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Three Months Support FREE When You Sign Up For Our Software In January

Three Months Support FREE When You Sign Up For Our Software In January

Infigo Software

In any industry supplying software, realistically it takes a client who buys the new technology time to understand it fully, in order to appreciate every advantage it can offer.

The first three months of installing and using a new software package are the most critical period for any user – something we fully appreciate at Infigo, where our packages are not only revolutionary but constantly evolving to industry needs.

With this in mind, we offered three months support FREE to anyone who signed up to use our web-to-print platforms in December and we have now extended this until the end of January.

Our Catfish, MegaEdit and Symphony platforms have all proved popular at trade shows around the world this year, attracting the attention of buyers in market sectors such as traditional print, education, packaging and photography editing.

On many occasions they have been integrated straight into a current management information system (MIS) or the software has been bought as part of an investment in software and hardware.

We are always on call for our clients, offering a support package as part of our commitment to you adding value to your business, with the first three months typically being the most intensive period.

Take a look at our products, including:

  • Catfish: used by hundreds of online retailers, marketers and printers, this has allowed traditional printers to expand, or set up, digital operations and capitalise on the hottest personalisation trends.
  • MegaEdit: built on HTML5, this is a ground-breaking online photobook and print software platform where users can build a book in the cloud.
  • Symphony: the only cross media marketing tool which can automate messages across email, SMS, social media and calendars at once.
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