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Print Week Article On Rapidity Emphasises Our Strengths

Crawley, UK, 15th January 2016

Print Week Article On Rapidity Emphasises Our Strengths

Print Week Article On Rapidity Emphasises Our Strengths

Infigo Software

At Infigo Software Limited we see ourselves as collaborative partners offering web-to-print solutions for specific industries.

An interview with one of our customers in the current issue of Print Week emphasises exactly those aspects.

Paul Manning, the managing director of London digital print company Rapidity, outlined how our MegaEdit software was the perfect vehicle for winning a big web-to-print contract with Cluttons.

The property agent, which has offices in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, wanted software which would enable their staff to edit and order their own print material.

Cluttons were looking for a bespoke solution, said Paul, who knew Rapidity could not offer what they wanted on their own, so offered them a joint approach, with Infigo.

He said: “I’d recommend going in collaboratively with people like Infigo to existing customers. I think that’s something the trade is not doing enough of. I think we as a trade tend to buy software and then ask customers if they want it.”

The software, hooked into Cluttons’ CRM, allows staff to pull property information out and put it into MegaEdit templates, allowing staff to order marketing materials and receive them the next day.

In the Print Week article, Paul also talks about:

  • * The advantages of our software being a Cloud solution, with no server to install
  • * Smooth installation
  • * The great support offered by our technical team
  • * The flexibility of MegaEdit Editor

Douglas Gibson, Managing Director at Infigo Software Limited, said: “We were delighted to help Paul Manning and Rapidity come up with a bespoke solution for Cluttons, especially as we wanted to do this as a collaborative approach.

“Estate agents is one industry where we feel we can really add value, because of the flexibility of our software and its ability to personalise. Every property is different while our software enables companies and organisations to maintain their company logos through templates.”