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Release Notes

Release Notes (R21-06) - 15-02-21


Use canonical URLs on SEO & HTML sitemaps when they are configured
We have added improvements to both our SEO & HTML sitemaps when canonical URLs are configured on the storefront. Prior to this improvement, there were inconsistencies in the way that we displayed the URL within the sitemaps. Now if a canonical URL is configured, it will always display this within the sitemap. (Venture-3257)

EasyPost - Include support for predefined packages
EasyPost offers support for a service known as predefined packages which is where rather than sending specific dimensions for the items being purchased, it would send a pre-set overall size of the package. We have improved our integration with EasyPost so that we now send the Predefined package name as part of the order submission. To learn more about which carriers provide predefined packages please see the EasyPost article here. (Venture-3246)


Multipart product loading animation prevents using multiple parts
Previously when using our Multipart product type with multiple parts - specifically multiple upload parts, there was an issue where after uploading one part the loading animation present prevents you from uploading the other parts. We have now fixed this so that you can upload the correct amount of parts. (Venture-3300)

Issue with Automatically cancelled guest orders
We recently introduced an issue which was affecting customers using guest checkout and had the new 'UnpaidOrderForGuest' message template enabled, which meant that orders were being automatically cancelled as the system deemed them as an unpaid order. We have now rectified this issue, meaning that all guest orders will be accepted as normal. (Venture-3419)

Release Notes (R21-04) - 02-02-21


Remove Registered Customer Dashboard Tile
We previously displayed the number of recently registered customers, however, this data was not correct. We have made the decision to remove the tile completely, as more advanced dashboard features will be launched with our new Insights module. We have now also 

Product Type Button On Product Details View
We have added a new button to both products & product variants which will take you directly to the associated template or product, found under the 'Catfish' Menu item. This will allow you to move between products & templates more efficiently.

Order Settings Page Tidy Up
We have improved our Order Settings screen by removing legacy settings, re-ordering existing settings and also creating more descriptive tool-tips. 

General Settings Page Tidy Up - Follow up
We previously tidied up our General Settings screen, however, we have made further changes to improve usability as well as providing more descriptive tool-tips.

Background Category Spot Colour Adjustment
We have now extended our background category functionality within a dynamic product to allow for a spot colour to be defined. Previously, users could only define CMYK, RGB or HEX Colours.

Add 'Extra Data' for Generic MIS to XML
We have now extended our Generic MIS plugin to allow for 'Extra Data' to be configured within the XML. The 'Extra Data' is available for both the order and each order line.

Fix Tag Category Search Product Box
Previously when using our new Arone theme, the tag category search module was styled incorrectly however we have now fixed this so that it inherits the theme styling. 


Required Date For Tharstern Integration
We have fixed inconsistencies with the Required Date field. Previously, the RequiredDate at Order & OrderLine level were different however these will now display the same value.

Guest Checkout & Disabled Registration Method
Previously, when using the guest checkout functionality with the storefront registration method set as 'Disabled', the user would checkout but still see a new user registration button. Now, we have changed this so that the registration method is correctly hidden in this scenario.

RecordOrder API Does Not Work With Infigo Batch Products 
Historically, we did not support the ability to use Infigo Variable products in 'Batch' mode in conjunction with the RecordOrder API. However this was prohibiting certain users in specific situations to add items to their basket correctly, so we have extended the functionality to resolve this.

Release Notes (R21-02) - 18-01-21


Extending MegaEdit Style Colour options
Previously when creating styles in MegaEdit, users could only create font colours & background colours in the RGB colour space however we have now extended this to support CMYK & Spot Colours, too. For information on MegaEdit text styles please see this article.

Approval Workflow - Daily Approval Emails now available for all product types
We have extended our approval workflow so that the daily approval workflow notification emails are available for all product types. Previously we did not support Dynamic, Custom or Symphony products however we have now provided support for these products type as well as the existing Variable, Multipart & static products.

Extended Token Support in Editable Content
We have improved our support for editable content tokens to offer a greater selection. This will now allow you to configure your storefronts to have more dynamic content available on the front end of your storefront, with that content pulled from various elements in admin. For more information on our Token Support in Editable Content and to find a list of all available tokens please see this article.

Additional Language Strings for MegaEdit editor items
we have now added new language strings for additional elements inside of MegaEdit allowing customers to translate / update the value. These include 'Canvas Size', 'Editor Options', 'Account', 'Admin Product Options', 'Snap Options', 'Undo' & 'Redo'. 

Updates to Album Management
We have updated the styling & functionality of our 'New Album Management' functionality. The image selection is now more intuitive with a clearer UI and we have also added the ability to select an image and move it into another album. To enable this setting navigate to Media Album Settings > Improved Album Management.

MegaEdit Preview Close Button using Magento
For customers using MegaEdit in an I-Frame (such as our Magento customers) and have the new Arone theme enabled, we have now added a close button for the preview within MegaEdit. 

EasyPost rate selection
We have now updated our integration with EasyPost to allow storefront owners to configure which rate is calculated and returned for end users.
There are now 3 available options which can be configured under MIS Plugins > EasyPost > General:

  • • Rate: the actual rate quote for this service
  • • Retail Rate: the retail rate is the in-store rate given with no account
  • • List Rate: the list rate is the non-negotiated rate given for having an account with the carrier

To learn more about our integration with EasyPost, please see this article.

New Default Invoice, Packaging Slip & Job ticket
We have updated our previous default invoice, packaging slip & job tickets which will be available for all new platforms. For more information on how to create your own PDFs or to download and utilise our new defaults please see the following help desk articles:

These are all available in both UK & US paper sizes.


Headless Attribute Handling
In our previous deployment (21st December 2020) we released an improvement for Headless Attribute Handling however we established on sites which are configured to skip the product landing page and use attributes inside of MegaEdit, the editor would not show these attributes or their selected values. We have now fixed this so that the Skip Product Details page can be used in conjunction with this feature.

Department Order ID not reflected in Address list in checkout
We have fixed a bug whereby the address dropdown in the checkout was ignoring the Order ID defined against the department address. Now, the addresses run in display order of Order ID.

Release Notes (R20-51) - 21-12-20


Support copy content script with layout switching in MegaEdit
When using the copy content script on a dynamic products, we now support the use of layouts in conjunction with the copy content. Previously, when you changed layout, the content was not copied over.

Add localisation for job statuses in Shared Print Operations (SPO)
We have added localisation to the pre-defined job statuses on SPO. You can now use language strings to update the default values and have them display correctly in the ‘Change statuses section of SPO.

Performance improvements when adding a new address in the checkout
We have improved the performance when adding new billing shipping addresses at the checkout step.

Headless attribute handling
We have now introduced the ability to add items to the shopping cart which have required attributes without navigating to the product landing page. An example of this could be a KitCustomProduct with required attributes on the products within the kit, which the user would not previously have accessed. It would also allow scenarios where you add to the basket directly from the homepage or category page without needing to load the product landing page as well as when ‘skip product details’ page is enabled, and finally, if you were placing orders via the API.

Do not send unpaid order emails to users using guest checkout
Currently when using guest checkout functionality, if an order is marked as unpaid, we send an email to customer reminding them of their unpaid order. However, this does not make sense with guest checkout functionality because when prompted to login to complete their order, their account does not exist. We have now created a new message template called ‘UnpaidOrderForGuest.CustomerReminderNotification’ which will prompt the user to create an account and retrieve their previous order.

MegaEdit field pop up controls in Arone theme
We have made several UI improvements for the text image field popups within MegaEdit when used with our new Arone theme. For more information on our new theme, please contact support for a demonstration and/or training.


Magento IFrame integration issues
We have improved the handling of editing jobs from the basket when using our Magento plugin. Previously there were situations where the user would attempt to edit their jobs and instead of the editor loading they would be taken to the login page because the user data did not persist. If you are using our Magento plugin and wish to install our latest updates including this fix then please contact the support team.

Support Articles:

Release Notes (R20-47) - 24-11-20


Special Character support for our Tharstern MIS Integration
We have now added additional support for our Tharstern MIS module to allow for special characters to be used as part of the configuration. We now support the following additional characters: !"£$%^&*()_+{}[]@~?

Stock product support for our printIQ MIS Integration
We have extended our integration with MIS Partner, printIQ. We have now added support for stock items passed into printIQ following an order in Catfish.

Enhanced performance for MegaEdit Layout loading
Some clients who had vast quantities of layouts on their storefronts were experiencing performance issues with MegaEdit due to the volume of layouts on offer. We have now changed the ways in which layouts are loaded into MegaEdit, which has improved the performance and stability within the editor.

Extend EasyPost Shipping Integration to support ExternalID as well as Shipping Code
We have enhanced our integration with shipping platform, Easypost, to allow users to define an external ID against the delivery method as well as the original method of shipping codes.

Display Stock on product landing page of products using attribute combinations
When Inventory tracking is enabled, we now support the ability to display the available stock quantity of product attribute combinations on the product landing page. This allows you to build up more complex inventories whilst displaying the available stock levels to the end user.

Speed optimisation of customer addresses in checkout
We have improved the performance in the billing and shipping steps of the checkout on storefronts that large quantities of address locations. For B2B clients who predefine the address locations in the billing and shipping address drop-downs as part of the checkout, previously performance was poor however we have changed the way in which the data is loaded, and the speed is vastly improved.

Arone Theme: MegaEdit Page Selector
As part of our ongoing improvements for our new storefront theme, Arone, we have re-styled the page selector on the Pages Tab. 


Registration form automatically removing errors after reloading
We have added validation on the new user registration form to fix an issue. Previously, if you tried to register a new customer without populating the registration fields, the form would reload and remove the errors which meant that the end user had no feedback as to why they could not register. 

Release Notes (R20-45) - 12-11-20


Arone update: MegaEdit Colour picker issues 
We have updated our Arone theme to now support the MegaEdit colour picker.

Admin: Preview button added to blog posts
We have added a "Preview" button to blog posts which you can see whilst editing them that will take you straight to the blog post on the front-end, allowing you to quickly view them.

Placeholder description updates
We have updated our explanations for each placeholder in the "Placeholders" menu to more clearly explain their purpose when used in Job Tickets, Invoices, and Packing Slips.

PayPal Standard payment plugin: Support for offline partial refund
We have added support to our "PayPal Standard" payment plugin to handle offline refunds done in PayPal to update the Catfish order payment status.

Access permission performance improvements
We have added some performance improvements for storefronts with access permissions. There are a lot of calculations that have to be made to accurately present the data so we have added a mechanism which will result in pages loading faster each time they are opened.

Resolved inconsistencies between "Sales -> Orders" order details and "My Account" order details
We have added multiple improvements to the "My Account" order details to make it more consistent with "Sales -> Orders" in admin, and have made the addresses display more cleanly.

New message tokens containing customer information
We have added new customer message tokens to the emails for Title, Gender, DateOfBirth, StateProvince and Country.

Language strings added for the "Gender" customer registration dropdown
We have added language strings for the gender dropdowns to allow translation.

Localisation options available for tax categories
We have added language tabs to the tax category edit page, allowing you to localise them for each language.

Extended "Post-Editor" attribute support to each product type
All product types now support the "Post-Editor" product attribute type.

jQuery version update
We have upgraded our jQuery library to version 3.5.1.


Message templates to be sent to storefront owner in the event of a failed job
We have added new message templates that can be enabled on the storefront to send an email to the storefront owner when a job changes status to a failure status. They start with the prefix Job.StoreOwnerNotification.Status.Created and include the statuses: MisAssetsFailed, CopyToHotFolderFailed, MisFailed, SentEmailFailed and OutputCreationFailed.


Copy Product with attribute combinations image issues
We have resolved an issue with copy product and attribute combinations as it was not correctly duplicating the images, and then if you deleted the image of a combination, the copied product combination image was also deleted.

%Workflow.OrderId% and %Workflow.JobId% message tokens not working on certain approval message templates
Previously the Workflow.OrderId and Workflow.JobId message tokens were not functional on all approval message templates. These tokens can now be utilised on each of the approval message templates.

Cancelling job or ordeline in admin not updating the product stock
There was an issue with stock adjustments when cancelling orders lines from admin whereby, cancelled order lines were not re-adjusting the inventory correctly. Now, when order lines are cancelled, the stock is adjusted to the correct level.

Discount calculation issue when using both a pricing script and product attribute price adjustments
We have fixed a bug with discounts where they were not working correctly with products that had both a pricing script assigned and also used product attribute price adjustments.

Release Notes (R20-43) - 29-10-20


Added layout support to our "Prepopulate Data" MegaEdit script
We have updated our "Prepopulate Data" MegaEdit script to work after applying a layout as before it was only done on page change.

Support added for showing the discounted price when using Quantity Based product pricing
We have added support to show the adjusted price of products with quantity based pricing where a product discount has been applied.

Show currency used and exchange rate in Sales -> Orders
We have added new information to the Sales > Orders details view: "Order Currency" that is the currency that the order was purchased in and "Exchange Rate" which is the exchange rate of the currency used at the time the order was placed. This will be the exchange rate between the currency it was purchased in and the default storefront currency.

Added _ to our MegaEdit batch QR code validation
We have added new validation rules to our MegaEdit batch script: "QR Code Alphanumeric" and "QR Code Numeric" and we have added support for Unicode to "QR Code" to allow the use of the underscore (_) character.

Added Excel file support to our "Upload" product attribute control type
Our "Upload" product attribute control type now accepts Excel file types .xls and .xlsx as valid files.

Added extra options to our Advanced UI Content Control MegaEdit script
We have made the following features optional for our Advanced UI Content Control MegaEdit script: Add Image Field, Add Text Field, Add Background, Add Layout

[Security] Update Store, API and Admin password security requirements
We have added a new password policy for storefront and platform administrators, requiring that the password has a minimum length of 20 characters.

Extended Tracking Number functionality
We have added support for displaying multiple tracking numbers in order details if they are added with a pipe ( | ) separator. Also, all tracking numbers which are URLs are now clickable when in the "Order Details" view of My account.

PrintIQ live pricing integration
We have now added live pricing to our PrintIQ MIS plugin integration, as well as a few settings to work with this. The "Create Quote automatically" setting will have Catfish call PrintIQ whenever a price is requested e.g. on the product landing page. We have also added a new "Default customer code" setting to the plugin configuration which will be used to get a price for customers that do not have an external id assigned.

Generic MIS: Add XML node for order GUID
We have added a new node to our generic MIS integration XML called OrderGuid that contains our order GUID in case your integration needs it.

Generic MIS Webhook: Extra Order status support
We have added support for more status to our Generic MIS webhook, you can check in the more information section of the plugin webhook description. It is possible to set custom statuses including on the payload "CustomStatusHeader" and "CustomStatusDescription" nodes.


Generic MIS: Notify user who placed order on status updates
We have added support to our Generic MIS plugin to send emails out to the customer who placed the order on status updates. You can check in the more information section of the plugin webhook description.

Generic MIS Webhook: Extra Orderline status support
We have added new XML elements to our Generic MIS webhook. It is now possible to set the status of individual jobs rather than the whole order by including in the payload either a "JobId" or an "OrderlineId" node.

Generic MIS Webhook: Tracking number support
We have added support to send a tracking number to our Generic MIS webhook. It is possible to do this by including on the payload "TrackingNumber" node.

Generic MIS Webhook: Supplier-based status support
We have added support to our Generic MIS plugin for status updates webhooks by supplier. Now, every supplier have its webhook endpoint to inform of the status updates of his job and an XSLT can be applied to adjust the incoming data.

New product setting "Request price on landing page"
This setting can be enabled on a per-product basis to force the customer to manually request a price. This will help reduce the number of estimates created when using certain MIS plugins.

New product setting "Teaser Details"
We have added a new setting to all products called "Teaser details" that will show on the product box of search results, categories views, homepage etc. This can be edited in the same way as the product's "Full Description" and "Additional Description" fields.

"Price update overlay" Editable Content item
We have added a new Editable Content item called "Price update overlay". If this Editable Content item has content and the requested price or estimate takes some time to load because of the MIS connection, an overlay will be shown while the request is happening which displays the item's content.

New MegaEdit script "Fields Generation"
We have created a new MegaEdit script called "Fields Generation" that create fields based on attributes selection.


MegaEdit text wrapping issue
We fixed an issue with the auto wrapping text in MegaEdit as it was sometimes adding the calculated empty space at the start of the new line instead of in between the words of the previous line.

MegaEdit CSV Batch Upload Error handling and support for octet stream
We have fixed an issue with CSV Batch Upload on some computers and mobile devices that did not have programs installed to handle CSV.

Approval Workflow emails not always using the "StoreURL" setting in Approval Workflow settings
We have fixed an issue with approval workflow emails as not all the links generated to the review job successfully used the workflow setting StoreURL.

CheckoutAttribute placeholder pulling in ALL checkout attribute values when certain control types were used
We have fixed an error on the CheckoutAttribute placeholder as it was not working correctly for attributes of the type Checkbox, RadioList or DropdownList.

Admin Customer CSV Import Error report filename error
We have fixed an issue with special characters in the filename when downloading a CSV report of failed customer import.

Packing Slip And PDF Invoice consistency
We have fixed a bug with the general PDF setting that if enabled it allows the end customer to download the PDF invoice of the order as it was not using the Infigo template uploaded to the storefront as the one that you can get from SPO, copy to hotfolder or API requests.

Release Notes (R20-40) - 06-10-20


Option to only show valid delivery addresses during checkout
Note: this does not validate whether the address exists or is accurate. This will only validate against the storefront settings. For example, if there is a missing required field, we will count this as invalid and will not show the address.

Arone CSS updates
We have added a set of additional fixes to various sections of our Arone theme.

Language String added for empty records in auto-generated tables
We have added a new language string, "Common.Placeholders.DataTable.NoData" that controls the value that is put on the placeholder when there is no value so it allows better arranging of the table values. This can be seen in areas such as auto-generated Job Tickets, Invoices etc.

Include blogs in sitemap
We have added a new SEO setting called "Include Blogs in sitemap". When enabled, we will include the blog pages and blog posts in the SEO sitemap

Page split support for Static PDFs
We have added support for using our page split settings with Static PDFs products.

Additional menu links for Dynamic product items
We have added new menu entries to the admin menu for all the pages of Dynamic Products. For example, you can now go straight to the "Dynamic Canvas" menu from the Catfish Admin sidebar menu.

Guest reviews support
We have added support to allow anonymous reviews to be left against products where the user does not have to be logged in to submit a review.

Copy content script option to ignore formatting
We have updated our Copy Content MegaEdit script so it can copy only the content and not the formatting so you can have different formatting options on the target field. Use the "contentOnly" tag on the targets for this.

Mass removal of approvers
We have added a new customer setting called "Remove existing customer approver relations on update" that will allow you to remove approvers of customers when using the CSV upload if you do not send any value on that column.

Created a new language string translations for the message template token %Order.ExtraData(s)%
We have added the language string "Messages.ExtraData.ShippingDescription" to control the extra data translation of the shipping information written by the MIS plugins.

Tracking Code in Order Summary Report
We have added the tracking code number to the order summary report as a new column.


Spot colour support
We have added support for separation colour space in MegaEdit. You can create specific colours that are the only colours available on your MegaEdit design. For a more comprehensive guide please check here https://infigosoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049276272

Add support for custom canonical tags
We have added to all SEO metadata options a new setting called "Custom canonical tag URL". Using canonical tag URLs lets you control the URL that the search engine and internet crawlers see and use when indexing that page. Useful in situations where you may have duplicate content on your site and do not want both pages indexed.

AdvancedUI Button Script
We have created a MegaEdit script called "Advanced UI Content Control" that allows to quickly create buttons and groups to control components and content on the right side of the editor view.

