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Infigo’s MegaEdit ‘Fitted The Bill Perfectly’ For B2B Print Company Rapidity

Infigo’s MegaEdit ‘Fitted The Bill Perfectly’ For B2B Print Company Rapidity

Infigo Software

Rapidity, the London-based business-to-business print company, is the latest organisation to sign up to use Infigo Software Limited’s MegaEdit platform, run through its Catfish programme.

Paul Manning, managing director of Rapidity, said: “We were looking for a web-to-print provider and for a system that was as easy to use and intuitive as possible. MegaEdit fitted the bill perfectly.

“Essentially it is photobook software but with many intuitive marketing features in place. It’s an intuitive system and very slick and will be something that our customers will love.

“We also have the ability to use it with Catfish to form a collaborative approach with Infigo, as the software designer, for our customers.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on the market and came across MegaEdit and thought ‘we really like that’. We have been providing web to print for years but it’s never been as good as this one.”

Paul envisages the software being used in several sectors, including for estate agents, which is one market that Douglas Gibson, managing director of Infigo Software Limited, believes could benefit from the technology.

Douglas said: “We see MegaEdit as software that can be used in many industries where there is variable data, because they need to offer flexibility and the ability to personalise products.

“We have had great success in the photography and packaging industries and we see estate agents as another market section which could benefit hugely. It would enable them to put together a booklet of information for each property and allow their client to make any changes quickly and easily, online. We believe Rapidity’s partnerships in this area will be hugely beneficial.

“We believe Catfish can substantially improve the return for printers. One of our client’s digital print services rose by 40 per cent in 2014 and now accounts for 20 per cent of their business. With Catfish this is expected to grow to 35 per cent within two years.”

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