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Infigo Software Ltd Launches “My Fish Food”

Infigo Software Ltd Launches “My Fish Food”

Infigo Software Ltd Launches “My Fish Food”

Infigo Software

Feed your Catfish Web-to-Print with exciting new templates & SEO Services

Graphic design students invited to submit designs

Crawley, UK – 29 July 2014: Infigo Software Ltd (ISL) launches My Fish Food, a centralised resource of templates and SEO services for users of its Catfish Web-to-Print platform.

My Fish Food enables users of Catfish to access an extensive collection of pre-designed Adobe-based templates for Photobooks, Yearbooks, Stationery, Websites and Image Personalisation. The Business Stationery library featuring several thousand designs is the first to be launched, with the other template collections to be introduced shortly.

The My Fish Food SEO Services offer a range of bolt-on capabilities that make is easier for end users to find a printer’s Catfish storefront.

ISL has invited art and graphic design students to submit their designs for use on Catfish – in return, they receive a commission, on a per usage basis, when their design is purchased through the Catfish Storefront.

Douglas Gibson, MD of ISL says, "These exciting designs will help a company to really jump start their business. Our clients want to expand their online Catfish services and this gives them access to a host of new awesome designs and the ability to target their markets much faster.

"Our retail, marketing and professional printer clients can now offer a wide range of products and services without having to buy templates in advance or invest in bespoke graphic design and marketing services. They can offer all manner of templates to their customers and only when a product has been ordered will a percentage royalty on the net retail cost be allocated."

Catfish Web-to-Print is a full cloud-based platform that gives marketing, print and retail organisations an overnight online presence. Catfish is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices, so will automatically adjust to the screen size being used. The unique, easy-to-use Adobe template designer requires no technical knowledge and all templates can be used for both digital distribution and print production.