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Packaging Marketers Have A Million Reasons To Buy Web-To-Print Software

Crawley, UK, 21st January 2016

Packaging Marketers Have A Million Reasons To Buy Web-To-Print Software

Packaging Marketers Have A Million Reasons To Buy Web-To-Print Software

Infigo Software

How does your marketing department go about offering consumers products which will persuade people to buy them in a crowded market place? Do your items truly stand out?

Recently, one company put into production 1 million differently designed wrappers for its chocolate bars.

Not only that, the wrappers came with basic origami instructions so that they could be turned into model cows.

Through the power of digital print and the power to vary packaging, they did something which most companies and marketers could only dream about: they made a food product fun, but also enjoyable for two entirely different reasons - firstly to eat and then to keep.

They ensured that the product would be remembered long past the point of being eaten, because its wrapping will sit on thousands of mantle pieces, shelves and tables, ensuring not only a talking point but keeping your product in people’s minds and giving a reason to buy another to add to your collection.

Usually, the subliminal reminder/prompt to return to a product might come in the form of a toy, for example, concealed in a breakfast cereal packet. This would cost the brand extra to produce.

It might also be typical to find packets of cereal adorned with figures on them to cut out, put together and keep.

That, though, is still printing millions of packets with one design, often with a long lead time.

What the chocolate company has now done is print a million unique designs in one print run.

This trend is one the packaging industry has begun to embrace in the United Kingdom and one in which we became a key player last year, using our Catfish web-to-print software.

A report by Smithers Pira predicts significant growth in the digital packaging market will continue until 2020, because of technology’s ability to improve operational efficiency and lead to substantial financial savings, compared to analogue.

The ability to personalise – or even to shorten print runs – proved irresistible to the Alexir Partnership, when we presented a joint approach combining our software and a Xerox iGen printer supplied by Advanced Business Equipment. Alexir, who work closely with Premier Foods, were able to offer personalised chocolate mini rolls at one exhibition, to demonstrate this personalisation.

Alexir were the first major carton converter in the UK to invest in a digital press, demonstrating our belief that the industry has been slow to adapt to the idea of personalising packaging, or varying packaging.

The software gives brand owners and retailers more flexibility to create shorter print runs and a quicker turnaround to get changes to the market place.

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