Catfish API Handle Stock
We have added a new API endpoint, UpdateStockLevel that has as parameters ProductId, Attributes, StockValue and if it is absolute, to update stock values of products or combinations. We have also updated the ProductDetails call to include the current stock levels of the attribute combinations.

Show email address in account links when using usernames
We have added a new setting to customer settings called "Account Name Preference" where you can choose what is displayed as account link if the customer information comes from third-party systems where not all information is available.

Update SAML to include additional attribute data
We have added support for passing additional customer information from the third party system within the SAML request. This way you can ensure that when customer details change in the third party system they can also then be updated in your Catfish site too the next time the customer logs in through SAML.

Add extra sheet on output to front of job and position barcode
We have created a new MegaScript called "Cover sheet with order line id barcode" that will allow adding a page to the output to the configured MegaEdit product with a QR barcode and a link to a job status update page. For more information, please see this article: https://infigosoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049292952-Dispat... 


Cart warning with 0 qty
We fixed a special case of configuration where an admin can set up a product to have a minimum quantity of 0 when that is not possible. We have added a cart warning for this scenario.

Language and currency interaction with output caching
We fixed an issue in storefronts with output caching enabled as the language and currency selectors were not working and returning always the latest cached version.

Variable product fonts no longer updating
We fixed a bug with font selectors in Infigo Designer products as they were not working since the latest theme updates.

Workflow History Link showing when not logged in
We fixed a bug with the approval workflow links as they were showing for non registered users on the page header.

Orderline thumbnail too wide in the basket
We fixed some styling issues for cart items with wide images as all the orde line information was not visible.

SEO titles incorrectly chaining
We fixed an issue with the SEO titles as they were not following the correct rule of "Storefront SEO Title - Page SEO Title" and were instead showing the page SEO title twice.

Total order value passed to Paypal when using budget
We fixed an issue in our Paypal Standard payment plugin when using budgets as we were still sending the full amount without the discount applied.

Guest Checkout 500 errors
We fixed an issue with anonymous checkout and redirect to order summary after checkout as it was trying an invalid redirect as the customer is not registered.

Do not allow double clicks on registration
We fixed an error on the registration page where a user could register multiple times if they clicked more than once the register button, however, this did not affect the users directly as only one account was always active but it was appearing in admin view.

Validation for min and max pages not working for Multipart product
We fixed a bug with the multipart product config for minimum and maximum pages as they were not taken into account.

Cancelled orderlines still sent to MIS when Approval Workflow is used
We fixed an error in our MIS plugin integrations where cancelled order lines during approval were still sent to certain MIS plugins and we have added a new approval workflow setting called "Cancel Job Instead Of Delete" enabled by default so all the cancellation in approval is consistent with the rest of cancellation possibilities.

Release Notes (R20-35) - 01-09-20


A new setting to require/not require a user to provide a postcode/zipcode
We have added a new customer address setting called "Zipcode/Postcode Required" that will check if there is a value in the field before allowing the customer to create a new address or register without it.

SEO Meta title support
We have added support for meta titles in all the pages of Catfish if you have the Metadata info configured on SEO settings for each page.

Add proper VAT validation in the customers profile in admin
We have added support to validate the EU VAT codes automatically when adding or editing it in customer management of Admin.

Improve OpenGraph Picture Performance
We have added some speed improvements for the OG data generation when using large images.

Info box about customer relationship modes
We have added more information to the customer relationship modes info box and now it is clearer for the administrators when they assign customer relationships.

Optional Order-Prefix for Paypal Plugin (standard)
We have added a new property called "Invoice Prefix" to our PaypalStandard payment plugin which will allow you to set a prefix for the invoice ID. Now it is easier to match catfish orders and Paypal invoices.

Approval now correctly shows the number of pages for Multipart products
We have added support to show the number of pages in the approval view for Multipart products.

Include html locale when changing language
We have added to the HTML tag the unique SEO code of the selected language. We will always have "es" in case those values are not filled.

Support for output cache durations in CacheSettings
We have made our output cache settings adjustable on every platform by the support team. Before they were fixed values that you could not change.


Right-to-left text support in MegaEdit
We have added support to MegaEdit for languages that are Right-to-Left with new product options to set text direction or display the selection on each text field.

MegaEdit text fields supporting Asian characters
We have added support to MegaEdit to allow directly entering characters from languages such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese directly into the text fields.

Symphony Job - allow to download modified data sources
We have added to our Symphony integration the possibility to download the modified data used after running the address/custom validations. The user can download the original and the modified file to compare the data.

MegaEdit Dynamic Form Builder
We have created a new Mega Edit script called "Dynamic Form Builder" that will help you to easily configure a form based design in MegaEdit.


Two Quantity fields for MultiProductCustomProducts Using Quantity Based Pricing
We have added support to quantity based pricing on custom products when parent and child have both this enabled.

Remove Giftcard button has no text
We have fixed a bug with the remove gift card button as it did not have text in some circumstances.

Issues with PDF preflighting on MegaEdit upload products
We have fixed a bug with Enfocus Pitstop profiles which occurred when you applied the same profile to check and fix.

Usage rules for delivery methods with special characters
We have fixed a bug that was preventing you from adding usage rules to delivery methods in admin if that delivery method had a name with special characters.

Issue with automatic discount generation
We fixed a problem with batch discount generator as the requirements for minimum length were not met when you add a prefix.

Required attribute in product logic with client side validation
We fixed a bug with MultiProductCustomProduct when you configure required attributes and attribute logic in the child products as in some browsers the required attribute was still being flagged despite being hidden by the logic.

Can't delete pictures from blog pages
We fixed a bug with featured images within blog posts as they were not being correctly deleted.

MultiProductCustomProduct Button CSS does not follow CSS rules
We fixed a bug with the MultiProductCustomProduct Button CSS as it was not working correctly when the CSS was entered with new lines.

MegaEdit: "add images on click" setting incompatible with "Disable image preview in gallery" setting.
We fixed a bug on the MegaEdit setting "Disable image preview in gallery" as it was not working correctly when you also had enabled the "add images on click".

Internet Explorer - Fonts do not work correctly in rendered Layouts (preview, basket image)
We fixed a bug in MegaEdit when using Internet Explorer and the default fonts in preview mode as the browser could not display the fonts correctly on the preview.

Language and Curency selector modules conflicting when both enabled
We fixed a bug with the Language selector and currency selector layout modules as they were not working if you added more than one module to the same page as they were conflicting.

Concurrency exception when changing the payment status via API
We fixed an issue with our API call to OrderStatus when used in combination with any MIS integration as it was failing to send the status updates emails.

KitCustomProduct expand and collapse groups in basket not working in Arone
We fixed a bug with the kit products not expanding in the cart after the latest Arone theme updates.

Special characters in product name conflicting with SPO Upload new Output
We fixed a bug in SPO upload new artwork as it was a problem with the Upload link when the product had special characters in the name.

Product Attribute / Checkout Attribute Hint Does Not Display on Internet Explorer
We fixed a bug for the attribute hints as they were not visible in Internet Explorer.

Allow all charactes in downloadable products
We fixed a bug in downloadable products that have a product name with special characters as you were not able to download them form My Account.

Image controls for rotate are not working on mobile
We fixed a bug with MegaEdit in mobile mode where the image controls did not allow to rotate images.

Text field format resetting when text style applied
We fixed an issue with styling options and paragraph spacing as it was resetting the field configured value when you applied a text style.

Background scroller not present
We fixed a bug in MegaEdit background selection as it was not appearing the scroll bar when a high number of backgrounds are available.

DatePicker Issues
We fixed a bug with our date picker controller as there were conflicts with the computer timezone when configuring calendars in admin and it was not working correctly.

Release Notes (R20-31) - 13-08-20


Support sending approval workflow emails to Billing Address email
The setting "Use customer email for correspondence" found in Customer Settings will now cause the relevant approval workflow emails to be sent to the customer's billing address email account.

Unable to open multipart product line in SPO when erroneous PDF provided
We have now put extra measures in place to ensure that both the customer and the administrator will be notified when an erroneous PDF is uploaded to a multipart product.

Ability to send either imperial or metric values with our UPS plugin
We have added a new setting to control if imperial or metric values will be sent on our UPS integration so you can have better precision when requesting shipping prices. 

Input qty box htmlattributes in cart
We have standardised the quantity boxes in the cart and product pages so both can use the order pack, min and max quantities with the input box arrows.

Tharstern Estimate Reference Fields Ref 1 -> Ref 10
We have added a new setting to our Tharstern plugin to allow to remove/add content with JSON path rules to modify the sample estimate response so you can remove fields that you do not need like the Ref fields when creating estimate requests.


Cleanup Task for user critical data
We have added a new cleanup setting called "Delete job data after days" and "Delete user uploaded files after days" that will delete job data after a certain amount of time if orders are completed to stay GDPR compliant by not holding data longer than required.

Support reCAPTCHA v3
We have added support for Google's reCAPTCHA v3 on the registration, password reset, guest checkout and login. You can configure it in customer settings.

SAML update and multi storefront support
We have added support to our SAML signing interface to be configured in multiple storefronts of the same platform. Additionally, we can now synchronise the email property form a SAML attribute if you have usernames enabled.

Generic MIS Plugin Extensions
We have added support to our generic MIS plugin to support sending only mapped products so you can combine this plugin with another MIS plugin, by simply providing no Generic MIS mapping for the products which are used by the other MIS plugin.
We have also added support for suppliers. This means that now you can have an entirely different Generic MIS plugin configuration per supplier, so multiple create order calls can be sent with only the products that have the best mapping for the supplier, using the XSLT configured for that supplier, and sending it to that supplier’s configured location (hotfolder, API endpoint, or FTP location).

Generic MIS: Allow asset download link to send JPG file type
We have added to our Generic MIS plugin the possibility to send the assets in different formats. You can enable the AssetDetails node and choose the asset type: PDF, PNG or JPG, as well as the resolution.

Generic MIS API call adjustments: one per orderline
We have added to our Generic MIS plugin the possibility to make multiple requests with a new setting "One API call per orderline". This will send a copy of the Generic MIS output to the location for each orderline, rather than one for the entire order.


Cancelled Orders now correctly update the stock value when using the product type ‘AttributesAsProducts’ custom product
We have fixed a bug in the stock update of the AttributesAsProducts custom product as the stock levels were not correctly restored after cancelling an order with this type of products.

“Next step” button unresponsive after saving mapping for Symphony products
We have fixed an error in Symphony after saving the mapping of the data to placeholders which prevented the user from proceeding to the next step.

Rotated PDFs assets wrong output
We have fixed some issues happening on output generation for uploaded PDFs when the content has been rotated offline before uploading to MegaEdit. The content was correctly displaying on preview but on output was not using the rotation parameters of the file.

Generic MIS not triggering when last unapproved job is cancelled
We have fixed a bug on an edge case with generic MIS when the very last orderline which required approval was not approved and was instead cancelled. This order was never communicated to the Generic MIS and had to be done manually.

Delivery Address Step in Checkout Showing Back Button When Billing Addresses is Skipped
We have fixed a bug in checkout as it was showing a back button on the shipping address step when the billing address was skipped and there was no possibility to go back.

Localizable Properties do not work with shared entities
We have fixed a bug in our localisation engine as it was not allowing to modify the countries names as the translations were shared across storefronts and saved at platform level so each storefront can not have its country translation.

Output from Generic MIS retains "PaymentTransactionId" for failed Sagepay transaction after order has been successfully resent
We have fixed a bug in our Sagepay integration where we were saving the PaymentTransactionId of failed transactions but not replacing it when a successful transaction came in at a later time.

Release Notes (R20-22) - 01-06-20


Incorrect image metadata prevents upload
We now allow you to decide what metadata information is collected when a user uploads an image, which should help prevent errors when there is erroneous metadata in the image file.

Order placement optimisation
We have further optimised the order placement process so that Catfish can better handle large baskets alongside a general speed improvement for baskets of all sizes.

Add OrderStatus column to Sales - Order Summary Report
We have added and "Order Status" column to our Order Summary report that will show the status to be one of the following: Pending, Processing, Complete or Cancelled.


MegaEdit batch upload not always working for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
We have fixed an error affecting Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers where the CSV upload function in MegaEdit batch products as it was not working correctly in some scenarios.

Shipping options with department restrictions
We have fixed a bug in our FedEx plugin as it was not working correctly with the restriction of shipping plugins by the customer department.

Upload CSV in MegaEdit on a Mobile OS is not working
We have fixed a bug in MegaEdit batch upload of CSV for mobile users.

JPEG Images are not uploaded in the MegaEdit gallery when using IE browser
We have fixed a bug in IE with images in JPEG format when uploading them to the album in MegaEdit.

Error with pricing scripts for Symphony products
We have fixed a bug with symphony pricing as it was not taking into account the number of records in some scenarios.

Release Notes (R20-20) - 18-05-20


Added delivery costs into Tharstern EstimatePro OrderPlaced request
We have added two new settings to our Tharstern plugin: "Include Shipping Details" and "Include Tax Details in Shipping Details". When "Include Shipping Details" is enabled, Catfish will send the delivery cost excluding VAT to Tharstern as part of the order submission. If "Include Tax Details in Shipping Details" is also enabled, then the price will be sent through including VAT.

Comgate plugin localisation
We have added some more language strings and HTML classes to our Comgate plugin to allow for easier customisation.

ME text on curve field moves in output
We have made some improvements to our Text On a Curve feature's algorithm for MegaEdit with some improved logic depending on the fonts used. Now the preview and the output should be the same. However, we always encourage to use server-side preview when you have this type of field on your designs.

Editable Content & Topic Page default styling
We have added a new setting for editable content, topic pages, products and categories that will wrap your rich text fields with some default styling.


Kit Pricing Not Showing On Category Page
We have fixed a bug with kit products pricing not showing correctly on the category view, as it was not calculating the cost of the kit based on the non-optional products.

Saved Projects Edit Name Button
We have fixed a bug where the user was seeing a button to edit the name of a saved project when the custom names were not enabled.

Generic MIS decimal point invariant culture
We have fixed a bug in our MegaEdit product attributes (canvas size Height and Width) as they were sent to the generic MIS integration with the separator symbol from the customer language instead of culture invariant.

Release Notes (R20-19) - 11-05-20


MegaEdit batch script custom validation We now support using your own custom validation for the MegaEdit batch script by using regular expressions.

MegaEdit layout tooltips We now show a tooltip displaying the layout name when hovering over them within the MegaEdit editor.

Spanish provinces added to the the Spanish country configuration We have added all of the Spanish provinces to the default configuration of the Spanish country.

Hide automatically generated MegaEdit product attributes We have made the MegaEdit attributes that are automatically generated only visible in admin for super admins. Also, we have removed them from the attribute combinations, so you can not make mistakes on importing or exporting those special attributes.

Allow storefronts to override certain Platform settings We have made changes to our Platform-Storefront relationship. Some settings can now be configured per storefront, such as enabling and disabling: measurements, languages, currencies, countries and states.

Order line discount visual feedback in basket We have added new visual feedback to the cart when there is a discount on a product. We now show the normal price and the discounted price on an orderline level, in a similar way to how we show it on the product page.

Update basket button changes We have added a missing basket update block on some actions that were performed in the cart. Now we properly force the customer to update the basket if they make changes that require a price update liked like attributes or quantity change.

Veracore AddOrder updates We have added new features to our Veracore integration. We have added two new settings to the configuration: a mapper for Catfish delivery methods to Vercore freight codes, and rush shipping checkout attribute mapping. We are also now passing more nodes into Veracore such as delivery costs, tax paid and unit price after discounts.

Reapit new properties for mapping category entities We have added many new properties for the returned results in our Reapit integration. Now the categories will contain more information.

RFQ updates We have changed our Request for Quote plugin to only show the cheapest quote answer when the expiration time has happened and not as bids are coming. We have also added the possibility to skip days of the week on the bids due days calculation.

Username login matches the case sensitivity of the admin We have now made usernames case senstiive when logging in so that it reflects the case sensitivity seen when creating users through either the API or the admin menu. In order to log in, you will now need to ensure that your username is using the correct case.

Customer Upload Timeout Handling We have added limitations the number of rows you can upload in the CSV customer update/create as it was timing out for big files and leaving the import in an inconsistent status.

Removed the "Please Select Country" option from the select country dropdowns We have removed the "please select country" option from all the country address selection as it will now auto select the "Default country" set in the Customer Settings.

Discount Price from Attributes not Updating We have added to our discounted prices display in the product page (your price) the function to update the original price as well as the discounted price when the customer makes a change to attributes or quantity that affects pricing.

Addresses in checkout issues We have added more validation to the automatically generated addresses in checkout. Now, when you skip the billing address step in checkout, and there is enough information in the customer's account to create an address that fulfills the customer biling and shipping address requirements, an address will be automatically created using this information. We now also properly handle the "hide from customer" address setting so if the address is hidden will behave as not present.


SiteFlow always send shipping address We have added a new setting to our SiteFlow MIS plugin called "UseBillingAddressAsFallback" that will allow always sending the shipping address node with a value as long we supply a billing address when placing the orders in Catfish.

Topic Pages inaccessible when store is closed We have added to topic pages a new setting called "Accessible on closed store" that allows having pages like the "about" or "contact us" on closed storefronts while the rest of topic pages are only for registered customers.

Layer support for MegaScripts We have added to our MegaScript engine support for PDF layers. Now we can create a PDF with layers for a job output by using a MegaScript.

Budget on MegaScripts We have added to our MegaScript engine the possibility to interact with customer budgets. In this way, we can create complex logic like auto-apply a budget in a defined period or even email customers when their budget is low or unsued.


Re-order does not copy all properties We have fixed a bug with re-ordering when the measures or weight were adjusted depending on the selection of different canvas or output types as they were not taken into consideration if you did not edit the design.

Customer Role deletion issue We have fixed a bug when deleting roles that had access permissions applied to them.

Image gallery visible in certain scenarios where it should not be We have fixed a bug with the "compute hide gallery tab" setting within MegaEdit as it was not working correctly in certain scenarios.

Editing a dynamic job from "work in progress" takes user to Approver's approval page We have fixed a bug on the work in progress view as we were redirecting to the wrong page after editing a job that was in the queue of approval.

Infigo products batch does not remember files and mapping We have fixed a bug in Infigo editor with batch files as it was not remembering correctly the columns mapping of CSVs when editing from basket, re-ordering, or restoring saved projects.

Prices with tax errors We have fixed a bug with the prices with tax suffix in "my account" as it was not taking into consideration the setting configuration.

Paypal Standard concurrency issues We have fixed some errors on our PayPal payment plugin when using the modes PDT and IPN in combination, as sometimes the order was not marked as paid if the messages were coming close to each other.

Short Description of products not translated We have fixed a bug with the transactions of the short description of products when they were presented in the category view or related products.

Release Notes (R20-13) - 26-03-20


MegaEdit load times We have further optimised the loading of MegaEdit to improve performance.

Paygate plugin order cancelled email We have added the "Order cancelled" customer email to our Paygate plugin, which will be sent out when a user cancels the payment by closing the payment window.

EDI to include the selected deliverydate We will now pass the customer's selected delivery date through to EDI using the ExpectedDeliveryDate node.


MegaEdit barcode type UPC-A and validation We have added support to our MegaEdit batch script for the barcode type UPC-A, as well as validation to support it.

Flowzone image plugin We have added a new image plugin integration: Flowzone . As with our other image plugins, this will be available to both Infigo Designer and MegaEdit.


Unable to upload images via MegaEdit script in Firefox We have fixed an issue with our AdvancedUIButton MegaEdit script as it was not working correctly on Firefox when using the file browser option for the image uploads.

3D Preview update breaks Per page texture mapping. We have fixed a bug with the 3d preview when using different textures in different pages of the design.

