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About Company

Page Technology Group is a specialized web development firm that began by focusing on what was then, and still remains, our central mission - leveraging existing platforms and developing unique customizations that meet and fit with our customers' needs. We create solutions that are low in total cost of ownership, utilizing off the shelf products as much as possible, yet flexible and targeted to specific needs, by using talented people, well versed and experienced in specific industries we targeted. We do NOT take a solution of the shelf, and reshape our customer's "needs" to fit our solution.

Page Technology, the legal entity, began in 2002, and reorganized in 2009, with the addition of new partners, and new capital. But its roots, relationships, and experiences, go back even further and deeper, and can be traced down three different paths, that have crossed several times over the years.

The Partnership

Infigo are proud to be partnered with Page Technology.