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National Apprenticeship Week benefits all those involved

We are happy to celebrate the positive impact of National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week benefits all those involved

National Apprenticeship Week benefits all those involved

Infigo Software

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week we would like to acknowledge the continued excellence that we feel our relationships with apprentices, both past and present, has brought, and we’re confident will continue to bring to Infigo Software and our marketing team at Netkandi. 3aaa, our apprentice provider, specialise in creating Apprenticeship opportunities in the professional service industry, everything from IT, Software, Digital Marketing, Accountancy , Financial Services, Business Administration, Customer and Management, across the UK. 3aaa Apprenticeships are an Ofsted Grade 1 Outstanding training provider with locations across England, offering a personalised, local service in 38 locations partnering local talent with local businesses to enhance careers and the economy through workplace training.

Our relationship with 3aaa has provided us with a rewarding stream of bright, keen and enthusiastic young apprentices that we have been happy to work with over the years. Naturally there may have been a speed bump or two along the journey, but we feel that overall, the levels of commitment, the work ethic and the willingness to get stuck in to any task, no matter how daunting, have been exemplary. Chief Operating Officer, Julie Minn, notes that ‘in recent years we have struck gold’ with our current crop of apprentices. The 3aaa apprentice scheme allows us to connect with the local community, fulfilling our commitment to be an active and responsible contributor in a way that would otherwise prove challenging, if not impossible.

It is, unsurprisingly, a two-way street, and the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the apprentices, reflects the positive working environment and encouragement nurtured here at Infigo Software.

Ben Mitchell, currently a Technical Support Apprentice noted,

‘I had been offered an apprenticeship at another company at the same time that Infigo offered me a position; I chose Infigo because the office felt to have a warmer working environment and I felt as though I would fit in. Thankfully I was proven right’.

Current Digital Marketing Apprentice, Jakub Debski, says,

‘My apprenticeship has helped me develop as an employee and as an individual in countless ways, both in and out of the workplace! It has given me huge confidence to try new things and take risks. Apart from technical skills which I have learnt within my role as a digital marketer, I think my course has given me a hunger for more; I want to keep learning new things and am eager to push my career further and further. I would most definitely recommend apprenticeships, simply based on my own positive experience. I would encourage people my age and even older to experiment with the idea of taking a different approach rather than the normal route of the modern day educational system’.

We value the relationships that we have built, and indeed many of our apprentices stay with us as full-time employees long after the official end to their placement with us. It is most definitely an affiliation that we feel we have benefitted from, as much as, we hope, our apprentices feel they may have benefitted from their time at Infigo and Netkandi .

Jessica Thomas completed her apprenticeship last year and we were very happy to offer her a full-time position as Marketing Executive. Jessica comments she

‘owes much to her apprenticeship; without it I would not have the confidence to do the work I do, not to mention the skills I have learnt along the way. I feel now I have the abilities to succeed in any work place.

The application of a successful apprenticeship partnering scheme is an ongoing success that has benefits for the company, the individual and the wider community. Giving young people the skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace to forge successful careers is a great alternative to more traditional routes to the workplace via higher education. Such schemes alleviate pressure on overburdened higher education establishments; offer more affordable routes to success, and most importantly develop identity and self-worth in youngsters that go on to play a full part in society.

Infigo Software is happy to play our continuing role in the success stories of today and those of the future.