UPS plugin configuration not showing saved values correctly We have fixed a bug in UPS settings as it was not showing the selected values on the dropdowns.

ProfanityLevel per field configuration not working for global variables We have fixed a bug for global variables in the Catfish Editor when using the GlobalProfanityLevel per product configuration as it was not working correctly.

Blog Post dates not updating We have fixed a bug with blog posts when changing the published day as it was showing the creation date instead.

QuantityBasedPricing issues We have fixed some bugs and inconsistencies with quantity based pricing, tier prices of products and the limitations by role. Now you need to have a valid product configuration for a user to be able to buy a product.

Release Notes (R20-11) - 12-03-20


Improve User Uploaded File Support We have added validation for the File upload product attribute type to ensure the file is available and valid with saved baskets and reorders.

Improved performance for the MultiProductCustomProduct product landing page We have improved the performance of products using the MultiProduct custom product type to ensure that it loads more efficiently.

Prevented a configuration with Access Permissions that caused performance issues We no longer support showing category product counts in the category menu when using access permissions as it was considerably impacting the performance of sites.

Get OrderLineItem API call now supports custom job statuses We have added support to the OrderLineItem/Get API call to show the details of custom job statuses.

Closed storefronts and allowed actions We have added support to change the language and access topic pages with SEO names for closed storefronts without being redirected to the login screen.

Multipart upload product improvements We have added more styling to the multipart file upload editor. Now it has an animation while the file is uploading and whilst the prefight is happening, including updated prefight results look and feel. We have also made some general improvements to the product type that included fixing the single page mode and when re-uploading a file.

Live Exchange Rate updates We have made changes to the live exchange rate plugin to work independently on each storefront, no longer requiring you to have it enabled at platform level.


County / State field 'Is Required' We have added to customer settings a Region/State required flag. This setting is used for the storefront and API requests where if the information is not present it will fail validation.

Display created quotes against customer in admin When the quoting module is enabled and you navigate to the customer in admin you will now see an additional tab called 'Quotes' that lists all the active quotes saved against that customer. Here you are able to view them, edit them and delete if required.

Option for downloadable products to offer JPEG Download We have added a new feature to downloadable products to offer the download not only on PDF but also on JPEG. This can be controlled on a per product basis.

Create new message tokens for editable content - Login/Logout, Basket We have added the possibility to use tokens in the editable content items. You can see the new tokens added when editing an editable content. Using tokens, the content will be dynamically generated depending on catfish settings or the logged-in customer.


Registration returns 500 when RedirectToCurrentUrlAfterRegistration is enabled We have fixed a bug with the " Redirect to current URL after registration" setting as it was not working correctly in some scenarios.

PageN should work for Static pdf products We have fixed a bug with the PageN placeholder, as it was not working with static PDF products.

Addition tab text editor does not switch from Rich Editor to Code Mirror Editor We have fixed a bug with the "Addition tab text" text editor on product variants.

Exception in Manage Categories when we have categories with a very long descriptions We have fixed a bug with long category description and the list view in admin that was preventing pagination.

Text is cut off if the field is center or right align We have fixed some issues in MegaEdit with text fields and alignment as the cursor position was not correct and the text was shown cut off.

Update the LastLoginDate for logins through Single Sign On We have updated our SSO integrations to correctly save the last logged in date when captured through Single Sign On.

Symphony Email album error We have fixed a bug in Symphony image albums with path-based storefronts that was preventing the use of the editable areas to change email templates.

Release Notes (R20-09) - 27-02-20


Batch script changes We have added two new options to our MegaEdit batch script: text suppression, and case insensitive placeholders. We now also allow files uploaded to global additional data to be used, allowing advanced actions to be created and used.

Support for Brand Centre end point in SiteFlow plugin Our SiteFlow integration now allows you to set the Account/Provider to be "Brand Centre" within the plugin's MIS configuration.


Option to Download MegaEdit previews as JPEGs We now support the option to download the final output from Mega Edit in JPEG format in addition to the PDF option. You can configure it in the product options with the "Allow JPEG Download" setting. It will offer to the user a JPEG file for single page and ZIP file containing all JPEGs for multiple pages.


Fix Admin DateTimePicker We have fixed a bug in admin with the date and time controls as they stopped working correctly when the date format was not set to "US".

Add validation for required attributes in quote creation We have fixed the validation for required attributes in the quote creation process.

Emulate User Mode button not working We have fixed a bug in MegaEdit which stopped the "Emulate User Mode" feature from working correctly.

Company name customer search criteria resetting We have fixed a bug where the "Company Name" search criteria was resetting upon clicking "Next Page" in Customer Management.

File upload in ME with image plugins We have fixed a bug wherein the image selector window would not appear upon clicking the "Upload" button in the MegaEdit image upload menu, but only when there was an image plugin configured.

Missing link for media items We have fixed a bug within the user albums which was showing the loading animation for items that were not available due to them having been deleted by external maintenance operations.

Easypost buy shipment We have fixed a bug with the "Buy packages manually" EasyPost feature within SPO where it was not taking into consideration the selected rate to buy the shipment and generate the labels whilst in manual mode.

Release Notes (R20-07) - 13-02-20


Allow for addresses to be set as billing/shipping addresses in admin We have added the option to set customer addresses from within admin as the default billing and shipping address for a customer. Previously this was only possible in the front end by the customer under "My account".

Update %RFQ.Quote.Price% message token to consider the "Show Order Line Total" product setting We have added support to our Request For Quote plugin to use the product tier price setting "Show Price as Order Line Total". When this is enabled we show the job price and not the unit price consistently across supplier emails and where we display the quote details.

Search Order by Guid We have changed how the search order by GUID works in admin as now it will search for all the orders starting with the value entered, instead of looking for an exact match, making it easier to use when matching payments in our MIS integrations.

Gophr add pickup time We have changed our Gophr integration to send the earliest_pickup_time as the value of the moment the order is going to be ready for collection by the Gophr delivery team when submitting the shipments manually from SPO.


Output Caching support per storefront We have added a new cache setting to enable our donut output caching at a storefront level. This caching method can considerably improve the performance of your front end response times as it heavily caches certain content on the site. This should only be used when the storefront doesn't have access permissions enabled OR uses our Chameleon module to personalise content as this would no longer work. It should also only be used with 'finished sites' as any changes you then make to the site will take a long time to appear - essentially once the cache has cleared.


Image controls logic within image fields. We have improved the controls of images within image fields in MegaEdit highlighted previously when using the direction movements controls along with zooming and rotating of the images.

MWW Webhook fixes We have changed our MWW integration to allow the collection of multiple tracking numbers that will be concatenated and presented in Sales > Orders and related order documentation.

Release Notes (R20-05) - 30-01-20


Add a loading animation on the product landing page We have added a loading animation to the product attributes to allow background operations that hide elements to be finished.

Shared Print Operations (SPO) styling Improvements We have done some work on the SPO page to have a better distribution of headers on the table.


Delivery date picker We have added a setting to Configuration -> Settings -> Order Settings called "Show deliver by date selector" which will add an additional step to the checkout process which allows the user to select a date for their order to be delivered. It will take into account the delivery and production restrictions as well as utilising the calendars feature. We have also added a new "Custom Restrictions" page which can be found under Catfish -> Other in the sidebar, as well as a plugin to restrict the maximum number of orders which can be delivered per day.


Error on registration form submit when registration action against company name We have fixed a bug in registration actions against empty fields so now is possible to apply a rule for empty values.

Paypal Standard concurrency issues We have fixed a bug in our Paypal payment plugin when it was configured in IPN mode as we were still receiving PDT messages that could be colliding when marking an order as paid.

Products still visible within category when user has record denying access to category We have fixed a bug with access permissions when a user had access by the department to a product but not to the parent category.

Product specification report row duplication We have fixed a bug with the product reports as it was adding multiple rows for a single product if a product was assigned to multiple categories.

Report Area Date Selector does not use the configurable date format We have adjusted the date selection controls for admin reports to use the format specified in Configuration -> Settings -> General Settings -> Localisation Settings.

Release Notes (R20-03) - 16-01-20


RFQ plugin updates We have made a significant update to our RFQ plugin. We have added new settings that will allow quotes to expire and suppliers to mark the items as shipped or set the tracking numbers. We have also added new message templates for the following events: email suppliers when a job is no longer active due to a lost bid, deletion, or expiration, and email customer when all bids are received.

Performance issues with too many attribute logic items We have improved the performance of the attribute logic, and to avoid long loading times we have set a limit to the number of rules you can configure on a product. Currently, the limit is set to 100 attribute logic statements per product.

UPS negotiated rates We have updated our UPS plugin to support negotiated rates. In order to utilise this, you need to enable the new setting "Use negotiated rates" and enter the origin address information within the UPS plugin configuration.

SPO - Old Status Changes styling We have done some styling changes to the status history card of SPO. Now it is more obvious that there is a a button to toggle showing the order status history.

Include additional barcode type - UPC-E We have added support for UPC-E barcodes and its validation rules to MegaEdit.

Category navigation markup change We have added a new setting to catalogue settings called  "Use nested markup on category navigation" that will change how the categories list is displayed in the frontend.

Punchout updates We have added the following settings to our Punchout integration:Item Detail Classification - If populated, we will send the classification node with the external Id value on the detail if the ItemIn node.Use Supplier PartId To Get OrderId - this will force the webhooks that pay the order to use the SupplierPartId node of ItemOut instead of the order header.

MegaEdit - Add option to change layout thumbnail resolution We have added a new setting to Media Album settings called MegaEdit Layout Thumbnail Size that will control the size of the thumbnails of the layout images in MegaEdit.

Rearrange basket sub-totals We have rearranged the basket display of the subtotals and totals to be consistent in all areas of Catfish.

Pass Job ID through to Tharstern orderline/job ref2 We have added a new setting to our Tharstern plugin called "Orderline Ref2 Data" that will allow you to determine what is sent to Tharstern OrderLineRef2. The current choices are the orderline Custom Name and the JobId.

Better support for MegaEdit rotated fields We have added better support for rotated fields in MegaEdit. Rotated fields will now be correctly taken into account when saving layouts and custom scripts.

New Quote setting We have added a new quote setting called "Hide Price If Product Requires Quote" that will hide the price of the product until the customer has requested a quote. It will also show an information message on the product page explaining to the user that they must request a quote for the product.


Support for 2+ customer images We have added a new feature called "Additional customer images" to media settings. With this feature you can allow the user to upload more than one image to their My account Avatar area. You can Add a translatable language string to the images and use them to prepopulate data in Infigo products using the pattern UserImage_{Name}.

Depositphotos updates We have done some updates to our Depositphotos plugin. Now there is a new tab in Reports called "Custom Report Info" that will record information about the images which customers have purchased.

Show only cheapest quote in My Quotes We have added a new quote setting that allows filtering the child quotes that come as bids to show only the cheapest quote in my account. This is especially useful in our RFQ plugin when multiple suppliers submit a bid.

Server side preview in MegaEdit We have added a new setting to MegaEdit products called "Server side preview". If enabled, instead of bypassing the output processes i.e. output scripts, MegaEdit will use these processes when generating a downloadable preview. This will help make the downloadable preview more accurate when using features such as output scripts, variable data on batch products, or even applying an Enfocus Pitstop profile.

Product Attributes help text We have added the ability to add help text to the product and checkout attributes. You will be able to set the content of the help text as well as its position relative to the attribute name.

Attribute Combinations priority We have added a priority setting to the attribute combinations so that you can control which combination is used when there are an equal number of matching attribute values.

Product report adjustments We have made some updates to the product report to include more information. The new columns are: Deleted, Published, SKU, Product Type, Specification Attributes and Last order date. We have also added 2 new calculated columns: Total Order lines, and Total Order Quantity. Total Order Lines will count all the order lines for that product, excluding cancelled order lines, and Total Order Quantity will show the sum of all the quantities across those order lines.


Safari version 13.0 causing crashes in SPO We have fixed a bug in Admin with Safari browser version 13.0 on Apple machines as there was some incompatibility with the text display mode for this browser that was making it crash.

"Ready For Collection" sending per orderline item We have removed the message template "OrderStatus.CustomerNotification.ReadyForCollection" that was sent when a job was set to ready for collection. Instead, if all the items in an order are set to ready for collection it will mark the order as shipped and send the corresponding OrderShipped message template. New information on how to use this is now available in the message tokens view.

Sharing album against a product We have fixed a bug which prevented album sharing to specific products from the album management in my account.

Copy content script not changing all the properties of the target content We have fixed a bug with the copy content script when used in image fields and the target image field was of a different size to the source image field, causing it to show incorrectly in the preview.

Preview Image in Order Summary missing for Multipart Products We have fixed a bug with upload products as they were not showing the correct thumbnail in my account orders with the uploaded artwork and instead it was showing the product image.

Drawing tool in ME, while using iOS for mobile devices, moves the whole screen. We have fixed an issue with the drawing tool of MegaEdit on mobile iOS devices, as it moved the whole screen instead of drawing.

Related products styling issues We have fixed some styling issues for the related products in some product templates.

Recently added products and recently viewed products empty We have fixed a bug with recently added products and recently viewed on storefronts with access permissions enabled that caused neither of these to populate.

Can not delete an item in basket while warnings We have fixed an issue that was preventing users from deleting an item from the basket when there were item warnings. Now you do not need to resolve the issues before clicking delete.

Google Chrome Version 78.0.3904.70 causes MegaEdit flickering We have fixed some flickering issues when using MegaEdit in Chrome.

Has privilege in Customer Edit We have fixed a bug in the strict impersonation customer setting that was preventing you from editing your own user details whilst impersonating.

Release Notes (R19-48) - 28-11-19


Catfish order ID now sent to Authorize.net We have changed what we send as invoice number in our Authorize.NET integration. Now we use the order id as the invoice number instead of the order GUID.

More efficient MegaEdit batch output creation We have improved the performance of the output of MegaEdit batch products, and so it now takes less time to produce an output when using such products.


Add to cart and stay in editor in MegaEdit We now support adding items to the basket without leaving the MegaEdit editor when doing variations of the design. You can find the setting in Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Dynamic Products Settings, and it is called "Add to basket mode" with the options for "Normal", "Copy Design", and "Copy Design And Normal".

Approval Workflow Sort/Filter column We have improved the Approval workflow view to have all the sorting options working when there are multiple approvers. We have also added new functions to search by jobId or product name as well as partially approved jobs and new jobs.


ME Help Text should not show if there is no text We have fixed a bug with the MegaEdit help text as it was showing even when the help text for fields was empty.

Related products not showing the correct price We have fixed a bug with related products view in the storefront as they were showing an incorrect price when the parent product in the page had a pricing script configured.

Release Notes (R19-47) - 21-11-19


Terms and conditions langauge strings We have added the missing language strings for the terms and conditions text on the registration page, so that they can now be changed using Language Strings (see here for the article on Language Strings). The new strings are Account.Fields.TermsAndConditions.AcceptStandard and Account.Fields.TermsAndConditions.TermsAndConditions

iFrame editor issues with browser history We have added a new event to our iframes integrations for "History Back" so that when iframe customers will click back in the iFrame, the browser will show an alert: "unknown catfish editor event". You will have to handle this event within your integration to avoid a browser alert.

Render mode compatibility with dropshadow & UI improvement We have resolved an issue where the dropdshadow would take on the properties of the text's render mode rather than remain a shadow, and have also made some general improvements to the render mode UI.

Language Friendly Name We have added a new property to the languages called Friendly name so you can change how the name is displayed to the end-user in the language selection.

Redirect to the correct seofriendlyname We have made improvements to our SEO friendly name of products and categories as it now redirects to the URL with the SEO friendly name depending on the selected language, increasing the readability of the URLs.


Ability to use colour picker on backgrounds We have added a new flag to MegaEdit products called "Allow background colour picker". Now the user can select a custom colour in addition to the already exiting background images or colours that you can configure on the canvas background categories.


Unable to delete product tags We have resolved an issue where you couldn't delete a product tag if it was either used in hotfolder mapping, or assigned to a product. Now, the product tag will be automatically removed from all hotfolders and products when it is deleted.

Reordering an order does not generate thumbnails We have fixed a bug with the thumbnails of jobs with custom designs wherein if the job was reorderd, the thumbnail was not auto-generated if you did not edit the design and save it.

"No records to display" in SPO We have solved an issue in admin SPO where sometimes the message "No records to display" was displayed in platforms with multiple storefronts.

Discount bulk clone issues We have fixed a bug with the clone discount feature as it was not working for some discount requirements.

PageN placeholder not working correctly with high page counts We have fixed a bug with the PageN placeholder as it was not working correctly on products with output files of more than 100 pages and was not taking into consideration the n index.

New Album Management Issues on Firefox Quantum We have fixed a bug in the album management as it was not showing thumbail images on Firefox navigator.

Dialogue box 'terms of use' is empty We have fixed a bug in the 'terms of use' pop up read link of the cart as it was showing an empty text area when clicked.

Release Notes (R19-43 & R19-44) - 31-10-19


Ability to set a margin on the barcode field We have added a new option to the barcode fields in MegaEdit to apply padding. This padding will be added in addition to the already created quiet zone of the barcode being created.

PrintOS stock products attribute combinations support We have added support for stock items, when integrating with our Site Flow  plugin, to allow for attribute combinations to determine the SKU that is passed to Site Flow.

MegaEdit Text Support typing with changes We have improved how MegaEdit remembers the format of text within a text field when moving the caret position.

Enfocus Pitstop support for Multipart products We have added support for profiles in Multipart upload products and variables support in the Enfocus Pitstop profiles.
For more information, or to purchase our Pitstop module, please contact the support team.

"My Quotes" display improvements We have added new settings to display the quotes in My account area, with the possibility to present the quotes in a hierarchical order by attributes so it easier for a user to find the correct quote.

Support Static PDF Previews in all themes We have updated the styling in all our themes for the booklet/Pages preview modes in the upload products.

Product import updates We have added some new properties that were missing to the product import/export form Excel. We have also added better reporting on the errors.

Limit BCC field for message templates to only 200 characters We have added a limitation of 200 characters to the BCC fields of the message templates in admin, as exceeding this was causing the system to error when attempting to send an email.

Force postcode lookup We have added a new customer setting called "Force Postcode lookup" that will work when you have an address search plugin configured so the end customer is presented with the address search box before entering any address details in registration, my account or checkout.

English US language bundle We have added a new language to Catfish: English US. You can enable it in languages and disable the original English. The fallback language should still be set at "English UK". We have only added translations for different spelling or words as necessary to keep the overhead minimal and avoids duplication.


SSLredirect setting We have added a new security setting to general Catfish settings so the type of redirect for https can be selected if temporary 302 or permanent 301.

Setting text format via a dropdown for a text box (MegaEdit) We have added global style and style groups to MegaEdit text fields. Now it is possible to add styles that store colour, font family size and format information so they can be applied to text fields with a style selector without having to give the end customer all the formatting options.

Amazon S3 integration We have added support to Catfish to use Amazon S3  as external API plugin, we can now push outputs into the storage service from MegaScripts.

Quote only products We have added to our quoting system the possibility to mark products as only being able to be ordered by requesting a quote, this combined with the new API creation and validation of quotes will allow that you can configure and limit the set of products and attributes combinations a user can order.


Follow up to ME snap to items We have fixed a bug with the newly added MegaEdit snap to objects and bleed as it was not working correctly for existing products as the new settings were not applied to already existing fields.

Delivery countdown not working with a large amount of attributes We have fixed an issue with the delivery countdown module on product pages where lots of attributes were available or complex attribute logic was used.

Blog Post release date should be date to be published We have changed the display date of the blog posts to show the published time and use it for sorting as it was still using the created date instead.

Show in Search Result in MIS sync We have fixed a bug in all the MIS plugins that create products as the new setting "Show in search results" was not set to true and the products were not showing in search.

