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Photobooks Plus LLC

Case Study

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Case Study, Photobooks Plus LLC

Photobooks Plus LLC creates beautiful high-quality books & gifts, translating their client's words and ideas into beautiful books and designs.
They provide a one-stop bookbinding solution with a full-service book design, and project consulting.

Having previously invested heavily in another software solution, they still faced the issue of losing the end-users when getting to the editing part of the program. Being slow and frequently crashing, the user’s frustration was evident.

“We’ve been looking for a photo gifting solution that would allow our growing list of artists, photographers and end-users create custom photo books, photo gifts, and personalized products. The software also needed to provide a tool for adding non-personalized products".

The software was specifically required for their Wine Country Arts Gifts and later for PhotoGift Express

So how did Infigo Software rise to the challenge?
The purchase of Infigo’s Storefront with Catfish personalization and inclusion of customization.

Having already developed an entire line of photo book templates and entered the photo book market in its infancy, the problems with another software solution they had purchased prevented users from using the templates due to software issues. This resulted in them changing their target market and then turned to photo gifts, scrapping their book templates and dream entirely. Even then, with a simplified product line to photo gifts, when the user was in the editing portion of the software, the product locked up and they lost these customers as well.

“Infigo is the dream software that is allowing us to add the book building capability we’d hoped to have in place several years ago”. Said Jannetje Anita Thomas, CEO

“The support we receive goes far and above expectations by the entire staff at Infigo. They feel like “our team” and respond to each question or technical request with speed and utmost kindness and respect”. The program finally allows for book building and personalization that doesn’t crash. The server/storage and back-end are being handled efficiently and with the speed we could only have dreamed of before, thus taking that burden off our shoulders”.

Photobooks Plus wanted a software solution that also provided for interactivity with social media, search engine functionality and could put all of their products onto one location. Previously, they had to have users jump from a website created in Dreamweaver into a separate platform for building their photo gifts and lost customers in the process.

The time from purchase of the software to market is extremely rapid. Design, product descriptions, and image additions are all done online in one location, eliminating countless hours, HTML coding and field data entry. It is a huge time saver.

“When we were shown Infigo, we made a tactical decision to go back to square one. After a bit of training, we were off and running and have caught up in a few months to the place we were with the other software. It is a decision we made for which we are thankful on a daily basis”.

Already considering branded storefronts and planning for this in the near future, Infigo’s software provides a tool for that business plan component.

Photobooks have found that the photo editor is very easy and intuitive, images automatically “fit” no matter what the proportions. “In the other software, we had to use charts on a 1.5” to 1 ratio and many, many hours to make it work”!

The program’s flexibility when working with photographers and artists who require a program that can handle large file sizes and produce high-quality output is a huge benefit as this software does both.

Infigo were a natural choice, in addition, Infigo’s software eliminated many extra steps from the creation of templates, to the end product for the user.

“We’ve been very pleased with the connection speed, the intuitiveness of the software, and the ability for our templates to be placed into Catfish quickly and easily. We can make the process as simple or as difficult for the end-user as desired. We couldn’t be happier”! Says Anita.

Additionally, you can take a spreadsheet, enter product data and quickly upload this into the program for any non-Catfish, non-personalized list of products.

They no longer needed to utilize an outside storefront created in a WYSIWYG program that then redirected photo gift users going to the “builder” outside the program. All tools are in one location, accessible without leaving the site.

“Everything is all bundled neatly into one location – Infigo”! Adds Anita

Not only that but also other programs, when used alone, prevent Google and other search engines from finding the store. Building a two-level solution results in cumbersome, clumsy programs and often duplicates efforts. The user experience is poor and frustrating.

Being easy to use and very intuitive is a key factor but with the provision of training and support, the end users can make the process as easy or complicated as they wish. With one simple viewing, Photobooks Plus believe they will tap into an entire audience that is intimidated by some of the other software they have seen.

So how does this benefit the business and what return do they expect to see? Well its early days for them, they will know more as time goes on but for now, they are already experiencing a great buzz and are currently adding high-resolution templates that are rather large. “In other words, we’re really pushing the limits for testing purposes and so far, everything is functioning well and at great speed”!