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Case Study

CrushTag personalised wine labels and accessories

Infigo Software were delighted to be commissioned to work with the innovative team at CrushTag, the US based customised wine label and accessories specialists, on the relaunch of their website www.crushtag.com.

As the CrushTag business grew, the owners were quick to identify that customer requests for more graphic and cart flexibility meant that the brand was outgrowing its original website. An e-commerce solution that could scale and offer greater flexibility to explore new products and designs was required, so the team at CrushTag were looking for a platform that would give it room to grow creatively.

A solution tailored to B2C

Infigo Software became aware of the requirements for the CrushTag project and approached the company to demonstrate what they could deliver. Both companies agreed that the Infigo Software solution was a good fit for the CrushTag website relaunch. The key requirement for the team at CrushTag was to find a company invested in the specific needs of a business in B2C web to print, and the Infigo team were able to demonstrate their expertise through their client successes.

Ease of use is essential for any B2C online business and it was the simple, single platform solution and integrated cart functionality that appealed to the client as they would have only one system to maintain. They also identified that the ongoing service fees were competitive.

A creative brand needs a creative solution

In the words of the creative CrushTag team, the new website enables customers to ‘flex your creative muscle’. The website offers a huge range of professionally designed templates to quickly create quality custom wine labels with photos, personalised text and customised colours. While for the more ‘do-it-yourself kind of designer’, CrushTag offer the robust build-your-own editor from the Infigo solution. The company creatively call this Customizer Plus and it enables the flexibility to add text and photos, move things around, and choose symbols and graphics from the ever-growing, staff curated collections. The site is as engaging to use as the personalised products are to receive.

Ginny Fulton, CrushTag, commented, “Infigo feels like a partnership. We know they care about our success. We like the direction they are headed and feel like we will see great opportunity by being part of their team.”

Douglas Gibson, Infigo Software added, “We love the personality of the CrushTag brand and were delighted that our software stood out as the right user-friendly solution for the brand’s unique personalised products.”

Visit www.crushtag.com to see the innovative products for yourself.