MegaEdit Output Issue with Gamma correction We have changed the values of the MegaEdit gamma correction slider as it was not correctly working with low values.

Punchout order placed emails does not have the addreeses set We have fixed a bug in our Punchoutintegration on the order placed action as it was not sending the addresses sent in the order placed customer notification email.

"Related Products" issue We have fixed a bug with related products view in the storefront as they were showing an incorrect price when the parent product in the page had a pricing script configured.

Default attribute values not taken into account on first page load We have fixed a bug with products showing an incorrect price when loading for the first time in the product page if the pricing depends on attributes with preselected attribute values.

Release Notes (R19-41 & R19-42) - 17-10-19


Edit job from SPO customer role permission We have fixed some inconsistencies between the relative role weights and customer role permissions so the Infigo Support team can now give a customer role permission to only edit jobs of certain users with higher relative weight.

RepCopyToHotfolder Task adjustmentlaceMe We have added a new CopyToHotfolderSkipped status indicating items which cannot be copied to a hotfolder for any reason, to resolve an issue there was when the processing queue was full of jobs retrying this operation.

Include department ID in Setup Request from Punchout We have added to our PunchOut integration new support to save the customer department id with a new setting called "Department extrinsic name".

ME Page tiers clarification We have added details information about how the page pricing works in MegaEdit to the admin dynamic product configuration.


Deleting product groups does not affect price We have fixed a bug where deleting a product group which had linked products would not revert the price of the products to the price configured in their product variant.

Password protected topic pages We have fixed a bug in the password-protected topic pages that were not showing the content after entering the correct password.

Delivery Countdown estimated delivery date incorrect on first load We have fixed a bug with the attribute values delivery offset adjustments in product pages as we were not sending the correct attribute and values if the attribute logic or preselected values were used.

Billing and shipping address in Punchout plugin are wrong We have fixed a bug in our PunchOut integration as the shipping and billing addresses for creating orders in Catfish were swapped.

Release Notes (R19-40) - 03-10-19


Increase number of records on Symphony Campaigns table We have added a new Symphony Setting called "Campaigns page size" to control the "my open campaigns" page grid size.

Updates to Category Search page We have added language strings for the CategorySearch page.

Add Cubic Root support to the USPS delivery computation method We have added support for the cubic root parcel size calculation method from a simple calculation without rotation to our USPS plugin.

Category pages navigation We have updated the canonical tags for category pages to reflect pagination. We have also added "rel" attributes to the prev/next links.


Add support for Product Groups to Tharstern We have added support for the Tharstern MIS configure functionality to be available to a product group, product group attributes and product group attribute combinations. This external Id will be inherited by all products that sit within that product group.


PageN should have the output files and should work for MultipartProducts We have fixed a bug with the PageN placeholder as it was not taking the output images and was not working for multipart products.

Release Notes (R19-39) - 26-09-19


Payment Method issue with 100% discount code We have changed the checkout flow when a 100% discount is applied, so that it will not ask you for the payment details unless the setting "Shows the payment method step in the One Page Checkout when the price is zero" is enabled.

Update VeraCore integration for setting passwords We have updated our VeraCore integration to include password creating logic. You can now select how the password is auto-generated for the newly created users in the MIS plugin settings.

Set MIS Failed when Order submission error postback received We have updated our PrintOS plugin to set the MIS failed status on jobs when we get an asynchronous call that the record order has failed, allowing you to filter SPO to show only these jobs.


SPO Preview UI missing the close button We have fixed a bug with the close button of the image preview of SPO as it was not showing. Now you can click out of the pop-up or click the close button on the bottom-right corner to close the preview.

ME Product Landing Page Pricing when editing existing job We have fixed an issue with ME pricing and product landing pages when editing an existing job as it was not taking into consideration all the price adjustments done in the editor step.

Release Notes (R19-38) - 19-09-19


SMS Symphony displays error message We have added more information to the failed Symphony SMS jobs in the Symphony Dashboard when using Text Marketeer as before the error messages were quite cryptic and in the system logs.

Saved Project name is not carried over to the Custom name We have changed where the name of the saved projects is used and now it is carried over as custom name when you continue the work on them.

Historic Job Status SPO filter We have added a new way to filter by status in SPO where it checks all the history of the job for a specific status.

Quote Creation API clones We have added to our create Quote API call an additional property called NumberOfClones that allows creating multiple clones of a given quote.

Tharstern - properly handle RESULT We have improved the verbose logs for Tharstern integration to show more information.

Better logging for print history We have improved the status updates in SPO for the copy to hotfolder action, so that it now shows the hotfolder target and the API token name that catfish Sync used to download the output.


Gophr Updates We have added to our Gophr integration better logging and SPO status for failed API responses, and now we also update the Catfish tracking number with the Gophr tracking URL so it can be sent on the delivery emails to the customers.


Location of SeoOpenGraphData was wrong We have fixed a bug with the OpenGraph data in Blog posts as it was not displayed in the correct place in all scenarios.

Duplicate regions being created on platform We have fixed a bug with state names as they were added again after every deployment as the original state name was changed. Now if you change a state name it does not add back again the state with the full name.

FormatTax and FormatTaxRate in message token providers We have fixed a bug in the total taxes when placing orders with different localisation settings as the tax amount was saved with the wrong format.

MegaEdit batch pricing rounding We have fixed a bug with rounding and batch record MegaEdit products as the unit price was not using the "Round prices during calculation" setting.

Release Notes (R19-37) - 12-09-19


Set the email address from the OrderRequest punchout request Our PunchOut integration now supports the saving of the addresses emails in the OrderRequest we receive.

URI malformed error on batch CSV upload Previously, we were unable to handle uploaded CSVs if they were of an incorrect encoding type. Now, our system can detect the encoding type of the CSV and correct it if need be, ensuring that the CSV file is of the correct encoding type.

Fix to avoid Video Upload in ME We have added a restriction to the MegaEdit Image upload so the browser selection is limited to the image or PDF files.


Upload attributes not found image error We have solved a bug in admin with the images for the file upload attributes as they were not displayed in the correct size.

Multiline text attributes HTML styling appearing in job tickets We have fixed a bug where the multiline product attributes were presented in the job tickets with the HTML code.

Punchout OrderRequest not sending order paid email notification We have fixed a bug in our PunchOut integration as the OrderRequest into Catfish was not sending the notification emails.

Issues with processing Authorize.Net payments when & used in billing address We have fixed a bug in our Authorise.net integration as it was showing an error when there were special characters in the billing address used in the order.

Release Notes (R19-36) - 05-09-19


Adding to Basket directly We have added new logic to the "Skip Product Details Page" feature, so that it now correctly utilises the minimum order quantity on the search results and category search pages.

Changes to Order Submission Punchout request We have added a new setting to our PunchOut integration called "Send only Catfish Order ID in Supplier Parts". If this is enabled, we will not include the job id in the SupplierPartAuxiliaryID node.

Support for SameSite attribute for our cookies With new changes to security policies of Chrome, we have added a new attribute to our iframe integrations. This is controlled by the setting "Configure the Cookie Same Site mode to use" in general settings and it defaults to "Lax", however all existing sites which use the iFrame API will have to set this to "None".

Disable the impersonate button and tab if the user is disabled If a user is disabled, we will no longer display the "Impersonate" button for that user in the admin menus.


CopyToHotFolder.PrintLocationOwner message template error Fixed a bug in the "Copy to Hotfolder Email Print Location Owner" message template as it was emailing all the users mapped to that hotfolder across all storefronts, not just the users in the storefront that performed the copy to hotfolder action.

PageN Placeholder for Job Tickets only displays Page 1 We have fixed the PageN placeholder for job tickets as it was always using the thumbnail of the first page for certain product types, regardless of configuration.

Release Notes (R19-35) - 29-08-19


Record count added to Sales > Orders - Products tab table The products table found in Sales -> Orders -> Order Details now contains a column that shows the record count for batch products.

Approval and Work in Progress table optimisation We have added better performance to the work in progress and approval tables so that they load more smoothly when there is a large number of jobs to load.

Update AuthorizeDotNet to the Accept Hosted flow We have updated our AuthorizeDotNet payment plugin to utilise the 'Accepted Host' flow that allows for more responsive forms. This has allowed us to include a 'Cancel' button in the payment information form which will redirect the user and provide them with an appropriate message.


MWW OnDemand MIS plugin We have added a new MIS plugin to integrate with MWW OnDemand (https://mwwondemand.com) which will support order creation and status updates.


Cross-storefront Job tickets in SPO When downloading job tickets for orders placed on different storefronts in SPO, the product attribute data would not pull through correctly. We have changed the system to give the job tickets access to this data regardless of the storefront the order was placed on.

Error on checkout flow with Fedex FedEx can only accept a package weight and length below a certain hard-coded value, which our system was exceeding in some scenarios. We have made changes to ensure that it is no longer possible to exceed these values.

'\' appearing in Catfish Editor text when editing from basket Fixed a bug in Infigo template products where the special characters in text fields were not correctly loaded when you edit form basket or from a saved project, and a '\' character would appear before each of them.

Tier price by customer role exception We have fixed a bug with tier pricing and customer roles wherein it was not allowing the user to order products if there were no "All roles" pricing tiers configured for the product.

Post editor attributes error Fixed a bug with post editor attributes where their values were not being saved correctly against the job details in certain scenarios.

Release Notes (R19-34) - 22-08-19


Fix Product Import Issues We have added new improvements on the Product Import from Excel adding some of the missing properties. We now show the error messages accordingly with a notification and we have limited the import to only one product with the same SKU.

Easy Post Investigation Helper We have improved the logging of the parcel size calculation for our EasyPost integration. If you MIS enable verbose logging all the process of calculation and settings used will be logged for your analysis.

Easypost generic adjustments of the shipment creation We have added new settings to control the delivery options on Easypost to allow to handle adjustments per shipping method/option so you can match your Easypost providers' requirements.

Add canonical tag to search results page We have added a canonical tag to search results page so any new search it is not indexed by google.

Date of Birth validation We have added to customer settings a min age feature. This value will be checked on registration and customer edit. Now you can limit the age registration to your storefront.

Add discount name to discount amount in sales orders We have added the discount code name used to the Sales > Orders > Order.

Update the MIS log message to use the longMessage parameter We have improved our MIS verbose logging with a long parameter where the posted and received objects are logged in JSON or XML, now it is easier to detect problems when integrating with MIS.

Order Time placeholder We have added a new placeholder for the lob tickets and invoices, OrderedTime that will show the ordered time in the storefront time and format.


Kit product We have redone our Kit custom products. Now it is possible to have a kit product available in the checkout by enabling grouping, being able to enter a custom name to the kit, being able to mark products in the kit as optional, show the product details and links and have individual product quantities before adding to basket.

Create a custom RFQ Plugin We have implemented a new MIS custom plugin to handle Request for Quotes called Catfish RFQ. With this new plugin, you can create suppliers and map them to products so they will get an email with the product details (attributes and quantities) and a link to submit a bid when a customer requests a quote for a product that requires a quote. Those quote bids will appear in the Customer My account area and they can be used to place an order if the customer wants and the product configuration and quantities will be locked to the quote details.

MegaEdit snapping to object amendments We have added a new feature to MegaEdit so the admin can control how the snapping happens in its design. There are new settings in each field for snap to object and general design settings for snap target border colour, snapping on midsections, snapping on bleed line, snapping on canvas line and snap item max distance that you can control form product options.

Consistent warning across all product types if editing a live product We have added a new feature to Catfish admin so administrators will get a warning when they make changes to a product or design that is currently in use by a customer. Being in use means: is currently in a someone's shopping cart or has been ordered but that order is not yet set to shipped or is saved as a saved project.


Last Logged In Date not populating on Customer Report Resolved a bug where the last logged in date as not displaying in the customer report after last deployments.

Allow to the thubmnail images for closed storefronts Resolved a bug with closed storefronts and image thumbnails email message token as they were not displayed on the email if you were not logged in the website.

Attribute Friendly names not showing in product landing page Fixed a bug with friendly names for attributes in product page as it was not following the logic in all the cases. The current logic to display attribute names is Product landing label -> Friendly Name (in the language) -> Name.

Call for price is ignored in certain situations Fixed a bug in product pages for products with "call for price" as it was not displayed in certain configuration with MIS plugins involved.

Release Notes (R179) - 15-08-19


Easypost - Dummy Customs Info not working We have added to our Easypost integration 2 new settings to control the dummy customs information: "Dummy custom info description" and "Dummy custom info origin country".

OrderlineItem API result include status history We have added to our API call to get order line details the status history. It will return an array with the status id, name and timestamp.

Make customer password text box input type = "password" on the admin site We have changed all the passwords controls in admin so they do not show sensitive information if you do not press the button to reveal the password.


Inform Supplier We have expanded or P3 RFQ plugin to allow to send a message template to the awarding supplier that was chosen by the customer so he is informed that his bid has been successful.

Release Notes (R178) - 08-08-19


Nofollow on links We have added protection against tabnapping cyber attacks adding rel="nofollow noopener" to all target="_blank" links in the solution.

Message Token: Payment Method We have added a new message token for the emails, "Order.PaymentMethodName" that will take the payment method used to pay the order.

Store Message Tokens in Editable Content We have added support to the editable content templates to use some placeholders like Store.Name, Store.URL and Store.Email.

Copy Symphony Product Missing Actions We have added support to copying actions and triggers when copying a symphony product.

Upload location access move to ACL and not super admin only We have added a new Acess Permission to allow a customer to view and manage the upload folders so some administrators can manage the files there.

"From X" customer role quantity based pricing We have added to the from x filters the check for the roles on the tiered pricing.

PrintOS Add switch to control weight We have added a new setting to our PrintOs integration to use the unit weight with batch records.

PrintOS: SLA Date issue Fixed a bug with SLA days in PrintOS as it was not needed to be set in the XML when there was no value to send.

JQuery Update We have updated our presentation jQuery library to the 3.4 version from our previous 1.6 and added compatibility for the not supported functions form previous versions.


SAP and EDIIntegration We have added a new integration with SAP to Catfish using AS2 as transport protocol. It currently supports order creation on placing order and update of the shipped status form SAP.

Ordering by quote We have redone all our quoting system to work with API calls and MIS integrations. Now it is possible to create quotes for a specific customer and product attribute selection via API or MIS and being the quotes the only orderable products.

Text limit for MegaEdit fields We have added a new text type mode to MegaEdit text fields, "Restricted". With this mode, the text limit constrain will be dictated bu the size of the text field and the user will get a warning when he reaches that limit.

P3 bidding plugin We have added a new MIS plugin to connect with the P3 system (https://p3software.com). Now it is possible to lock products with its attributes and quantities so they can only be ordered with a quote. The P3 MIS plugin will raise a bid request and will poll for bids. Then the user is presented with the bid results and can choose one to add to the basket and complete the order.


Calendar admin style adjustments We have fixed some calendar and upload controls errors in Admin that after the previous deployment was unstyled.

MegaEdit shadow blur value saving as float, system expects integer Resolved a bug in Mega Edit with shadow blur as it was not working when using the slider to control the amount of blur.

Release Notes (R177) - 25-07-19


Product hide form search results We have added new settings to products called "Show in Search Result" to make them not searchable in the storefront. Also added "Allow to use product directly when not Searchable" so you can still use the product with direct links. We have also changed the logic to preview the products form admin if there are not accessible.

Support No Cover Booklet Mode in ME We have added to MegaEdit preview support for the no-cover booklet mode.

Customer GetOrderSummary improvement We have done some performance improvements in the orders list and search in My Account when there is a high number of orders.

Release Notes (R176) - 18-07-19


Change code on Reapit script to HTML We have fixed a bug in our Reapit plugin that was using the encoded values of the special characters in the product and category titles.

Order pack quantity improvements We have added improved warnings for the order pack quantity, minimum order quantity and maximum order quantity following the product configured settings in product page and cart. They are shown now with more accessible and clearer warning messages.

Payment Methods Update: add check to see if payment method can be used We have added support to our payment plugins for hard-set requirements from the payment suppliers. Now our Comgate payment plugin will not be able to be used if the basket does not meet the minimum amount of the plugin requirements.

Add Restriction offsets to Checkout Attribute Values We have added production and delivery restriction offsets to checkout attribute values, which now work in the same way as product attribute values.


Site Setup Healthcheck Dashboard Module We have added a new dashboard module to Catfish admin that will inform administrators about any potential errors on the storefront configuration. All the warning messages will appear under the System Warnings title.

ME Theme Script We have created a new Hardcoded Mega Edit script called "ME Theme selector" that will allow to set theming possibilities for the resources in MegaEdit. With the Manage Themes button you can create individual themes that will save the the pages which are currently in the document, and for each page will save the layout information.


Update of access permission pricing We have fixed a bug with access permission price adjustments, as there were some scenarios where it was not possible for full control over the final price and only an override.

Release Notes (R175) - 11-07-19


Granular retrigger MIS from SPO We have added support for a granular re-trigger of the MIS notification within SPO. Before, when multiple plugins were enabled all the plugins were informed wether when executing a re-trigger.

Formatting of delivery methods We have changed how the delivery method names and their related cost are displayed in Catfish. After a recent update, there were had too many brackets added (For example: 'UPS Saver (£117.30 (GBP))') but now it is cleaner with a hyphen as a separator (For example: 'UPS Saver - £117.30 (GBP)'). This may potentially break your existing logic if you have PDF templates or emails that expect a determined format so we would recommend testing your specific setups.

My Account > Orders Page - Amends We have improved how the "My Account" orders displays the order information. We have also added new search options (Order ID, Product Name, Custom Name, Product SKU, Purchase Order Number, Billing Address & Delivery Address) as well also displaying the Purchase Order number if Purchase Order is the chosen method of payment.

Pass attribute info through approval process We have added further information to the approval workflow views: 'Approval' and 'Work in progress'. Now on both the 'Approval' and Work in Progress' pages, it displays the job attributes. We now also display admin attributes, orders notes as well as the ability to create new notes on the 'Approval' page.

Cleanup Approval / WorkInProgress Detail View We have made styling improvement on both the 'Approval' and 'Work in Progress' pages, utilising the page layout to provider an easier to read UI.

Clipart re-ordering We have added back the ability to order images within the albums by name so there is the same order in admin as there is in the front end of MegaEdit.


Adding profanity check in MegaEdit We have now added support to MegaEdit for profanity checking (in the same method as the Catfish Editor). You can enable this feature per product with the product option "Check Profanity Words". With "Profanity Mask Words" you can mask the words with a # symbol but you can ignore the profanity on some text fields. We have also added new settings to all MegaEdit products called "Global Profanity Level" that will allow to warn or forbid to add to basket on the profanity check. Please note, this uses the same profanity table as the Catfish editor, and should you require words added you would need to contact the support team via the helpdesk.


Required fields in registration are not required in my account We have added the same registration validation rules to the 'My Account' as the 'Registration' form as previously you could delete required data from within My Account.

ME Instructions issue Resolved a bug with editable content for MegaEdit Instructions that occurred when the editable content was edited, deleted and then edited again - the text was not displayed the latest saved version or in some cases would still display even when disabled.

Cybersource refund issue Fixed an issue with refunds for Cybersource whereby the refunds were not using the same decimal places as the Order Total therefore 2 different values were being calculated.

Do not create quotes on the MIS when emailing We have fixed a bug within the quoting system as it was creating an additional quote when emailing a quote to the user as opposed to using the originally created one.

CreateOutputFor call failing We have fixed a bug in the CreateOutputFor API call as it was failing for MegaEdit jobs from our previous release.

Payments on PayPal other currencies We have fixed a bug in our PayPal integration, which was prohibiting payments in any currency other than GBP.

