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Download A Marketing Plan Structure

Download A Marketing Plan Structure

Infigo Software

Over the past couple of blogs, I have stressed the importance of having a good marketing plan for business-to-client companies who buy our software, to help maximise business potential.

We have come up with a link with points that need to be considered for a marketing plan, touching on the wide variety of things to be considered for a full B2C proposition, online and offline.

For example, the public has seen the likes of supermarket giant Tesco selling cards with huge success via Facebook.

But is everything we buy now online? No.

I only buy a printed product when I need it last minute, and so such services need to offer a quick turnaround.

However, Apple, a major technology brand, have put renewed emphasis into high street shops where customers can find them easily.

In many ways, once you have bought our software, we are prepared to move from advisers to coaches in how to get the most from your new product.

The ethos of what we do is we don’t just sell software licences, we sell the value of what we can bring to a business and we feel it is beneficial to help people see the value of their products in the B2C world.

So please download the attached PDF brief insight into the areas you need to consider in your overall marketing plan.

Douglas Gibson, Managing Director, Infigo Software Limited