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Catfish software provides martech solutions for B2B corporate clients

Case Study


One of Infigo Software’s largest Print Service Provider (PSP) clients uses the intuitive Catfish platform to enable its corporate customers to decentralise the printing of business collateral without compromising on branding.

Sales Director at the Print Service Provider says, “Knowing that the Infigo Software package will allow us to customise bespoke W2P platforms for our corporate clients, via our printshop was key; we are able to provide clients with the ability to offer personalisation options on their branded collateral, and their client’s digital campaigns, all via the malleable Catfish platform. It is a crucial tool in the newly defined martech arena.”

The service allows print purchasers to access the suppliers branded online storefronts, where they can create bespoke orders of printed collateral from branded templates, and personalise these to their own client lists. In effect this means that a B2B corporate can franchise out its printing to its external clients, safe in the knowledge that all branding guidelines will remain fixed, while allowing the personalisation of various elements within the collateral.

A great example of this is a large pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier to the veterinary industry, who uses an Infigo Software storefront provided by the PSP. This successful business no longer needs to hold large volumes of printed stock ready for delivery, or maintain space for storage. The PSP offered a Catfish storefront, branded to the corporate’s guidelines, as an online portal from where its clients can order branded marketing material direct from the PSP.


The PSP understood that expanding its services to offer martech solutions to its corporate clients was a crucial element to staying relevant in the uberized age. The challenge was to create an experience of web-to-print that was integrated with its functioning e-commerce system, and not have to redesign or redevelop its entire site. Its client’s customers work in extremely busy and stressful environments. They needed a solution that was as simple as possible to access and use; one that allowed the personalisation of different elements within the W2P system, whilst simultaneously integrating with the clients CMS. The Catfish package enables the PSP to offer new services to its clients, ensuring that it remains relevant and valuable to major corporate customers.

The easily adaptable Catfish software is ideal for the needs of both the PSP and its corporate clients. Templates uploaded to Catfish allow businesses to edit and personalise elements around the key message that the corporate client requires locked down. The template can be viewed before the final print order is placed, and through integrated systems the templates link directly to the PSP pricing systems.

W2P enables forward thinking Corporate clients to increase profits across the business with the application of martech solutions

Using the tools and the knowledge provided by Infigo Software, the PSP created bespoke, branded web store-fronts and branded templates to fit the particular requirements of the large pharmaceutical across all its marketing collateral; primarily, booster reminders, vaccination record cards, business cards, appointment cards, letterheads, comp slips, labels and envelopes. To reinforce its message, templates for digital operations were also included in the brief, so that email and SMS campaigns were possible as branded communications.

Catfish and MegaEdit combine to allow the PSP to develop new business opportunities; it can sell its services to B2B corporate s that need to allow customers to print branded stock without compromising logos, positioning and brand guidelines – it’s a perfect synergy of marketing and technology. The corporate s also benefit from cost efficiencies as less printed collateral is wasted when it can be ordered on demand.

N.B. The names of the PSP and corporate brand have been withheld in this case study to protect competitive advantage.