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Kall Kwik Selects Catfish - Digital Printer

Kall Kwik Selects Catfish - Digital Printer

Kall Kwik Selects Catfish - Digital Printer

Infigo Software

The Kall Kwik network will soon offer advanced web to print services to its UK customers using the Catfish platform from Infigo Software.

The Bardon Group, which supports the 50 Kall Kwik licensed operation, has selected software for use across the group.

Nigel Toplis, managing director of The Bardon Group said, "We did a full review of all the key players in the web-to-print market and Catfish stood out against the competition. The team at Infigo Software has considerable knowledge of the print market but as software developers, they have a refreshing non-technical point of view which is a perfect fit with our operation. They are young, flexible and dynamic; important qualities when supplying businesses with some 50 individual Managing Directors operating under a single canopy.

"Most importantly, Infigo Software didn't want to simply sell us a product; they wanted a long term partnership. We're not supplying a static system to a single user; but rather a Catfish solution that is moulded to the specific needs and markets of each individual Kall Kwik owner. We value Infigo Software's commitment to work with us and their enthusiasm to create a service that will ensure each franchisee can offer a whole new range of highly profitable online services aimed at both business customers and general consumers."

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