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We’re Just At The Start Of A Packaging Revolution

We’re Just At The Start Of A Packaging Revolution

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At Infigo, we have long believed that the packaging industry was ripe for a web-to-print revolution, so we are delighted to be a headline sponsor for the Digital Print for Brand Success Conference 2015.

The theme of the Conference, at Kings Place, King’s Cross, London, on November 18, is “Realising the full potential of digital print on packaging”.

We have had great success this year with the Alexir Partnership, one of the companies whose representative will be giving an address at this conference.

The speech is called “Digital printing in the folding carton industry is a real revolution – case study Premier Foods.”

This will be given by Tom Sene, Sales Director at Alexir, and Nancy Sadler, Brand Manager, at Mr. Kipling, which is owned by Premier Foods.

They will be talking about how new technologies are satisfying the growing demand for short run packaging quantities. It will detail how Alexir has worked closely with Premier Foods and launched some new and innovative packaging formats to the marketplace with tight deadlines.

We were delighted to see that Alexir won Investment Project of the Year at the

This year we have worked closely with Alexir, the UK’s leading packaging and carton manufacturer, in a joint approach with, a Xerox Premier Partner.

Our , combined with the Xerox iGen Digital Press sourced by Advanced, plus Alexir’s knowledge of the carton industry, has resulted in a complete solution to help brand owners and converters in the packaging industry.

As a result, Alexir were able to offer to those who attended the Packaging Innovations Show in September.

This demonstrated the ability to make packaging a powerful marketing tool as well as a more flexible product, through the use of variable data software.

Infigo’s web-to-print software, combined with a digital press, gives brand owners and converters far more flexibility over their products, using variable data.

It gives them the ability to put together shorter print runs or tovary the packaging for many reasons. These might include regionalisation to react to localised rivalry or to pilot a new recipe. They might also want to make special offers at short notice which, without digital technology, would mean the need for additional labelling, incurring extra costs. The ability to make changes digitally could also be used to vary data for security tracking or to react quicker to market needs.

As we said, , the technology offered a fantastic chance for brand owners to communicate more directly with customers through the use of QR codes.

We are glad to have realised our ambition to assist the packaging industry, but believe this is just the beginning.