Release Notes (R174) - 24-06-19


Upgrade Pitstop server to 2019 and make localizable and adjust units We have upgraded the server Pitstop library to 2019 to allow more functions. We have also added localization language and measure units support.

Tharstern required date We have added to out Tharstern integration the sending of the required date using the deliver by date form the delivery time and offset calculations in Catfish.


Symphony Pricing We have added support for pricing to symphony products. You are now able to set a base price adjustment per record and a tier price adjustments.

Google Tag Manager - Extend dataLayer object to contain product information We have added support for more product data for the Google tag manager. You can now configure in General settings > Affiliate tracking tag settings your key and follow the guide to configure it and get the most of this integration.

Usage rules by MIS plugin We have added to MIS plugins the ability to decide the allowing of a specific delivery method, delivery option or payment method. When 'Usage requirement by mis plugin' is used you can select the plugin that will decide if the method will be available or not. You can use the UserData to pass additional info or configuration for the MIS plugin to decide. 

Release Notes (R173) - 03-06-19


MegaEdit UI Push Mobil and Desktop We have added new settings to MegaEdit product options for controlling the dragging in Mobile mode as currently swiping or dragging on the canvas the whole canvas moves. Now you can control this with the "Canvas Movement" setting. We have also added multiple UI targets and sets for scripting.

ME Zoom Enhancements We have added new zooming options to MegaEdit: Skip Page Zooming for fields, Zoom Padding, Zoom Increment and Zoom Include Page Rect for products. Now it is easier to keep all the design in zoom.

Symphony Data report from Symphony operations should not require impersonation We have changed some styling on the Symphony Data report from Symphony operations. Now, the information is presented in a clearer way.

Hotfolders that hold the ready to print files We have added to hotfolders in Catfish a new setting to have the folder available or not to catfish sync. Using the new "Visible To Api" setting you can exclude folders from the same print location to be synched, making easier the hotfolders configurations.

Payment plugins Cleanup/Info We have removed some unsupported payment plugins like Google Checkout or the old AuthoriseNet.

Style Canceled order lines We have styled all the cancelled order lines in admin to have a strikethrough on their details so there are easily distinguished.

Activity log entry for CSS override and theme changes We have added activity log entries to the CSS override and theme setting changes so we can easily track the changes in those areas.

Adjust checks for emails We have added support for all kind of email extensions like .agency or .club in Catfish registration and Symphony bath email send.

CSV customer import new column to enable/disable the workflow trust level Customer CSV import now supports the enabling of Workflow trustlevel. Check the import customers table to use the correct header.

Add SEO and Meta Editing to All pages We have added to our Seo setting more pages so you can configure your scripts: search results, tag category results, my account. registration confirm, login, blogs and news.


Add bleed values from output type to page box info in PDF We have added support to MegaEdit to add a trim box in the output files. It is controlled by 2 new settings on the OutputType: "Add trim box for Cover Pages" and "Add trim box for Content Pages" and the ca be base on the bleed or on the cover wrap.

Connect layout categories to background category options We have added support to MegaEdit to restrict background/clipart categories depending on a layout that is applied. As an admin, you can enable the "Enable Layout Restrictions" setting in product options so you can configure the restrictions when saving a layout.

Hurdle Data-8 Integration We have added a new address validation plugin called Data8 that is available for frontend and symphony record validation. Configure the plugin and change the address provider in "Billing and Delivery Addresses Configuration" customer settings.

Layout selections - Theme We have created a new MegaEdit script that automatically sets tags to the pages of a design according to the layout applied on the first page. This in combination with the restrict layout categories by page tag can allow you to limit the layouts for your pages.

Disable reordering old orders We have added a new setting to order settings called "Days limit to reorder products with job " with a value of 400 days that will not allow reordering orders that have dynamic products older than the configured amount as we do not keep the media files for that much time.


Show customName instead of product name We have resolved a bug with the Infigo setting "Admin show customName instead of the product name" as it was not showing the custom name in order products or current baskets.

Use the correct language when getting the message templates Resolved a bug in the message template system that was not using the translated messages to send depending on the customer language.

Symphony "until date" and "Day of month" triggers are confusing We have changed how the Symphony trigger "Until date" and "Day of the month" work so now they check after having done changes to the scheduling in "My Open campaigns" is the next send will meet the conditions and do not check the past history.

Predefined Product Attribute Value Save We have fixed an error in admin for predefined product attribute values as it was not navigating back to the list page after saving.

TaxRates orderline placeholders empty lines We have fixed the OrderLineTaxRate, OrderLineTaxRates and OrderLineTaxes placeholders so it will add correctly an empty line when no tax is used in an orderline.

Remove invalid links from the theme CSS We have removed some invalid links in our CSS so the SEO report tools do not report on them being missing.

Fix LinkedIn plugin with path based storefronts Resolved a bug in our LinkedIn plugin as ti was not working with path-based storefronts.

GoogleMerchant sync error We have fixed a bug in our Google merchant plugin by adding support for ISO code configuration for languages.

Release Notes (R172) - 23/05/19


New Theme Compatibility Test We have restructured our theming engine adding a new base theme to Catfish so all the new themes can share functions. We have made the old themes compatible with this.

Modify max basket qty behaviour in ME and Catfish editors when factoring in record count We have enhanced the use of the basket setting "Consider Record Count On Maximum Cart Items Check" so it checks the CSVs that you can upload to Infigo products and MegaEdit batch, now it shows a warning if you exceed the maximum number of cart items.

Product variants table columns We have improved the product listing in admin, added links to the MIS external ids and to the groups controlling them so it is easier to move around in the admin when using products.

Fix Verbose Response/Request Logging for MIS plugins We have improved how the MIS APIs verbose logs are displayed making them more readable. When the MIS setting "Verbose logging" is enabled, we get better log message for debugging.

External authentication table in My Account and In Admin We have removed from "My account" in the front end the external Id data for the third party login methods as it was not relevant to the final user.

Chameleon Add Cache per request We have improved Chameleon performance adding a cache to the best matching context group. Remember to clear cache after new changes to the Chameleon groups.

Manage API token access We have adjusted the Access Permission for API token management so that the API token visibility it is adjusted to your own permissions as super admin or platform admin.

Add validation to StoreInformationSettings Storefront URL We have added validation to the "Store URL" of general settings. Now, it will be validated before saving to avoid invalid URLs that will be used by other areas of the solution.

Adjust order of address elements in admin We have changed the order of address fields in the admin when editing and viewing address to be the same as the ones in checkout.

My Account - Orders is not fully localizable We have extended the "Orders" area of "My Account" adding localisation to all the text.

Overprint in PDF We have added support for overprint in PDF previews of Infigo and MegaEdit products.

PrintOS to allow for the weights to be passed as either grams or ounces We have added support to our PrintOS integration to support weight unit selection (grams/ounces).


Allow for the storefront admins to scramble customer data We have added a new option to remove the customer data if a customer request all his data to be deleted because of GDPR. A new button in customer edit labelled "Remove customer data" will scramble all the data and will make the user and the orders untraceable.

Blocker status on orders We have added to the admin part of Catfish a new status in the workflow called "Blocked" that you can set in SPO of automatically to all orders with the new order setting "Block orders on checkout enabled". When an order is blocked it will not communicate with MIS, copy to hotfolder the output or execute the symphony actions.

Replace Output in SPO We have added to SPO in admin the possibility to replace the output of a job. Now an admin can "Download output", make modifications and "Upload new output" file from SPO. This file will become the new output file. 


Fix the "tabbed product Template"'s Product Attribute display We have fixed the "Tabbed product template" default look and feel for the attributes so the labels appear in new lines and do not interfere with the attributes values controls.

ThemeOneLegacy CSS issue with categories having SKU and description long enough We have resolved some issues with the CSS for ThemeOne Legacy for the products inside a category as they were not displaying correctly when they had SKUs and short descriptions.

Seo Meta data issue with storefronts and topic pages We have resolved a bug with SEO metadata in topic pages as they were always taking the SEO metadata details from the platform copy and ignoring their own SEO metadata.

ThemeOnLegacy Styling issue: position of the stock in the product teaser boxes We have fixed some styling issue on ThemeOneLegacy regarding the stock in product landing page.

Pricing Tier issue with customer roles We have fixed an issue with the selection of the correct pricing tier when the customer logged had a role with a specific tier price.

Generic MIS config errors Resolved an error in Generic MIS settings as it was not saving all the settings changes correctly when you entered an invalid hotfolder.

Dynamic Tabs / Gallery in Tabs Product Templates issue Resolved some issues with dynamic tabs/gallery in tabs product templates when using more than 1 image.

Postcoder in Infigo Designer We have resolved an issue in Infigo designer when used in conjunction with our Postcoder address validator so certain fields were not correctly populated after selecting an address.

Add to basket button is 'Gallery in Tabs' Product template Resolved a bug with the 'Gallery in tabs' Product template and the "Add to basket" button that was not fully visible.

Release Notes (R170-R171) - 29/04/19


Certain dates do not take into account the storefront timezone We have added new information to all the date and time fields in admin where timezone can be configured. It takes into consideration the storefront timezone defined within general settings when editing and triggering. Now discounts and special prices take into consideration the storefront timezone.

Shipping by Weight - precision update We have increased the precision to 4 decimals for the shipping by weight delivery method. Now you can configure the tiers with more precision.

Schedule blog posts We now support the ability to schedule publishing of blog posts. Two new properties have been added to the blogs - "published from" and "published to" of the type date and time, that allow users to control when the blog post should be shown. These two properties will be checked when displaying the published blog post to the user according to the storefront timezone.

Localise VariableReplacement and VariableReplacement V2 scripts We have added localisation to all the language strings of the Variable Replacement MegaEdit scripts.

Update Postcoder's mapping feature We have improved the Postcoder address provider plugin mappings into Catfish fields taking more data from the API results and adding it to Catfish address fields depending on the presence of Company name or address line 2.


Symphony Image Handling We have added the ability within symphony email designer to edit the images of an email template. Now they can change the image for one of their libraries, change the size, change alt text and alignment in the editable areas.

Attribute value tiers to support delivery countdown production offsets We have extended our attribute value tiers configuration, to adjust the delivery countdown timer. Now if that attribute value is selected it affects the delivery date. You can use relative + or - values.


Fix "tabbed product template" with the Invetex theme Resolved an error in the "Tabbed" product template within the Invetex theme that was preventing all the tabs from displaying correctly.

MegaEdit Tabbed area items not showing Resolved an error in the gallery area of MegaEdit with the cliparts in some cases when the height of the area of display was not big enough in some resolutions, making it fail in the calculations for the lazy loading.

Do NOT show Download Report button when there is no report available Resolved a bug with the PDF profile results report in MegaEdit that was previously allowing you to download a 0kb report file when there were no warnings or errors returned. Now the Download report button only shows when there is something to report on.

Fix issues with Editable content and Chameleon Resolved a bug in admin with Chameleon when clicking 'Save and Continue' and also adding more than one chameleon value as it was not saving all the changes.

Product name of other products missing in Shared Print Operations Resolved a bug in SPO that was not showing the product names in the other orders tab.

Release Notes (R169) - 04/04/19


Add approver info to order line detail report We have added approval information to the order line detail report. Now we have 1 additional column with comma separated values of the approvers' emails and another column for the day and time of the approval.

Mega Edit Issue handling adjustments We have changed how we display the issues related to fields in MegaEdit. Now issues relating to image resolution or positional issues are easier to detect. The warning messages can be changed and an admin can enable this feature and configure the icon in the product options of MegaEdit.

Tharstern Advanced configuration We have added to our Tharstern integration the ability to adjust the CustomerUpliftPercentage attribute value in External MIS configurations of products or attribute combinations.

Sending the custom name value in the Tharstern Order We have added more information to the Tharstern record order call sending on the Ref2 node of the order lines the custom name entered by the user on the products.

DeliveryAddress name/company name in Tharstern We have changed our Tharstern implementation to send the customer name in the contact name node when a company name is used in the address.

Generic MIS checkout attribute values We have added the checkout attributes and their values to our Generic MIS plugin. They can be configurable with their own external ID.

New logic to pass the price to Tharstern We have added a new feature to our Tharstern MIS plugin to control how we send the price of a quote in an order line node. Now, this is configurable with a tri-state setting: never send the price, send the price with logic on live pricing per product or always send the price.

Add custom customer fields to reports We have updated the Customer report to include all the custom fields.

PostCoder in Registration Issue We have changed how PostCoder behaves on the registration form to hide automatically when no address line fields or town field are visible.

EasyPost add support for the CubicRoot delivery setting We have added support to our Easypost integration to use the shipping setting UseCubeRootMethod to calculate parcel sizes.

UPS plugin to set max weight and volume We have added to the UPS plugin new settings to control the max package limits for size and weight as you can have lower limits than UPS for calculating the number of parcels.

Update Czech and US English language We have updated our Czech and US English language strings to include the latest translations.

Classes in checkout address We have added new classes to the address fields in checkout when editing or adding addresses so you can target individual fields with custom CSS or JavaScript.

API DuplicateJob call We have added support to duplicate a dynamic product job from the API so we can reorder the same designs.


New notification system in admin We have changed how we run the pricing scripts in the admin area, now it is easier to write debug notes and view the results when configuring a pricing script for a product.

Veracore Enhancements We have added more functions to our VeraCore integration: order status sync polling VeraCore to get the updated status of the orders, synchronisation of users created via CSV in a hotfolder, updated product sync with images and categorisation of products via CSV file in a hotfolder.

Update the Delivery method after an order is placed We have added the ability to edit the actual delivery method used at the moment of shipping in case it differs from what the customer selected.

Estimate Reference in Save Quote We have added support to our Tharstern integration to access the saved quotes that are created by the integration. In "My quotes" area under my account you can find the quotes and use them as a starting point to place orders.

Split batch pdf by page number groups We have created a new hardcoded MegaScript that can split the output files in a hotfolder according to the configuration. You can configure individual pages or record size for a batch. Using this, you can design pack products that have different page sizes in a single MegaEdit product and then split the output file into different files for printing.


Fix SPO Job Handling for variable products Resolved a bug in Shared Print Operations, which was restricting the access to the output files downloads for some product types.

Fix CopyToHotfolder Task Resolved a bug in the "output creation task" that was not processing the queued jobs if there were more than100 pending items.

Attribute Logic Pricing Issue Resolved a bug in attribute logic where hidden attributes with preselection and with price adjustments were taken into consideration on initial load despite being hidden

No horizontal scroll on My Open campaigns Resolved some UI issues within "My open campaigns" under my account, when there were more columns and a scroll bar

Clear output images on reorder Resolved an error in Shared Print Operations when reordering upload products and the user uploaded a new file as it was still using the thumbnails of the original order.

Not showing record count in Payment step (mini basket) Resolved a bug in the checkout summary as it was not showing the record counts of order lines in the same way that the shopping cart does.

Tax settings provider rules Edit error Resolved a bug in admin when editing tax settings provider rules.

Order Dimensions precision We have added 4 decimal point precision to all products dimensions.

Filter by account in SPO with Stored Procedure Resolved a bug in the stored procedure version for searching orders in Shared Print Operations, where filtering by account was not done correctly.

Duplicated items in the Order line detail report Resolved a bug in the order line detail report as it was showing duplicated records for some orders where a discount code had been used.

Delivery Countdown and price updates We have resolved a problem with the delivery countdown module showing NaN with slow connections when getting a price update after an attribute change.

Release Notes (R168) - 04/03/19


Only valid message tokens for message templates We have changed how the available placeholders for a Message Template are displayed. Now you can only see the placeholders relevant to the message template that you are editing.

ME Blur Adjustments We have adjusted the default values and how the MegaEdit shadow blur works.

MegaEdit Field.Add and Before.Field.Add event should unify the data for image fields We have unified the data we pass to the "Before.Field.Add" and "After.Field.Add" in MegaEdit for all image field types.

Clear cache for Optimus and Solprint We have added support in the Optimus and Solprint plugins to clear the cached plugin data when doing a cross site clear cache.


Support for PDF Output Profile We have added the ability to assign an Enfocus PitStop profiles to MegaEdit scripts which can be be applied on output, allowing you to adjust colour spaces or add trim boxes (amongst other native Pitstop options!).

Pre-Populate Data in MegaEdit We have enhanced our Pre-Populate Data script in MegaEdit to support the same placeholders as Infigo Designer. That includes more customer data, customer avatar and additional attributes.

Thumbnail of product in emails We have added a new message template setting called ShowProductImagesInProductTable that will display the product images for normal products and the output thumbnails within the %Order.Product(s)% placeholder.

Add ability to select library for PDF thumb-nailing We have now added control over the use of the library used for PDF thumb-nailing (Standard or Adobe) in: media, product output, product category, Infigo products and Image search. Standard Library: transparency is fully supported, but overprint has limited support. Adobe PDF Library: transparency is partially supported and overprint is fully supported.


Sub Category images do not show up in Kavelos theme Resolved a bug in the Kavelos Theme, whereby it was not supporting sub category images.

API Transaction Logs do not load Resolved a bug in the API transaction logs as it was not displaying log entries for newly added API keys.

Warnings on required attributes Resolved a bug with required checkbox attributes when using multiple options.

Attribute Logic Filtering when formatting attributes Resolved a bug within attribute logic when not selecting attribute values to filter out, as the target attribute was not included in the product description if you did not select at least one attribute value to filter.

Issues with callback from SiteFlow to update status Resolved a bug in the callback endpoint of our MIS plugins, when updating the status or orderlines as there were some concurrency issues and not status' were not always updated.

Release Notes (R167) - 25/02/19


Infigo products in basket show timestamp We have removed the timestamp from the name of Infigo products when they were added to the basket.

Attribute logic with required attributes We have made improvements to the attribute logic so that it will now ignore required attributes if the logic determines they should not be shown allowing you to have conditional validation based on the results of your attribute logic setup.

Always ensure default value attributes exist We have added support for default attribute values in custom products so those values are used whenever possibles they were not used in all the possibilities of MultiProductCustomProduct where the child products have less/more attributes of the parent product.

Newsletter settings clarity We have changed the customer settings for newsletter subscription to give more clarity for the admin. Now the setting is called "Enable Newsletter subscription.

Improve Verbose Logging for TaxJar and Avatax We have improved the logging of our Tax plugins Avatax and TaxJar. This makes it far easier to extract information on what is being now it is easier to debug problems in configurations of your tax plugins.

Custom names not working for Multi Part products We have added support for mandatory custom names to work with Multi Part products.

New information in SPO to see which storefront and order has been placed on We have added to the job information in Shared Print Operations the name of the storefront the order has been placed on. This can be seen when you expand a job under the Order Details section.

New MegaEdit Event type for key up We have added to MegaEdit a new event for the keyboard up action.

Create delete all/select option for discounts We have added support to select multiple discounts and perform batch deletions.

MegaEdit Text Field support for text size fractions We have added back into MegaEdit support for fractional font sizes. Now it is possible to set font sizes or auto calculate the size in mega scripts up to the tenth of a font size in all browsers.

PrintOS - changes to support: https://orders.oneflow.io/ We have added support to our PrintOS Site Flow integration for an additional endpoint for asynchronous calls on order creation. This new process allows customers to use additional functionality within PrintOS like calculated attributes and can handle large quantities of orders to be processed simultaneously.

Use registration phone number We have added support to save the phone number entered during registration against a customer address.
When a phone number is captured in the user registration form we now save this phone number against the customer address to be used for shipping and billing during checkout.

Departments drop down list under My Account order We have now sorted the department drop down list shown in My Account to show all departments in alphanumeric order.

Custom category class We have added to all the category templates the possibility to add a custom class as it was not available for all templates.

Additional SPO status filters We have added to Shared Print Operations more order line status filter options.

