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Case Study

edwardthompson expands digital print business by 50% with Catfish Web-to-Print

edwardthompson, the largest manufacturer, printer and supplier to the UK bingo and leisure industry, has grown its digital print business by 50 per cent since adopting Catfish Web-to-Print from Infigo Software.

edwardthompson delivers a complete design, print, and mail service to organisations such as Gala, Tombola and other blue chips firms. Employing over 200 staff, the company can produce 200 million bingo tickets every week and insert 80,000 envelopes per day including personalised raffle books. Its comprehensive printing, finishing and mailing services are now complemented by new long and short run personalisation lines delivered via Catfish, offering a 'one-stop-shop' for all requirements.


Daniel Miller, digital manager at edwardthompson says, "We had a web-to-print capability in the past but it was separate from our client's membership systems.

"We knew that the right installation of web-to-print would be highly beneficial, but it needed to be integrated with our membership system. Infigo Software was the only company that understood our vision and was willing to adapt its Catfish platform."


Catfish is now a seamless extension to edwardthompson's membership system - end users simply log in with their details to access various document templates and merchandise products that their company has available.

"We had a few early teething problems but we worked closely with Infigo Software and soon overcame the obstacles," explain Daniel. "We now produce a wide range of posters, leaflets and mailers and each clients has its own separate area where they can store and edit any number of templates."

Beacon Bingo with its twenty plus clubs around the UK is a regular user of edwardthompson's Catfish service. They produce high volumes of mailers and flyers, as well as posters in both small and large formats.

edward thompson also works for Carlton with its 13 Bingo Halls across Scotland and the North East of England. "We carry 30 templates for Carlton so its managers can order personalised leaflets and flyers as well as pre-printed stock items such as stationery."


"Catfish is easy to use and very accessible; customer scan order what they need at any time of day. And it's a quick process since they can edit, approve and then order online in one action," concludes Daniel.

"Overall, we've increased our digital print business by nearly 50% since we implemented Catfish. The real bonus is that we are often generating business out of hours. Working with Infigo Software has been great; they are responsive, highly innovative and we have an excellent working relationship."