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Computer, laptop and mobile with MegaEdit PRO product on the screen, Infigo Software web to print solution


MegaEdit PRO, the flagship product of the Infigo Software range, delivers unrivalled flexibility and functionality.

The innovative online document designer offers an extensive range of editing tools to expand your offering and increase profitability. Our HTML5 editor is fully responsive, making it available on all devices without the need for any downloads, allowing your clients to start designing straight away!

Available as a module for Catfish or to be accessed through our extensive API to embed into your own site.


Screen shot of MegaEdit PRO, an online design tool, part of Infigo Software's web to print solution

Online Design Tool

  • MegaEdit PRO is completely cloud-based, so unlike other software on the market, there is no physical program to download.
  • Built in HTML5 and designed for tablet users – compatible with all leading touch screen devices, tablets and phones including Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Drag and drop interface for more dynamic control including finger gesture control for use on touch devices
  • Extensive font and image handling
  • Client side update ensuring the user has no interruptions throughout their project
  • Vector PDF upload support
  • Intelligent dynamic canvas adjustment allowing users to easily switch between orientations and sizes without losing any existing work
Screen shot of MegaEdit PRO, with fully scriptable interface, part of Infigo Software's web to print solution

Fully Scriptable Interface

  • Ability to insert dynamic vector charts and graphs
  • Offer complete flexibility on the user journey by creating bespoke functionality
  • Automating the population and creation of documents from third party content
  • Access to a library of custom javascript fields - including barcodes, graphs and text on a curve
  • Creation of your own controls (forms, CSV upload, data grids)
Screen shot of MegaEdit PRO,a highly customisable web to print software, part of Infigo Software

Highly Customisable

  • Complete control of the look and feel of the editor using our powerful CSS override
  • Extensive settings menu allowing the administrator to build the product to the exact needs of the end user
  • Ability to lock all aspects of a document down, ensuring that users adhere to and maintain brand guidelines
  • Customers can either follow pre-defined templates or they can have full creative flexibility over the size, design and layout of their document.
Screen shot of MegaEdit PRO, offering integration with third party solutions, part of Infigo Software's web to print solution

Integrations to 3rd party solutions

  • Extensive API allows you to embed MegaEditPro within your own sites
  • Sync data stored in Catfish to populate your documents
  • Sync data from third party software applications like Reapit
Screen shot of MegaEdit PRO, offering bespoke integrations and projects, part of Infigo Software's web to print solution

Delivering something different

  • Bespoke integrations outside of the standard editor
  • Delivering our solution through an API
  • Purpose built to allow integration into your bespoke projects
  • Complete control of the UI, colours and user journey
  • Custom previews are available on request
Screen shot of MegaEdit PRO, offering ready-to-print features, part of Infigo Software's web to print solution


  • Print ready PDF generation to the printers exact specification
  • Support for CMYK, RGB, HEX and Spot Colours
  • Adjustable output types including bleed, wrap, margins & gutters amongst others.

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