Attribute values in Approval workflow We have added support in the approval workflow to show the attribute values for the drop down, radios and checkbox attributes as before were only showing an id.

Admin button colours consistency We have ensured that all buttons used in the admin are consistently coloured - e.g. all delete buttons are red.

Order line message tokens We have added to the Ready for Collection message template additional tokens and information about the order and order line items.

Order items table shows date incorrectly in my account The dates shown in My Order Line Items under My Account now apply the relevant customer or storefront timezone.

Tag category search speed We have improved the speed of the Tag category search by removing unnecessary data in products views returned after every change.

ME Copy field close popup Now when you use the copy fields button on a field in MegaEdit we automatically close the popup and select the new field so you can start to editing it straight away.

Tharstern changes We have improved how our assets are sent to Tharstern when an order is placed.

Easypost shipping labels download error log We have added warning messages to our Easypost integration when trying to download the shipping labels and there is no configured job ticket in Infigo settings.

Chameleon rules to match full URL We have changed the Chameleon's URL matching so now it can check the full URL.

MegaEdit scripting updates We have added some new events in MegaEdit so you can use them on your scripts, EditorLoaded and ExternalDataUpdate. For the ExternalDataUpdate you can configure in Infigo settings the ExternalSourceOriginForPostMessages that will raise this event.


LinkedIn Integration We have added support to login to Catfish storefronts using the users LinkedIn accounts in the same way we support login through Facebook. If you allow the corresponding app, it will take the user's first name, last name and email address from their LinkedIn account and automatically create the user in Catfish or login them in if they already exist, making registration and login seamless for LinkedIn users.

Google Merchant integration We have added a new MIS plugin for Google Merchant. Now you can configure a synchronization process or upload manually the generated XML from your products and attribute combinations, including the images and descriptions into your Google Merchant account quickly and easily.


PostCoder styling Issues Fixed some bugs in the PostCoder styling when multiple commercial and residence addresses are returned.

Links in emails with the wrong https header Fixed a bug with some message tokens that were not showing the URL links with the correct http or https header.

API Record Order and delivery restrictions Fixed an issue with the RecordOrder API call with delivery restrictions per product as it was complaining about an invalid delivery method if it was required for a specific product in the order.

Pagination in product and delivery restrictions Fixed a bug in the pagination of the list of product restrictions and delivery restrictions in the new Delivery Countdown module in admin.

Fix metadata deserialization Fixed an error in old saved projects in previous releases of Catfish when adding the products to the basket as it was forgetting the product attributes selected on the product page.

User CSV import error on importing empty rows Fixed a bug with CSV import as it was failing when a CSV with empty rows was uploaded. Now, it correctly skips empty rows.

Approval workflow issues with large quantities of jobs Fixed a bug in the approval views when there is a large number of jobs pending in the queue. Now it takes a while to load all the jobs but a subsequent fix will speed this time up.

Number of records for Symphony products was not correct after deleting/adding Fixed a bug in the record count for Symphony products as it was not updating correctly for when editing the data source in the grid view.

Batch script auto save of unmatched placeholders Fixed a bug in batch script in MegaEdit where a column name with a different text case as the Barcode field name was not auto-mapping.

Guest checkout remembers last address Fixed a bug with guest checkout that was remembering the address that you used previously despite being set as one-time use.

Create users in SAML integration Fixed a bug in SSO implementations where the customers were not correctly created as they could not migrate the Catfish user correctly.

Download work in progress from approval Fixed a bug in approval workflow with the work-in-progress download button in details view as it was not pointing to the same location of the other download button in the header.

Chameleon tabs save and continue error Fixed a bug when saving more than one chameleon variation in the editable content.

Deleted order appearing Fixed a bug with deleted orders appearing or taken into account in some areas like unpaid orders or admin orders.

Elastic search special characters Fixed a bug in our Elastic Search areas as it was not allowing the search of special characters.

Product group tier pricing Fixed a bug at tier prices entry text with different locales for product groups.

Deleting departments error Fixed a bug in admin when deleting departments at platform lever with customers in the storefronts.

Release Notes (R166) - 17/01/19


Error in checkout without enabled delivery methods We have added a new error message to the checkout process when no delivery methods are available when you have forgotten to enable one while configuring the storefront.

Include support through the API for access job tickets for non-variable jobs We have added support to our OrderlineItem/JobTicket API endpoint to work with all types of products and get a job ticket for any order line.

Default dynamic products settings We have added to Dynamic Product Settings > Default product configuration in admin the settings for the left pane options.

Admin header Improvements We have improved the admin header with more information. Now it shows the current storefront information as well as the account id.

Additional customer attributes not editable We have removed the edit and delete buttons of additional attributes for any attributes that are created at platform level.

Hide the SEO settings within Catalogue Settings We have removed the old SEO URLs settings from the SEO settings as they are no longer supported.

Edit button custom name of saved projects We have reordered the Saved Projects table to have the edit button closer to the custom name.


Editable areas in Symphony Email editor We have added a new feature to Symphony to lock down the email templates or allow editable areas. Now you can allow the customer to only edit certain areas of the email while leaving other sections fixed as intended. Click on the "Insert Editable marker" button when configuring the email in admin and you will be able to configure the type of area: image, text only, multi line text only, simple rich text editor or full HTML editor.

Terms and conditions 2 setting into a custom checkbox We have added a new field to customers called "Custom checkbox". This field substitutes the old "Terms and Conditions 2" setting and can be used for any kind of data collector with a checkbox changing the label for the customer and admin.

Title field in registration to be enabled/disabled We have added new customer setting to control the "Title" customer field. It is no longer a mandatory field and can be enabled or disabled.

Support for SFTP connections from MegaScripts We have added support for SFTP connections on MegaScripts allowing you to download files and use them to perform complex actions in Catfish.


Access permissions bug Fixed a bug in access permissions when doing a search in a storefront where 2 deny rules over the same product had been configured.

Short lived download file name Fixed a bug in MegaEdit with download PDF preview when the saved project had a custom name with special characters. Now those special characters do not affect the PDF download link.

MegaEdit Column Flow Issue Fixed a bug in MegaEdit with text fields and column flow scripts as it was losing the cursor position on a change of new line.

Create a new setting for selection colour and width for ME and adjust the defaults Fixed a bug in MegaEdit with the standard field selection line colour and width, we have restored the appearance to be black and 1px wide.

Save quote in Tharstern sending custom name as CustomerCode Fixed a bug in our Tharstern integration as it was sending the custom name of a quote as the customer code so the quote name was being ignored and not correctly retrieved.

Hyperlink element without href and title Fixed a bug in the SearchByTags results page as the product title did not link to the product landing page like the product image does.

Ignore duplicate attributes PrintOS Fixed a bug in our PrintOS integration in scenarios where the same product attribute appears more than once. Now, only the last attribute value for a multiple attribute appearances will be sent.

Release Notes (R164) - 13/12/18


Add Homepage to sitemap list We have added the option to include the homepage on the sitemap SEO XML. This can be found under SEO Settings > Include Homepage in sitemap.

[EasyPost] Customs information for international delivery: dummy version for delivery plugin part We have added to our Easypost integration the possibility to pass Customs information in the request for rates when the shipping address is international. This allows for international shipping methods that require customs information to be included to be returned in the checkout for customers to select from.

[EasyPost] Include the ability to capture and present to the user the delivery days We have added to our EasyPost integration the possibility to show the delivery date or days that Easypost returns under the name of the delivery method selection on checkout. This, along with the price, allows the customer to make a better decision about which delivery method is right for them.

Send Company Name to Delivery Name in Tharstern We have added to our Tharstern integration the ability to send the company name or the first/last name in the address fields, when the company name is captured.

Include PO in Tharstern Order request We have added to our Tharstern integration the sending of the PO number and order number.

Mega Edit Issue and Bug Collection Resolved some bugs related to Mega Edit:
- Text selection issues
- Edit from basket and have the PDF download reflect the updates
- Selection colour and line width
- Copy/paste/cut on Mac environments.

[EasyPost] Manifest Support Phase 1: MegaScript We have added to our EasyPost integration support for batches and create manifest files when using Mega Scripts.


Include record count in pricing tiers We have added to Catalogue Settings called "Include record count in quantity tier" to consider the number of records when working out the tiers for quantity pricing on batch products.

Delivery Estimation Module in Checkout We have added a new feature to control the production times of products and delivery times of delivery methods. You can show in the products and on the basket the delivery countdown message to let your customer know when the order would be delivered. The production and delivery offsets can also be affected by a calendar where holidays can be established.


Symphony not working with SMTP Email settings Resolved a bug in Symphony SMTP email support when using accounts with need of SSL.

Release Notes (R163) - 04/12/18


3D Preview per canvas size config We have added support for additional preview configurations per canvas and canvas size. The most common use would be to establish different 3D models for different canvas sizes of the same product.

Easypost customs information for international delivery We have added to our EasyPost plugin support for international shipping where we have to send the customs information. You can configure the type of goods that you are sending, contents explanation and value of the goods in the plugin and create the packages in SPO. One thing to note is that if you are wanting to create/send customs information then you cannot use automatically create shipment for international orders. Instead it requires manual intervention to add the ordered items into their respective parcels to obtain the accurate customs details per parcel.

Fix CSS Override Upload to avoid uploading any invalid file names We have added sanitation on the name of the files that are uploaded to the CSS override area as some erroneous names avoid being served by URL.

Product Landing Page Image Lazy Loading We have improved the performance of some product templates when using lots of images by adding lazy loading to the images so they are only loaded when they are shown.

[API] record order error on non existing customer We have added validation messages to the Records API call when the customer does not exists on the configured storefront.

Create a setting to allow for DOB to be mandatory in registration We have added a new customer setting to admin so the date of birth is required on registration.

[API] Add checkout attributes to RecordOrder We have added to the RecorOrder API call the option to send checkout attributes. The name of the property is "CheckoutAttributes" and it is an array of Key Value pairs like product attributes.


Symphony De-dupe We have added to symphony a setting called "Data Deduplication" that will remove duplicated data in Symphony orders. At the moment of triggering an action, duplicated records will be ignored based on the email or SMS recipient mapped column or configurable placeholder names present.

Display Trigger Last/Next/Final Dates in My Open Campaigns We have added to the My Open Campaigns view in My account more information about the send dates and times: when was the last send, when is the next, and when is the final send according to your repeat trigger configuration.


Update Basket button not present Resolved a bug with the "Update Basket" button in the cart as in certain circumstances was hidden when it should not.

Bug when updating Product Group Attributes Resolved a bug in Product Group admin when editing attributes.

Use the correct language when getting message templates Resolved a bug when selecting the correct email account to send a message template as in some places it was not using the correct language.

Fix Approval errors Resolved some issues in the approval workflow as old competed orders were appearing if the storefront had lots of different product types.

SEO OG image deletion Resolved a bug when trying to delete Open Graph images for a language different form the default.

Fix PostageCost placeholder Resolved an issue with the PostageCost placeholder in job tickets and invoices as it was not using the correct currency formatting.

Fix SPO Detail Retrieval Approach Resolved an issue on the search of Shared Print Operations as the order id search pattern was showing orders form other storefronts.

Cancelled normal Products do not show in SPO Resolved an issue in Admin on "Shared Print Operations" where the "show cancelled products" checkbox was not working.

The class around price shows in places where it should not Resolved an issue with the price styling wrappers and tax suffixes on some locations like order details or sales orders.

Reorder should delete output files Resolved an issue with reorders as immediately after ordering, an output file is available to download as it is the output from the old order instead of not being available as the new output has not been generated.

Bug in language controller when en-US does not exist Resolved an issue when editing resource strings in admin when the language culture for English is changed to something different form US.

Release Notes (R162) - 15/11/18


Support for custom names with Symphony products We have extended custom name functionality to support Symphony products. Now if you want to save a project or add a Symphony product to the basket - when the "Custom names are mandatory" setting is enabled - the following page will ask you to enter a name before continuing. You can also name your order from the basket.

Allow to enter size values in the dynamic canvas configuration in MegaEdit We have improved how the user can set the dynamic dimensions of a Canvas in MegaEdit. Now it is possible to type the values and change the units like on the product landing page.

Remove Wishlist feature from admin We have removed the Wishlist feature from Catfish as it is no longer supported.

Include record for order line item measurements We have changed how the measurements of a product are calculated. We were missing the use of record count to calculate weight and dimension when submitting requests to the delivery plugins. You may need to update your batch products to reflect the dimensions per record to have accurate estimations.

Add class around the price. We have improved the styling capabilities of the price in some areas of Catfish. Now some prices come surrounded with on each of their parts: minus sign, currency symbol, amount and tax displays.


Create new Image Plugins We have updated all the image plugins in both MegaEdit and Catfish Editors. Now it is easier to allow your customers to use images and photographs from the most well known image providers and social networks: Assetbank, Deposit Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and our elastic search image plugin, phone camera and computer webcams. You can configure those plugins in Media Album Settings. For subscription to Deposit Photos, you require an additional module - please contact support for additional information.

Update Easypost plugin to allow for signature and Saturday delivery We have further improved our integration with EasyPost adding support for signature and Saturday deliveries. Configure those settings in the plugin configuration.


Catfish Editor escape dot Resolved a bug with Catfish Editor batch products where it was putting a "\" prior to every ".". This is because it was trying to escape the special characters.

Address fields required when they are not We have resolved a bug in admin when adding or editing addresses as it was alerting that some fields were required but they were correctly filled in.

User CSV Import does not honour MaxNumberRelations We have solved a bug in the customer CSV import where the maximum number of approvers was not being honoured.

Broken title support for pages Fixed a bug in Catfish when generating the title and meta title of the pages as it was incorrectly using the default title from SEO settings. Now it correctly adds it at the start of every page along with the separator.

Country and State should honour display order Fixed a bug in Catfish where the Country and County/State display order was not taken into account when creating the drop down options.

My Account not showing any payment methods Resolved a bug in My Account as it was not showing the payment method used in your previous orders.

Memory issue on Tharstern when clearing cache We have

Blog list filtering by non published Fixed a bug with the blogs list as it was showing blog posts which were unpublished in admin.

My Account not showing any payment methods Fixed a bug with the blogs list as it was showing blog posts which were unpublished in admin.

Release Notes (R161) - 30/10/18


Reapit webservice v4 update We have updated our Reapit integration to work with the new HTTPS endpoints after a recent update form their API.

Add insurance flag to Fedex delivery plugin We have extended our Fedex delivery so that you can configure if you want to include in the quote insurance or not.

MegaEdit: Direct image upload never ask for the default album We have removed from the "Direct image upload" of MegaEdit the dialog requesting to select the album to upload the image after uploading it.

Add updated date to current baskets carts We have added an 'updated on' column to the current baskets function on each customer.

Accessibility missing labels We have added a new "visuallyhidden" class to the base CSS that will allow to hide visually labels for input fields that will improve the accessibility of Catfish and we have added the labels to the search field on the homepage and the sort by in categories.

Search Engine Crawler on platform level We have improved the Search Engine Crawler Handling for multiple storefronts.

Show in SPO if we limit the results We have added a small message to SPO when the displayed results are limited by the settings "Limit print ops users to print locations" or "Limit storefront admins to their own storefront".

Avoid Image re-encoding We have added a new media setting called "Skip thumbnail creation if not required" that will avoid re encoding of product image thumbnails if not required because the image already meets the requirements and limitations.

MEUITextBox and MEUITextArea special characters We have added to the MegaEdit UI Scripting additional properties called "ValueHtmlEncoded" for the textbox and textarea field that will automatically HTML encode/decode the text entered on the relevant input fields.

Tharstern Updates We have added to our Tharstern integration a new filtering option to get products, "Product Type filter" and expanded the integration sending the "FinishedSize" for every product part.

Allow opt out for Tharstern pricing on products We have added a more granular control to our Tharstern integration so you are able to control on the external id of products if you want to opt out of the live pricing for some products so it will fallback to standard Catfish pricing (including pricing scripts)

Placeholder Address do not include county/state We have added the County/State placeholders in admin, as it was not included in the full address placeholders BillingAddress and ShippingAddress.


MIS Plugin Improvements We have added to all the MIS system a set of improvements: we can now re trigger MIS plugins from SPO, we display on an admin pop up the external ids when clicking the MIS button, we now do not send any products that are not mapped with an external ID to the MIS, additionally, with a new setting in MIS called "Log unmapped products" we will add entry logs when placing orders, and finally a new MIS Failed Status that will be shown in the new MIS section when expanding a job in SPO.


Can't edit order tax rates Resolved a bug in admin when editing the order tax rates on the order totals as it was complaining about wrong format when saving if there are spaces at the end of the field.

MegaEdit canvas movement Resolved a bug in MegaEdit when using the keyboard arrows while entering text as it was moving the canvas because there was no focus on the text box.

Release Notes (R160) - 04/10/18


Set a starting time against a repeat trigger We have added the ability to set when a repeat trigger starts sending within Symphony. Now you can control the time the trigger starts and repeats, when ordering and on my open campaigns.

JSON path on SiteFlow when mapping checkout attributes We have extended our PrintOs integration to allow the mapping of checkout attributes by configuring the JSON path to them. Then we can send the shipByDate, slaDays or canShipEarly to PrintOs

Image link through batch upload in ME We have expanded our MegaEdit batch script with the possibility to fill image fields form the CSV upload. The script will find the image by filenames as long as they have been uploaded into the correct gallery. These images can then be used as part of a batch merge document.

Symphony operations improvements We have added new functionality as well as cleaning up old features from symphony operations. Now it should be easier to find the status of a symphony order or the individual records.

Give storefront admins ACL permissions to access the message queue We have added by default the access control for message queue to all storefront admins. Now you can see if a specific email is the message queue ready to be sent and check if its content is correct.

UTC standarise date and times on reports We have extended the use of the date and time format setting from general localisation settings. Now all the date and time columns from reports will use those settings.

Cancelled order lines should be marked as cancelled on order information We have added new styling and clearer information to my orders under my account when there are cancelled order lines.

Catfish Sync storefront URL Fixed a bug with Catfish Sync where the URL for the storefront will only take http and non-path based URLs.

Set Drawing tools as disabled by default We have set as disabled the 'Show Drawing Tools' setting form default dynamic product settings in any new storefront.


Easypost add labels into job tickets We have added to our EasyPost integration the possibility to generate shipping labels from Mega Scripts. Now it is easier to write complex workflows where we do include the shipping labels within the job tickets when generating them.

Delivery and payment method restriction We have added to Catfish usage rules for Shipping Method and Payment Methods. At the moment we have only 1 usage rule type that is ByProductVariants so you can restrict methods to be available only when products variants are in the cart.


Tharstern external id for departments is not passed into addresses Fixed a bug with customer codes in users and departments in our Tharstern integration as the resulting code of the estimate was not sent on the RecordOrder call.

Image issue in Adobe Acrobat for certain Images Fixed a bug with certain JPEG images that are not compatible with Adobe Acrobat by enabling, if needed, 2 new settings in Media album settings, CheckCompatibilityWithAdobeEngine and FixAdobeEngineIncompatibleImages that will re-encode the images uploaded if they are not compatible. This should only be used if you have previously experienced issues with images within your Acrobat PDF.

Stopping or cancelling last SMS actions does not set the order to shipped Fixed a bug when cancelling SMS symphony orders that was leaving the order as pending. Now if the last orderline is cancelled the order is set to shipped as it would have been completed.

Release Notes (R159) - 13/09/18


Multiproduct variant discount does not work when using spread Tier pricing Resolved a bug in Catfish related to the discount type 'assigned to product variants' when using the pricing type of spread amount across tiers as it was not taking into account the multiple lines in the order.

Release Notes (R158) - 06/09/18


Frontend bugs Resolved a number of styling bugs in the frontend: category entity page save button not present in Firefox, certain settings on MegaEdit mobile were not correctly hiding and showing based on desktop settings, advance navigation was displaying differently on different pages and finally we have applied the correct styling to the general records button under access permissions.

