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Web-to-Print is Changing the World of Personalised Packaging and Labelling

Web-to-Print is Changing the World of Personalised Packaging and Labelling

Web-to-Print is Changing the World of Personalised Packaging and Labelling

Infigo Software

Personalisation in packaging and labelling is evolving and this transformation is down to the power of web-to-print. The once traditional printing sector, predominantly dependent on flexo printing, is beginning to realise the indisputable benefits that digital printing enables to deliver to the growing demands from brands for greater personalisation and shorter packaging print runs.

Following the unprecedented success of the Coca-Cola ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in 2011, brands now understand the opportunities that variable packaging can deliver across a myriad of products so are looking to the packaging and labelling industries to deliver cost effective, highly personalised solutions. With consumers willing to pay more than 3x the cost for unique, personalised products, the opportunity to increase revenue is enormous should companies invest wisely in delivering a seamless personalisation solution.

The Infigo Software Catfish platform provides a front-end portal which enables packaging and labelling suppliers, and their end-users, the ability to capitalise on the latest trends in personalisation. It’s unrivalled functionality and flexibility makes it the perfect choice for suppliers looking to move forward into this area.

However, it’s #NotJust about personalisation – web-to-print software offers something above and beyond to the packaging and labelling industries. Segmenting customer groups, delivering seasonal offers, prototyping different designs and colours, variable messaging, different languages and pricing strategies, to name just a few – the opportunities are virtually endless. The Infigo Software Catfish web-to-print platform makes all this possible via an intuitive storefront that can be completely customised, integrating simply with existing workflow, pricing and reporting systems.

Templates can be created with locked-down fields that can then be edited with ease for a variety of purposes. The key to the success of the Catfish web-to-print solution being the simplicity with which customisation can be carried out. What’s more, we’ve recently launched a 3D preview tool which enables an interactive user experience, bringing your products to life and showing customers exactly what their product will look like when personalised.

Web-to-print provides a catalyst to enter new markets rapidly and automation creates workflow efficiencies helping to reduce costs and open more doors to generating revenue.

We’re firm believers in the power of personalisation and we’ve been impressing people at our recent trade shows with just how much value there is in customisation in packaging and labelling.

Managing Director, Douglas Gibson, talks to us from the Digital Packaging Summit in the video below. To find out more about this project read our blog ‘Bringing Packaging to Life at the Digital Packaging Summit’.

Is your business ready to realise the benefits of the variable packaging and labelling revolution? Request your free demo of Catfish today to find out more.