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LumeJet Print Technologies

Case Study

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Case Study, LumeJet Print Technologies

LumeJet Print Technologies was launched September 2015 with the aim to provide revolutionary print quality services for professionals. This unique printing system - available exclusively from them and their partners - was developed by LumeJet from the ground up. The innovative ultra high resolution system offers a professional photo service for discerning photographers; a fulfilment service for photo product companies and commercial printers; along with an outplacement partner service, for those situations where printers are best placed on the clients premises.

So what were they looking for? The best quality print with an easy to use website and user journey, ultimately growth in the market and adding value for their customers.

“Our goal is to offer the best photo and print quality and customer care but also to offer a great user experience and ease of use. This is critical for market positioning and growth. We have now been able to launch not only the best print quality available but also have a very easy channel through which customers can order”,/i>, said Paul Anson, Deputy Chairman at LumeJet.

To achieve these goals LumeJet needed a solution that could provide both a B2C shopfront and a full B2B integration, given their partner programme. They wanted to be able to run their entire website on one platform and therefore being able to work closely with the Infigo developers was a critical requirement. “There are many choices of systems, but few where you can have an active working relationship with the core team, as one does with Infigo Software”.

LumeJet already knew of Infigo Software from a prior association, so when they launched Print Technologies, the relationship was renewed. Infigo Software were impressed with LumeJet’s innovative photonic print technology, so it seemed like a natural partnership.

Douglas Gibson, Managing Director of Infigo Software said: “We’re delighted to be able to support LumeJet’s new venture. Coming from a printing background myself, I could see the ultra-fine photographic reproductions were outstanding and I knew our easy to use software would not only help LumeJet to implement their new online service cost effectively but help them grow their business and all with greater speed.”

Infigo Software provided their core software Catfish, the market leading Web-to-Print platform, ideal for both B2B and B2C environments. The intuitive nature of Catfish allows anyone, anywhere, the capability to submit customised print ready artwork whilst maintaining and adhering to strict brand guidelines. With the addition of MegaEdit PHOTO, this provides an ideal solution for professional printers, retailers and photographers who want to offer enterprise-level production of photo books and photo gifts.

MegaEdit PHOTO is an HTML5 online photobook editor, fully responsive to work across tablets and mobile devices, that doesn't require the download of any software. What's more, it will give you the ability to create your own products, design and content, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Client Feedback

Now for the important part, how has that helped improve business? Many businesses, from retailers, marketing specialists, skilled printers and packaging suppliers, have realised the benefits Catfish offers in enabling clients to be quick to market new services, deliver the latest trends in personalisation and improve ROI. When used with MegaEdit the returns have no boundaries- and what's more, they will have a competitive edge with more value to add for their customers.

“We have received very positive feedback from the professional photographer customers regarding ease of use. In the factory, it has enabled us to streamline our production planning and ensure fast turnaround. It is early days for us but we are looking forward to exploring the power of the software as we further develop workflow and information systems on the back of the Infigo platform, and utilise the API to hook our business partners into the system. We are excited about the potential and Infigo Software’s own development plans”.

Paul Anson
Deputy Chairman at LumeJet Print Technologies