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Evolve your in-plant facility for the digital world

Illustration of the process of printing in an in-plant - Infigo offer solutions for the in-plant sector

We’ll help to increase your in-plant facility performance and improve costs

More and more in-plant print production facilities and CRDs are turning to web-to-print solutions to ensure they remain current and adaptable to the growing demands of their customers in the digital world. And with the Catfish web-to-print solution it’s easy to see why:

  • User-friendly storefronts bespoke to you
  • Templated document solutions giving customer control while protecting brand identity
  • Simple, fast document submission
  • Automated workflow eliminating time-consuming manual steps
  • Improved accuracy and tracking with simple job tickets
  • Faster, more efficient approval processes
  • Seamless integration with current IT systems and printers
  • Better cost management and cross charging accuracy

What does this mean for your in-plant print centres and CRD?

Improved efficiency and the potential for more revenue
Greater automation speeds up the print management process so you can manage more print jobs with no extra staff. And more jobs means more sales revenue, right?

Greater customer satisfaction
Ordering is simple and fast, proofing and approval is flexible and efficient and everything happens through one interface – no more relying on emails back and forth to deliver what the customer needs! The customer has better control and you have an automated, accurate and cost-effective print management software to deliver exactly what they need. Everyone’s happy!

Right first time
Print spec requirements and costs are transparent with job ticketing ensuring you know exactly what the customer needs upfront, while dynamic editing and online proofing mean the sign off process is fast and has less room for error, even if your customer is on the move. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Fast and cost-effective implementation
Our web based software integrates with your current systems without the need for any time-sapping downloads so you can start realising the benefits quickly. The complete package of Catfish, MegaEdit and Symphony give your customers freedom to create highly personalised printed pieces – from simple business cards, leaflets and stationery to complex photo products, bound documents, packaging and even integrated marketing campaigns – while ensuring you have a smoother and more efficient workflow. Easy as pie.

Is Catfish right for your business?

We deliver bespoke solutions for a plethora of businesses with in-plant facilities, from universities and estate agents to printing and packaging companies to name just a few. Whether dealing with in-house or external customers you can be more customer-centric, reduce costs, stay current and increase your print-on-demand capabilities with the Catfish web-to-print solution. And most important of all, we work collaboratively with you to deliver what you need and provide bespoke training and support to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

How could that be wrong?

Don’t just take our word for it though…

“Orders are being processed at a much high rate than in the previous system because turnaround times are faster due to the ease of use of the admin area. This means that less students are needed to manage the site, thus allowing them to work on building new products and growing the library of templates. Positive feedback from customers on system is greater than ever, and the software is allowing us to tap into new markets and products we never thought we’d be able to do in an online system.”

Cathy Skoglund | Manager of Operations & Business Development, ASU