Include record count in min/max quantity checks We have added a new setting which will include the record count of a batch product when checking the minimum / maximum basket quantity The basket setting is now called "Consider record count on minimum/maximum basket items check".

Message Template email accounts and default email account We have added a "not selected" option to the email account selection within message templates, so if you do not touch anything it will always use the email account marked as default.

Standarise measures and weights ratios We have removed the option to amend the ratios of the units of measure. Now all the ratios are always against KG or CM to avoid conversion problems. If you need to add a new measure, contact the Support team.

PrintOS include unitWeight on CreateOrder We have added unitWeight to our PrintOS integration when creating orders.

Easier to locate failed output errors We have improved the error message for failed outputs including in the message the name of the affected fields and the page index. Now it should be easier to find font errors on MegaEdit templates.

Add external id configuration to tables We have added a new button within all tables where an external ID for IS Configuration can be mapped. Now is easier to enter the id of product attributes and values.

OrderPlaced note is not set when is used a post process payment method We have removed the order setting "Enable process order after payment confirmation" and we send the order placed notification always.


Include product type in product management We have improved our product view in admin, adding a new column to indicate the type of product. This text also includes a link to the configuration of the other part of the product.

Avalara AvaTax integration We have added a new integration Avalara Avatax only valid to our US costumers. This plugin can get live rates for the sales tax based upon the shipping address defined within the checkout OR a default tax rate before entering those details. It also creates a transaction in Avalara when finalising the order.


Typing keyboard shortcuts in admin Resolved a bug in admin when using the keyboard shortcuts on some special fields like the code editors. Now you can type all the characters.

Product Tag Feature got broken Resolved a bug in admin with the product tags pop up when editing a product as it was not displaying because of a clash on a new feature; element name.

Transpiling Issue "Symbol" IE 11 Resolved a bug in admin when using Catfish in IE 11 as the new addition of typescript was interfering with the browser default configuration.

Exported to Excel products shows default stock Resolved a bug in admin when exporting the products catalogue to Excel as it was showing the default store stock levels, despite products having their inventory set to 'Do not track'.

Products as Gallery category template wrong product previews Resolved a bug in Catfish when using the category template "Products as Gallery" as flexslider was not using the correct image index for the preview.

Abandoned email notification send on saving a basket Resolved a bug in Catfish when sending abandoned cart notifications as the setting 'Send abandoned basket notifications after X minutes'; was not taken into account on saving the basket.

Big files in MIS Asset Download Resolved a bug on MIS integrations when downloading large assets from Catfish as it caused a memory problem.

Attributes with 'Checkboxes' control type are duplicated in the basket when having post editor attributes Resolved a bug in Catfish with post editor attributes of the type checkbox that were showing duplicated values in the basket product details.

Unable to edit customer roles Resolved a bug in admin when trying to edit customer roles of customers created with MIS synchronisations.

Gophr settings edit issue Resolved a bug in the Gophr delivery plugin that was blocking the edit of the settings when having incorrect values saved for the first time.

Department addresses not allowing pagination when searching Resolved a bug in admin with the email account selection of message templates as it was using the email account of a deleted language instead of the account configured on the default.

Wrong email account Id on message templates We have

Allow to save empty external id Resolved a bug in admin that was not allowing administrators to remove an external ID once it was set to a value.

Cancel order when all order line items have been deleted Resolved a bug in Catfish where an order was still showing as pending when all its order line items have been deleted. Now the order is set to cancelled.

Continue Shipping button not visible when using Min order sub-total Resolved a bug in Catfish with the continue shopping button on the basket as when the basket value is less than the minimum sub total value set, the checkout and continue buttons were hidden, when only the checkout should be.

Product groups error on save Resolved a bug in admin when creating product groups and leaving some required fields empty.

Batch script not showing number of lines preview Resolved a bug in MegaEdit batch script as the value of preview lines was not taken into account the configuration of the script on some scenarios.

Import/Export of attribute combinations is broken Resolved a bug on the import/export tool in admin when including products with attribute combinations that was leaving the new values as empty.

Shared albums are still available after user is deleted from Catfish Resolved a bug in Catfish when deleting users as their shared image albums were still accessible without possibility to delete them.

Release Notes (R157) - 28/08/18


Easypost email address We have amended Easypost integration to allow the from and return email addresses to be configured as they are needed for some carriers such as Royal Mail.

PrintOS support for quantity to be sum of record count We have added a new setting to our PrintOS Site Flow integration called "Multiply quantity by record count before sending". This means that when you are using batch products with multiple records it will multiply the order line item quantity by the record count so that the quantity value sent through to Site Flow is correct.

Create language string for terms & conditions text We have changed how the text for terms and conditions is displayed. Now there are 2 language strings, Account.Fields.TermsAndConditions.AcceptStandard and Account.Fields.TermsAndConditions.TermsAndConditions that will allow you to edit the text value independently.

Ability to upload files anywhere on MegaEdit upload page We have expanded the drop area to include the main content area of the page and added an on hover mask to the dynamic products using the Upload UI. Now it is easier to drag and drop files.

SEO friendly name inconsitencies We have added SEO friendly name capabilities to products, categories, topics, blogs and news. Now you can have different URLs depending on the SEO friendly name translation of each or the title as a fallback. This also allows you to include spaces or special characters.

Products in list error on add to basket We have added further checks and warnings to the "Products in List" category template as invalid min/max and stock quantities were not warning or disabling the checkbox button correctly.

Allow for a Symphony action to be modified after it has been ordered We have added the possibility to modify symphony products after having orders placed in the storefront. This means that we can have a change on the template or triggers of active orders that will be modified. Use this feature with caution.

Remove Attribute Logic with CheckBoxes We have removed the ability to use the control type of checkboxes within attribute logic regarding because of its complexity with multiple attributes and values controlling the display of options.

Add to Test Access Permission Screen products We have added to the "Test Access Permission Records" window the possibility to select products as well as users so you can test one specific user access permission against a product.

Attribute location issues We have changed how the attributes with the display location post editor are displayed. Now on the post editor attributes all the attributes appear only once, on the left as editable or the right as info.

Add feedback to the user when using the direct upload feature of images in MegaEdit We have added a loading image when you are uploading an image to an image field of MegaEdit and the "Direct Upload" feature is enabled so now it is clear that an action is taking place in the background.


Delivery countdown to use storefront time zone We have added the "Enable Delivery Countdown" to all the product templates. Now you can choose to show on any product page the estimated delivery time for a product. Adjust the lead times and delivery settings of each product alongside the storefront timezone to get the correct time.

Symphony send email after trigger We have added a new setting to symphony settings called "Send SymphonyTriggered customer email notification after X hours" that will send an email to the customer after a symphony trigger has started sending if the message template is enabled. A value of 0 means that the email send is immediate.

Editing shipping address in checkout and one time use We have introduced the ability to edit a shipping address in the one page checkout. There are 3 new basket settings: AlwaysShowAddressFormInCheckout will show all the address fields when selecting an address from the dropdown list, AllowShippingAddressFormEditInCheckout that will allow the user to update the address, save as new and
AllowOneTimeShippingAddressInCheckout - that will allow the user to enter a temporary address that will not be saved on the customer.

Editable Content reset We have added to the theme settings the possibility to revert all the content of the editable content pages to the default state. The button is called "Load default editable content" and will clear down all your content after asking for confirmation.

Cancel Symphony SMS products We have added to the "Symphony Operations" window the ability to cancel a Symphony job. The order line will now be set to cancelled and will be displayed like that on Sales > Orders > Products.

Tharstern account selection Added a new setting to our Tharstern Pro integration called "Storefront CustomerCode" that will be used as a fallback when the is no external id on the department of a customer. Using this feature, users in different departments can have different estimations.

Symphony email test send functionality We have added to the email actions in Symphony admin a "test send" button to send a test email to various destinations to check if the email template is correctly configured.


SMS scheduler issues Resolved a bug with the open campaign editor as changing a trigger form the type repeat to the type now was not stopping the send or closing the order until the trigger was stopped.

Hidden attributes are shown in Material theme We have resolved a bug in the basic themes with post editor attributes as they did not have the correct CSS to be hidden by default when using the Material theme.

Placeholder update problems Resolved some bugs which were introduced with placeholders after the last update. Reverted the name of OrderItemSetSize, ensure the additional customer attributes work as default in all the scenarios and added a new Infigo setting "Missing Placeholder error logging" to allow better troubleshooting.

Incorrect values in Minimum basket quantity create a product copy Resolved a bug with minimum basket quantity and invalid values as setting it to 0 or negative values was corrupting shopping carts. Now it is not possible to set it to less than 1.

Required product prevent the editor from loading Resolved a bug with "Automatically add these product variants to the basket" product configuration when the main product was a dynamic product as it was not opening the editor. Now the editor is always opened unless the automatically added products are also dynamic products.

Message token provider uses bad language localization for some fields Resolved a bug where the placeholders on invoices for countries and counties in addresses were not using the correct translation for the language of the customer who placed the order.

Pagination controls disappear from search results when access permissions is enabled Resolved a bug with access permissions and the catalog setting "Search page. Products per page". Now all the products are visible as the pagination is done after the access permissions.

Sanitize file names on file uploads Resolved a bug where files with illegal web characters in the name were uploaded. Now those files names are changed to match URL requirements.

Stock quantity is visible on product listing despite being disabled. Resolved a bug when the "Display Stock Availability" of a product as the stock information was being displayed on the product listing despite being disabled.

Required Products support min basket quantity Resolved a bug when products require other products in the basket as it was not adding those products with the minimum basket quantity configured but the quantity of 1.

The discount requirement customer's basket value is x.xx does not take into account ME pricing Fixed a bug with the customer's basket value discount as it was not taking into account all the price adjustments that can be configured within the MegaEdit products.

Customer Symphony Action Report issues Resolved display issues within the Symphony report of orders found within the my account area and also symphony products with multiple actions.

SPO returning no results when using the stored procedure Resolved a bug when searching in Shared Print Operations if you had enabled the Infigo setting "PrintOps Use SPROCS for search".

Issue when trying to edit tags of a product Resolved a bug when editing the tags of a product as in some scenarios it was showing a black pop up instead of the normal UI to add tags.

Pre flight error when saving text field with rich text Resolved a bug within MegaEdit that was displaying an error to the admin if you have configured 2 different weights or fonts used in the same field. Now the correct fallbacks are in place.

Localizable ME Messages in previews We have added all translatable language strings in the previews of MegaEdit. Search in the languages for the keys starting with "me2k.preview" to update the text or add your localisation.

Release Notes (R156) - 30/07/18


Adding all shipping method data to reports, prepare strings and MIS We have added to the Generic MIS integration, reports and prepare strings, more information related to the delivery method including delivery method codes, names and system names.

[Customer CSV] Import addresses changes We have upgraded our import customer CSV page to include more information and validation according to your storefront settings on the uploaded data. Multiple addresses and roles are now possible. Please check the customer import page in admin and download the example to start using it.

Give storefront admins access to report centre by default We have added by default to all storefront admins the access to the CSV reporting area of admin. Use the reports to get data about your orders or customers.

Registration action to assign a role We have added the ability for you to now assign customers roles automatically upon registration. A new action type in the registration actions called assign role allows you to add complex access permissions for your newly registered customers.

Ability to assign an external ID to a department We have added External ID's to departments, now it is possible to add department codes to your integrations. For more information on how this can help you please contact support.

Image Search Plugin Configuration Added a configure button to the plugin page for our new ImageSearch plugin. Now you can follow the steps to configure your integration.

Product List View Improvements [Backend] We have added some additional options to the product management view. There are now sortable options and a published filter to the search field.

Customer basket value discount type option We have added a new option to the Customer basket value is xx.x discount requirement to mark the entered quantity as a maximum or as a minimum.


Auto-Ship downloadable product does not work when using the approval process We have added support for auto-ship to downloadable products that need approval. Now the download products are correctly set to shipped when they are approved and not when they are ordered.

Redesign the documentation for the Placeholder We have added a new page in admin that contains information on all the placeholders in Catfish. We have added search and examples for all the placeholders. Find this page in the main menu of admin - simply search 'placeholders'.

Modify KitCustomProduct product type We have added new options to the Kit products of Catfish. Now it is possible to configure for each of the items in the kit its display order, whether it is optional, is a promo item and to show or hide the price, the SKU, min/max quantity and the short description. Just enter to configure a kit product and use the checkboxes of every product to change how are they show in the kit product page.

Optional - when true a checkbox will appear next to the product to allow the customer to include it or not in their kit, when false, there will be no checkbox and the product will always be added as part of the kit.

Promo - when this is true it will add the product to the top of the kit list and change the styling of the text to stand out

Add an email test send button to each message template We have added to each message template the possibility to send a test email to check formatting and content. Now you can enter a comma separated list of emails and select the language to send an email from each message template, greatly reducing the time it takes for you to setup and test all your storefront emails.

[Customer CSV] Add to the API and CSV validation allow to add as approver your own user We have added to the CSV import the possibility to set yourself as an approver. When using this take into consideration the type of relationship (by department or by role) as that can make other columns required.

Kit custom product improvements We have added to the kit product custom product UI an easy way to select all the products or to clear the selection. There is now a button that will check or un-check all the optional products in the product page of the kit.

Deletion of MetaPack plugin We have ended our relationship with MetaPack and this plugin has been removed from Catfish. We now have a new plugin with a company called Easypost that allows you to fetch live delivery pricing, create shipping labels and create your consignments and manifests with your chosen carriers.

ACL for ME Template editing You can now assign permission to some of your customers to have the ability to edit MegaEdit templates. We have added a new ACL called "Manage MegaEdit template" - contact support for more information and to help you set this up.

Ability to change department from My Account We have added the ability for end users to be able to change departments from within My Account. If you have access permissions, chameleon rules, payment methods or delivery rules setup on a department basis then when the user changes from department to department they will inherit the different rules and restrictions that are applied based on the current department they are in. This can also be useful when testing department rules you are setting up.

We have added a new setting to the customer settings called "Allow for customers to set their own departments". Simply enable this to turn this feature on for that storefront.


api/OrderlineItem/UpdateItemStatus/ not working for multipart products Fixed a bug in the API when changing the status for different types of products as all the status were not compatible with all the product types.

MegaEdit Product fails to load in Firefox Fixed a bug with MegaEdit not opening some products in Firefox. We have added compatibility for the new features within that browser.

Embedded PDF's from pdf templates are stored as pdf's in working folder Resolved a bug with the image upload that was not displaying a preview for the uploaded PDFs with embedded images.

"URL did not return Json" error Resolved a bug in shared print operations when trying to download an invoice from a different storefront with an admin user that exists in both storefronts.

ACL Permissions issue with Edit Manageable Content Resolved a bug with the "Edit Manageable Content" ACL as it was not working if the customer role had only this ACL and not any other.

AttributesAsProductsCustomProduct not working when adding to basket from search or list Resolved a bug with custom products of the type "Attributes as products" when added to the basket from the search results or category templates.

Create PDF templates embedded thumbnails Resolved a bug when uploading to the Infigo Designer album PDFs with embedded resources as they were not displaying any previews as thumbnails.

Dynamic attribute issues Resolved a bug with the spine width measures as they were reverting always to points despite changing the unit of measure.

BCC in Emails are not working Resolved a bug with the BCC field of the message templates on sites with multi-language or chameleon groups.

Add to basket with preselected for checkboxes does not work Fixed a bug when adding products to the basket when those products had some required attributes of the type checkbox with multiple pre-selected values as it was just selecting the first one in the order.

Release Notes (R155) - 29/06/18


SKU value visible in various locations If the catalog setting 'Show SKU' is enabled, the SKU is shown in the following places: Order Confirmation, Shared Print Operations and Order Details

Unpublished products not appearing in manage products We have added support to reorder to the products table so you can find the product by name or publish state. There is also a new option to filter those within the search area.

MIS External Id Popup - Add Clear cache For our Tharstern Integration, we have added the ability to clear the data stored in the External MIS of an element and get the latest updated values from the Tharstern server.

Symphony next button save Added an autosave feature to Symphony every time the next step is pressed, saving several clicks in the editing process.

Theme Settings - Functionality Update. We have changed how the theme settings are changed, now Import / Export / Reset Layout trigger when clicked instead of on a background task.

[API] Add to address validation the allows billing and allows shipping setting of countries We have added additional validation to the RecordOrder API call to check if a country is allowed for delivery or billing.

Theme Settings - Confirm Dialogs. We have added some confirmation messages for the changing themes and layouts to avoid clicking on them by mistake.


Introduce tiered execution offset for delivery countdown We have added more options to the delivery countdown product templates. Now it is possible to set the offset days for execution of a job depending on the quantity selected in the product page allowing to be more precise in your customer facing estimations.

Allow mutual requirements in the "Require other product variants" setting We have added support for the circular references in "Require other product variants are added to the basket" setting for products. Now you can make crossed references with products requiring one another so when you add one of those products to the basket, all the others with its minimum quantities will be added.

Add validation for create/update hotfolders with the same path. We have added to the hotfolders configuration view warning messages when 2 hotfolders share the same physical path. This configuration might be a valid configuration for some scenarios, but it is not a recommended setup and can lead to problems.


URL for configuring plugins was incorrect Resolved a bug with the links in the MIS Plugins as they were not taking you to the plugin configuration page when having https enabled on sites.

UPS shipping options fail to load when assigned to a department Resolved a bug with the UPS shipping method, when the selected address during checkout is driven from the customer department

Guest accounts are creating on homepage Fixed a bug with guest accounts as they were being created when using incognito mode after some time despite not needing it

Department-based access permissions cause categories to load slowly We have further improved the speed of the navigation and search when using access permissions. The additional calculations needed for the visibility of products and categories was taking up too much time. Now, this difference of performance when using access permissions is reduced providing much improved load times.

Update USPS plugin to send "originzip" for USPS Priority Mail International We have added to our USPS integration the origin ZIP needed for the international shipping methods.

Telephone number formatted incorrectly in SPO Resolved a bug with telephone numbers in Shared Print Operations as they were not showing the prefix of the country selected in the address.

Tag category search pagination not accounting for access permission hidden products Resolved a bug with Tag Category search when using it with access permissions, as the hidden products were taking into account for the pagination but no for the actual search results.

Approval Emails being sent to past approvers Resolved a bug when sending emails to approvers as it was sending emails to the users that were no longer approvers but still had the customer relationship.

Modules 31 and 32 not loading in Layout Manager Resolved a bug with the "Header Module Simple 3 Row" and "Header Module 3 Column" as they were not displaying their content or the remove button.

Changes to the basket are not saved when entering a discount code or gift card Resolved a bug on the checkout window as it was not remembering all the data entered in the checkout attributes or attributes when applying a code without pressing update basket first.

Required Product Variant issue Resolved a bug with required products as it was not adding all the products in case there was a circular reference when products need each other.

Cannot load static PDF product using preview flipbook Resolved a bug with the flipbook preview mode. We have updated the library of the pageflip preview to the latest version as certain PDFs were not displaying due to their settings.

Redirection on login not working when guest checkout Resolved a bug with anonymous checkout and login as it was taking you to the wrong page after entering some valid credentials instead of creating an account or continuing with the anonymous version.

Job tickets auto-copying to hotfolder for unapproved orders Resolved a bug with job tickets copying to hotfolder as soon as the output was ready without checking the approval status of the job. Now, only approved jobs will copy the job ticket to the output hotfolder.

PDF Preview watermark not showing Resolved a bug whereby the watermarks on dynamic upload products were not showing as it was using one of the uploaded PDF fonts to generate the text for the watermark, now it uses Helvetica as a default.

