise printed products, while also getting real-time live pricing quotations. No longer do customers have to wait until Monday to speak to an estimating team, they can have it in an instant. Both Tharstern and Infigo aim to make life easier for businesses and the consumer so they can save time and money. That is something we both fundamentally agree on so we can deliver a new level of service. It is this philosophy forms the basis of how we work with other organisations such as HP and TrustPilot so we can improve customer experience.

Obviously it’s not all a business love-in. As Ed Balls stated, there will always be disagreements and competition between businesses and political parties. That’s inevitable. However, those areas of consensus is where real progress can be made, bringing together different skills and experiences to create powerful partnerships.

The Parliamentary Review is a marker for Infigo’s growth but that is thanks to our partners and the people we work with. As we move forward, our mission to innovate remain the same and we will continue to look for new collaborations in order to do this. The next year is an exciting one at Infigo Software as we strive to raise the bar even higher.