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Case Study

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FT Solutions offers innovative communication services comprising print, mail and online media, along with branding services that help to build brand engagement through consistent brand messaging and highly personalised campaigns.

FT Solutions was looking for a viable replacement for its 2nd generation web-to-print solution, to retain and steadily build upon its activity in the web-to-print market. The solution was required to provide a new range of tools to its customers whilst retaining existing functionality and features. FT needed the solution to be intuitive and feature rich, and for its developers to be responsive.

In addition to the requirement to replace in kind FT’s legacy web-to-print system, FT also wanted a solution that would allow its customers to create multi-channel marketing campaigns from within a single integrated system, saving the need to pay subscription fees to various platforms which would individually achieve the same goal. The solution was also required to provide an embedded creative suite to allow their customers to create artwork either from pre-designed artwork or from a white label solution.


A 6-month evaluation of the web-to-print market was conducted by FT Solutions, researching over 20 web-to-print tech companies and refining this to a select number of suppliers requested to demonstrate their solution in a technical tender exercise. Several evaluation stages later, and after drilling down further into the respective proposals and solutions for the real detail, FT found Infigo Software and Catfish to be the most applicable to FT’s current and growing needs in the web-to-print market. The feature-rich capabilities of its storefront and easy integration with the Solprint MIS used by FT Solutions were defining features.

Catfish is an enterprise level web-to-print platform that can be tailored to meet customer’s requirements, with a customisable front-end and user workflows that deliver a great user experience.

The responsive, cloud-based software allows anyone, anywhere, the capability to create integrated marketing campaigns and submit customised print-ready artwork, on-demand, whilst maintaining brand guidelines. All delivered via an easy-to-use tailored storefront, with an API architecture that is easily integrated to create efficiencies throughout the print production workflow.


Christian Gurd, Head of Systems, FT Solutions says, “Prospective and existing customers alike have shown great interest when demonstrated the Catfish solution, even when our solution was at its infancy.”

Christian continues, “Clients have greater functionality than before and given the systems scalability it is suitable for the largest and smallest FT clients. For the first time FT is now able to offer an integrated marketing campaign across all current media platforms.”

Douglas Gibson, Managing Director, Infigo Software, added “We are delighted to be working with such a forward thinking company as FT Solutions. Our aim is to collaborate with our clients to ensure we can meet their exacting needs, and we were able to achieve the tailored solutions required by FT because we own and write the code to our solutions, so can be flexible.”

Find out more about FT Solutions at www.ftsolutions.co.uk.