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Print My Smile

Case Study

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Working together to sweeten personalised packaging

The relationship between Infigo and Print My Smile is unusual in that Print My Smile was just an idea when the conversation first started between Infigo’s Managing Director, Douglas Gibson, and one of the founding partners of Print My Smile, Suzanne Rouart. Unlike many of the commoditised web to print solutions on the market, Infigo offers strategic business development and marketing services as part of its solution to ensure its clients’ online businesses are successful. The founders at Print My Smile recognised the value in this, so approached Infigo with the seed of an idea. The Print My Smile mission was simple: To deliver the best quality personalised products and an exceptional user experience that delivers smiles throughout the customer journey.

Founding partner, Suzanne Rouart, said, “I am obsessed with personalised products! Since having my children there is barely a family member left who doesn’t have something around their home with the smiling face of my children (whether they wanted it or not!). However, having ordered from many different personalised gift companies, I’ve been surprised by the variation in quality of the product and personalised packaging. So I wanted to create a site where customers could go for a one-stop-shop of quality personalised gifts.”

Print My Smile will be offering a range of personalised products, from photobooks and wall art, to mugs and chocolates (along with a collection of unique products which it is adding to the range, but keeping close to its chest at the moment!). And it is its personalised chocolate gift packaging that really stands out. Unlike many other personalised chocolate gifts on the market, the team at Print My Smile didn’t want to simply wrap a personalised sleeve around a standard box of chocolates. They wanted to make the experience of getting the gift feel as special and emotive as the personalised message it conveys, so they were looking for a supplier that could deliver the best quality personalised packaging, on demand.

User experience is key to success

Suzanne explained, “Putting a name and photo on a piece of print is nothing new, and the choice of personalised gifts available is vast, so differentiating ourselves and building loyalty with customers to become their number one all comes down to the user experience and the quality of the product. This was key to the decisions we made when choosing the ecommerce web to print solution and packaging partner.”

Infigo Software has long banged the drum of how web to print solutions can deliver impact in the packaging industry, enabling brands to create stand out and engender emotional loyalty with their customers through clever personalisation. It was this foresight and commitment to developing its software to meet the needs of packaging and label suppliers, and the end user brands, that led Infigo to win the web to print contract with one of the UKs first digital folded carton manufacturers, The Alexir Partnership, a few years ago. Due to this established relationship, and the quality packaging Alexir produce, Infigo recommended Alexir to develop the solution for the Print My Smile chocolate products.

The result of the collaboration is a range of personalised greeting card designs that include four chocolates squares inserted inside the personalised card, and a personalised box of truffles that really stand out in terms of design and quality. The products are the perfect solution for customers looking for something a little more memorable than a standard personalised card or box of chocolates, and the beauty of it is that the recipient can keep the personalised packaging after they’ve finished the chocolate inside, meaning that the brand and the memory of the experience stays front of mind for customers a lot longer than a non-personalised package ever would.

Douglas Gibson, Managing Director, Infigo Software said, “We loved the brand personality of Print My Smile, so we wanted to help them to make their offering the best they could. We put them in touch with a packaging supplier we know and trust, and the beauty of this was that our Catfish platform was already integrated with Alexir’s hardware so we knew they’d be able to process orders quickly, on demand, helping to get Print My Smile to market as fast as possible.”

Integration and automation are essential for on-demand orders

Douglas continued, “To make the packaging production process as automated and efficient as possible, we integrated our Catfish platform with Esko software, which Alexir use for their packaging CAD profiles. These profiles were built into our 3D previewing tool to deliver a great user experience as well as a streamlined workflow. I can’t deny there haven’t been some challenges along the way, but that’s where we find our collaborative approach to client and partner relationships is key to delivering success!”

The integration with Esko enables Infigo’s MegaEdit 3D preview tool to render a true-to-life 360° representation of the chocolate gifts, and output the personalised print automatically. This 3D online experience helps to remove a barrier to purchase as customers can see exactly what the finished product is going to look like before they commit to buy – it’s the closest thing to ‘try-before-you-buy’, which is invaluable for quality online retailers.

Suzanne Rouart added, “Infigo’s user friendly platform delivers the exceptional user experience we need to stand out, and their focus on partnerships and integration means we could leave the technical set up to them, while we focus on building the brand. We’ve been able to get the brand from an idea to market much more quickly than I imagined. And the quality in the packaging is exceptional so we’re excited to offer customers a new and engaging personalised chocolate gift selection.”

Visit www.printmysmile.com to see the range.