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Infigo Software Launches New Catfish Hybrid Mail Service

Infigo Software Launches New Catfish Hybrid Mail Service

Infigo Software

Infigo Software announces the availability of Catfish Hybrid Mail - a secure and easy-to-use service for organisations to standardise document content across print and email. With Catfish, organisations gain full control over corporate branding whilst saving both time and money when sending digital and paper documents to customers.

Catfish Hybrid Mail provides a centralised on-line store where organisations can deliver a library of approved, secure and up-to-date corporate documents to their staff. Employees can then select the appropriate correspondence for editing and then dispatch via post or email.

Douglas Gibson, Founder and CEO of Infigo Software, said: "Many organisations print, post and email hundreds of unstructured documents to customers every day. In addition to costing businesses through lost productivity, it can result in a lack of control, a chaotic corporate identity and, at worst, inaccurate and outdated communications. The Catfish Hybrid Mail platform is ideal for personalised email as well as individual or bulk mailings; a file is sent automatically to a designated service provider to print, fold, insert and post.”

Key features:

Total brand consistency

By standardising document content across print and email, organisations have full control over brand identity across multiple departments and office locations

Improved accuracy

Catfish’s postcode address lookup service ensures minor address errors do not result in undelivered letters

An inbuilt profanity checker ensures no inappropriate words are incorporated into a document

Costs savings

With a centralised print and post provider, documents are produced on energy efficient and cost effective devices.

Local storage of stationery and printing consumables are greatly reduced

Full Audit Trail

Document tracking delivers a full audit trail so management can achieve transparency and accountability

Senders can also check the status of their documents during in the print and delivery process

Total control

Catfish’s workflow rules can be applied to specific users so their documents are only dispatched once approved by a manager

Bulk Mailings

Catfish Hybrid Mail can be used for individual documents or for personalised bulk mailings. Text, graphics and images can be changed from one document to the next, without stopping or slowing down the production process

Download the pdf doc here to find out more about Catfish Hybrid Mail.