Department Addresses Pagination Resolved a bug with department addresses pagination. Now if you add more than 10 addresses they are shown correctly.

Investigate UI overlapping issue Fixed UI problems with the graphics of the report of Symphony orders in My Account > Orders > View Report.

Release Notes (R154) - 05/06/18


SKU and stock information on search results We have added information about the product SKU and stock count to the search results page should the configuration allow it.

Hide the percentage or absolute attribute adjustment if set to zero We have updated the attribute value price adjustments to not show any information if the adjustment is 0 making the attribute selection cleaner.

Skip payment selection We have added a new order setting to skip the payment selection if we have only one enabled. It is called "Skip payment method selection in checkout if only one option is available". You can combine this setting with the "Skip PO number gathering in checkout" from PO payment method if your invoicing and allocation are done outside Catfish for a quicker checkout process.

Product Landing Page price update We have changed how the attribute logic on product pages interact with the pricing updates - so if you change an attribute selection while the price is being calculated we restrict the user from being able to add that product to basket until the new and correct price has been calculated and shown.

Strict Impersonation We have added a new feature to customer settings called "Strict impersonation" that makes it possible to only impersonate users that have a lower role weight than you avoiding security implications of different permissions by role.

Impersonate button to the table of users We have added the impersonate button to the customers table, now it is easier to impersonate a user when doing administration tasks.

Order information in approval workflow We have added more information to the approval jobs window, including, the total price of the order line and the order sub total including and excluding VAT.


Easypost Integration We have added to Catfish an MIS integration with Easypost for delivery labels and rates. You can configure the package calculation to be automatic or use a set of packages, configure output hotfolders for the paperwork or additional fees. If you would like to find our more about our Easypost integration or sign up, please contact the support team

Catfish Image Search We have added a new image source plugin to MegaEdit and Infigo Editor that uses elastic search on a large number of images efficiently. Allowing you to offer a repository of stock images that your uses can search and browse easily and quickly to use on their products.

Default sortation We have added the ability to determine default sortation rules across the storefront and per category. A new setting to catalogue settings called "Default product sortation" that allows you to pre-determine the display order of products on the search results, homepage and category pages. We also have added a "Default product sortation" setting to the products tab of each category that will take precedence over the general setting when browsing that category.

OG data in SEO tab We have added integration with the OpenGraph protocol in all the pages of Catfish. Now you can add the information you want using the SEO tab in products, categories, topic pages, blogs posts and news. This is the information that will be used when sharing the link on Facebook or other sites using OG data.

No Payment required plugin We have added a new type of payment plugin when no payment is needed called "No payment required". You can enable it from the payment methods window and reduce the number of steps in the checkout window if you do not need to take payments online and do not want to use Purchase Order.


Delivery countdown issue on weekends Fixed a bug with delivery countdown template when configuring offsets and ordering during weekend days.

Symphony WYSIWYG avoid unnecessary HTML Resolved a bug when using the symphony HTML editor. Previously when you pasted your code in it would add unnecessary tags that would interfere with the template.

Newsletter Registration option does not send relevant email Resolved a bug with the newsletter subscription checkbox on registration as it was not sending the "NewsLetterSubscription.ActivationMessage" email despite the template being enabled.

Counties not imported with CSV upload Resolved a bug with customer CSV import as it was not reading the "County" column from the CSV and was just assigning the first county in the list.

Registered user and guest user at the same time Resolved a bug with anonymous checkout and registered users when using multiple browsers as it was not immediately updating the information that your user had just registered on the site.

Pre-selected attribute values do not trigger on page load Resolved a bug with attribute logic on load when using HTML on the attribute values as it was interfering with finding the correct elements to hide/show.

Reordering an order does not copy the custom name Resolved a bug when re-ordering previous orders from My Account where the custom name was being ignored.

Bestsellers admin link Fixed a bug with the bestsellers link in admin as it was not creating the link correctly.

Not possible to delete departments Fixed a bug when deleting departments as you had to delete all the department payment methods first.

Release Notes (R153) - 17/05/18


Additional reports columns We have added additional columns to the reports. Now on the "Order Line Detail" report you can find: OrderedDateUtc, PrintedDateUtc, ShippedDateUtc and MisNotificationStatus. On the "Order Summary" report, OrderShippingExclTax, TotalOrderTax, ShippingTax, TaxRate and PaymentStatus.

Approval workflow delete is too dangerous In the approval workflow we have introduced a pop up for confirmation when deleting jobs where the output has not been created yet.

Include the megaedit script engine access to the product attribute combinations SKU We have added to the MegaEdit scripting engine the possibility to access the product attribute combinations details including the SKU.

SSO and Anonymous checkout does not play well We have included the possibility to combine anonymous checkout with SSO integrations. Now, if you have enabled the SSO redirection for login/logout and using anonymous checkout you will be offered on the anonymous checkout block, the possibility to sign in using your SSO redirects.


Guest department assignment We have added a new customer setting to assign a department to all the guest users allowing you to set some access permissions based on departments. To access the setting go to the Customer Settings > Registration tab.


SKU attribute combination not appearing on the Orderline Report Resolved a bug on the Order Line Detail report as it was only showing the SKU of ordered products without checking if there was a valid attribute combination active.

Issues moving from guest to registered user when entering incorrect credentials Now when you are logging in after adding items to your basket and you enter in the wrong credentials your basket will remain intact as you would expect.

Unable to delete product tags Resolved a bug then deleting product tags when there were enabled products using it.

Attribute combination SKUs not being saved when import combinations Fixed a bug with the attribute combinations import as it was using all the columns of the CSV despite being empty as required values to match a valid attribute combination at the moment of ordering.

Fix MegaEdit Add Page Feature Resolved a bug within MegaEdit, when adding pages as it allows you to generate incorrect page setups on some scenarios of spread/non-spread or cover/non-cover.

Release Notes (R152) - 30/04/18


Access permissions speed improvements We have added new speed improvements to Catfish when using access permissions by products.

API - Update OrderStatus to use Order Processing Service logic Added to the order status update API call validation on the status changes and the capability to send emails to the customers on status changes.

Create back step from editor to category We have added to the back button of MegaEdit the possibility to go back to the category if present when a product has the "Skip product details page".


Feature switch to show Custom Name instead of product name in SPO We have added a new setting to Infigo Settings called 'Admin show Custom Name instead of product name" that if a product has custom name that will be shown on SPO as the product name.

Reset button that allows a customer to revert to the default of the product We have added the undo and redo buttons to the symphony email template editor. Now you can undo the history of your email templates.


Offset is lost when having "skip" days Resolved a bug when using the Delivery Countdown product template as it was inaccurate during weekends when skipping days.

MegaEdit Richtext issues We have solved several bugs on the Richtext editor of MegaEdit when using combinations of different fonts with sizes and weights that were rendering the characters differently on the web browser and the printed output.

Export Attribute combination is not working when Combinations have warnings We have added an error message to the product attribute combinations to mark the incorrect combinations that have become erroneous because of attributes or attributes values being removed.

Record Count is incorrect when amended manually in the grid view Resolved a bug with the record count on symphony after adding an deleting records manually, now it shows the correct record number.

Upload same file to Symphony data Resolved a bug when using upload UI for dynamic products and you uploaded a file for the second time with the same name as it was not checking the file size change and was interpreting it as the same file.

Release Notes (R151) - 18/04/18


Allow for single click insert images from gallery into image field We have now introduced a setting that will allow you to select an image field, then select an image the from the gallery and have that image inserted directly into that selected image field.

CAS Login does not register user login in DB (and hence reporting does not pick this up) We have introduced the logging of last time a user has logged into the site using SSO services with like CAS or SAML2 so it can appear correctly on the users reports.

Admin User CSV Import should use same validator we created for API We have updated the way our CSV user import works, now it will use the same validation as the CustomerPost API call. This means we can ensure the data that enters in Catfish will be as accurate as the API and registration form.

Add item weight to OrderLineDetail report We have added the total item weight of each order line to the "Sales - Order line detail" report.


Extending Tax rate functionality to omit specific destinations We have added a new function to Tax settings called provider rules so you can configure how the tax rate methods are applied. You Can create rules per country, estate and zip code to map to use a specific tax rate method allowing you to use one method for one country and a different one for another.

Shipping Plugins: Allow to store info for order We have added the delivery information returned when using delivery plugins to the admin area in SPO and Order details. You can also put that information on a job ticket using the placeholder "shippingdescription"

[API] Add validation report messages to the RecordOrder We have added better error reporting to the RecordOrder API call. Now users can get an accurate report of the errors generated from the data they are submitting to Catfish. Incorrect data from external sources should not, and now will not, appear in Catfish. Check your API integrations to ensure the data you were submitting is correct.

Add to the ME batch config data processing setting We have expanded our Batch script to allow basic configuration for the CSV file that will be used as source for populating your MegaEdit designs. Now you can edit the default quoting character and the default delimiter character from within the script config. You can also allow the customer to change these settings to be adapted to their own data.

Better Edit Options in basket We have re-styled the edit button of the basket items in the basket. Now there is a new button in the actions that says edit options, it will take you to the landing page in the same way it was doing the edit button in order to change attributes or quantities. There is also a new button on the product landing page that says cancel to go back to the basket without saving the attribute or quantity changes.

New Shipping Plugin for custom scripts Added a new delivery method plugin called "Shipping by custom script". With this new method, we can write complex scripts taking into account basket products to show multiple options with different prices for delivery during the checkout process.

Click Image/Clipart item adds it straight in ME Added a new setting to MegaEdit product options called "Add Image/Clipart on click" that will add an image to the canvas when you make click on an image or clipart from the album. Take into consideration that this setting does not work when you enable "Image preview"


Fix File size increase when rotation fix on uploaded media is applied Resolved a bug when using images in MegaEdit that have been uploaded in portrait mode with import metadata enabled as it was generating output files too big.

Exporting attribute combinations error Resolved a bug when trying to export attribute combinations that are invalid. At the moment you can create a combination using an attribute value and afterwards delete it, this creates an invalid combination that will be shown as an error on the list.

Page Names not showing in Upload editor Resolved a bug with Dynamic upload products that were not showing the page names which had been configured.

Approved job of a cancelled order still goes into hotfolder Resolved a bug with approval workflow that was copying the output to the target hot folder of approved jobs despite being cancelled. Now these jobs are correctly ignored.

Default Mega Edit editor options Added to the MegaEdit product options and the default product configuration the values for the editor settings: default snap mode, default grid size for grid snap mode, default gallery thumbnail size and default show ruler.

Specification attribute options are unable to be edited Fixed a bug when editing specification attribute values in the new admin.

Gutter area allowing bleed on left page only Resolved a bug with the gutter area and images that were not using the full design as in some scenarios the image of one side was not extended into the gutter.

Downloadable Products: block when not approved yet Resolved a bug with downloadable products that needed approval as they were available to download as soon the order was paid and not when the order was approved.

Date Picker Checkout attribute type does not save correct value Fixed a bug with checkout attributes of the type date time as the selected value on the control was not correctly saved against the order.

Cannot type text in the comment area Fixed a bug that was not allowing users to enter comments on the approval workflow when approving, rejecting an order.

Release Notes (R150) - 07/03/18


My Account Saved Projects updates Added the ability to set custom names for all product types when saving the jobs if you were using the "Show Custom Project Name" within Editor Settings. Also added to the Saved Projects of My Account a new column for the custom name and the possibility to search in the saved projects table.

Extend copy and edit shopping cart items functionality We have improved the use of the "Enable copy and edit basket items" setting within Basket Settings. When a static or standard product (with no template type assigned to it) is in the shopping cart, it will take you to the product landing page with the same attributes selected, if you change the attributes it will be a new order line if not, it will just update the quantity of the order line. For Infigo Products it will take you to the editor to edit the new copied item.

Report if a username is already taken for user creation when using API/MegaScript Added more checks for user validation when creating users with the API, now it properly checks for duplicated ID's, usernames and emails.

API Date Handling Updated all the datetime fields for all the calls to the API to use the ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd). Now for the "date of birth" field on customer creation or "delivery by" on record order, you have to send the date in this format.

Record Order didn't record all orders by external ID Added a new setting to Order Settings called "Record Order call always saves external ID" that will save the external ID of the response of the record order API call even if there is no callback URL supplied.

TaxJar transaction counts are far too high Added extra caching for our TaxJar integration in order to store returned tax for a set zip / postal code for a longer time when doing the sales tax calculation. This eliminates the need to make multiple unwanted 'transactions' to TaxJar saving you valuable credits.

Multipart product Issue with add page numbers Added an error message when enabling "Add Page Numbers" in multipart products when you have not provided a dynamic template node.

Default dynamic product settings does not have the changes for left pane and tab ordering Added the ability to define tab order and show/hide under the default dynamic product settings.

Postcoder change to support house names Added support to our Postcoder plugin to work with addresses that have a house name as opposed to a house number, so it can correctly fill address lines 1 and 2.


Search for dynamic products in admin Added a new search field on the dynamic products page, allowing you to search for a product name. A new text box and search button have been added.

Auto-ship orders when only downloadable products are ordered Added to order settings a new setting called "Auto ship download jobs". When this is enabled we check to see if the product is a "Downloadable product" and then automatically set that job to shipped once the output has been created.

Download of Catfish Sync installer from admin Added to the API Tokens admin window a link to download Catfish Sync.

XSLT transformation for Intersoft Expanded our Generic MIS integration to communicate with Intelligent Shipper from Intersoft.

Add Keyboard Support to Admin Menu Added to the new admin the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts. If you press the "?" key without the focus on a text box you get the help for keyboard shortcuts, pressing "/" will focus on the search box, and after using the search you can also use the up/down arrows to navigate the results.

Send email notifications to customer registered email address Introduced a check for the customer setting "Use Customer Email For Correspondence" when sending emails for notifications related to the orders. If that setting is enabled the email entry field will be removed from all the address forms and will always use the customer email for the email notifications.


Not showing images on attribute combinations product attribute combination config pop up Resolved a bug that was not letting you add images to attribute combinations as after pressing the Edit button on each combination.

Downloadable product variant Resolved a bug with the styling of admin when configuring a product to be downloadable. Now it shows the correct controls for the upload of documents or URL.

Access record details not showing up Resolved a bug with the background colour of access permission entries on the test access permissions window as the colour of the text when expanding categories was white and not possible to read.

Duplicate job and edit button basket setting not showing Resolved a bug where the basket setting "Enable copy and edit basket items" was only available under all settings, now it appears in the correct place - Settings > Basket Settings.

Barcode data not populated Resolved a bug in MegaEdit when using cached fonts that were deleted from the product as it was populating the field depending on the cached version of the font and not of the one configured.

Loading of SPO as print operator Resolved a bug with URL redirect's when trying to access the shared print operations window with a print operator account in SSL secured sites.

Message template product table not populating with JobID Resolved a bug with the "Show Job Id In Product Table" of Message Template Settings as it was not filling the details for all the product types.

Block updating order line to the same status Resolved a bug whereby multiple 'order shipped' emails were being sent, if you were using a barcode scanner or our API multiple times to change the status of a job.

The usage history in the discount section doesn't work Resolved a bug when using the view link of the discount usage history as it was taking you to the login page, as opposed to the discount usage history page.

Downloadable products can no longer be downloaded as expected. Resolved a bug with downloadable products that were also static PDFs as the order was always shown in the downloadable product area as "Order Placed" instead of showing the download link.

Copy product and product groups issues Resolved a bug when using the copy product and copy product group function as it was not copying the attribute logic, attribute price adjustments and editor type used.

Sometimes the Batch script does not work on all the placeholders Resolved a bug with the batch script for MegaEdit product as it was sometimes not filling up all the placeholders data if the same placeholder was in a different text field using different rich text formats.

The payment step is not skipped when the discount is 100% Resolved a bug within the payment workflow, whereby the payment screen was still showing during the checkout process despite having entered a 100% discount code. This was only happening when checking out products with tier pricing.

Order Unpaid Email waiting time not used Resolved a bug with the "Send order unpaid email to customer after X hours" Order setting as it was not waiting the specified time for the first email send.

Update user import CSV template Resolved a bug with the Customer Import CSV Template as it had incorrect header names. Also, please note that the 'registered role' is not required as it is automatically added to all users created using the import tool.

It is possible to remove the primary store currency Resolved a bug with currencies at storefront and platform level whereby you could unpublish all currencies including the primary currency, leaving the admin area unusable.

Drawing tool cant be hidden Resolved a bug with the "Hide drawing tool" product option of MegaEdit as it was not linked correctly with the corresponding Tab, meaning that it was always forced on.

Generate Report does not support RecordCount field for Dynamic Order Products Resolved a bug when using the Order Detail Summary report as it was not showing the record count for MegaEdit Batch products.

"Hide from customer attributes" are not available in the attribute combinations Resolved a bug when adding attribute combinations that was not showing the attributes marked as hidden from costumer.

Release Notes - 20/02/18


Reapit sync, unpublish not returned properties Updated our Reapit integration to unpublish from Catfish the properties that are removed from the market in the Reapit database. Now when the background tasks synchronise the properties, it will automatically unpublish all the properties that have not been received on the answer.

Payment method token: Invoice, Packing Slip and Job Ticket Added a new placeholder to the invoices, job tickets or packaging slips called "paymentmethod". You can use the placeholder to get the friendly name of the payment method used by the customer.

MegaEdit batch script control data source Added a new configuration option to the MegaEdit batch products to configure the data source of the CSV uploaded. Set the property of your configuration "configDataSource" to true and after uploading a CSV in MegaEdit the user will view a preview of the first 3 lines, and options to configure the separator, quoting style, and the headers presence.

Add Support for preview to Print Actions in Symphony Added support for preview on Symphony for print, email and SMS actions. You just have to configure your product to have the preview enabled and the preview will appear on the Symphony product.

MetaPack address changes to cater for Fedex carrier Added to our Metapack integration the possibility to work with FedEx by adding the all the sender address fields to the plugin configuration.

Show download link on "Downloadable Products" page Added better messaging to the "Downloadable Products" area of "My Account". If you have downloadable products, and the output still has not happened you will not see the download link and will get a status message until the output is ready.

Print OS Update - consume tracking number Added to our PrintOs integration the possibility to set the tracking number for an order on the callback for the status change. This tracking number will be saved on the order details, shown on the delivery info tab of the order and used on the email templates.

Wait for output created to create paperwork Resolved a bug when using images on job tickets, packaging slips or invoices as the images were of the quality used in the basket. Now the generation of documents waits until the output is ready to use high-quality images.

Product Group - Product Table amends Added more functionality to the product table when assigning products to product groups. A search field to search for 'Product Name' column, added the column "Created on date" and added sorting to all columns.

Admin SPO Colours We have consolidated some of the colours of the SPO page to denote the status of the jobs. The current used colours and status are: red (Email failed, Email Bounced, Output Failed, Rejected), yellow (SMS Dispatching, Ordered, Downloaded, In Production), green (Email sent, MIS Notified, Shipped), orange (Print Job Copy Created, Output Created, Approved, Verified, In Hot Folder), purple (On Hold, Future Order, Awaiting Approval) and blue for all other statuses.

Remember the current page New Admin Added to the left menu in admin when in extended mode the function to keep it open on the page you are to help you remember your last actions.


Post Process Payments for Paypal We have added the possibility to complete the payment of order payments that have been cancelled when using Paypal as a payment method. If a customer closes the payment window and the order is sitting there as order but unpaid then a new button will appear after some time on the "My Account" area for that order that reads "Complete Payment" that will allow the user to complete the payment. This coupled with the ability to enable the unpaid orders banner on the storefront provides an easy way to notify customers that they have orders that are placed but not processed until payment has been made.

Hidden from customer attributes in admin We have added to the admin area the information about the attributes that are marked as "Hidden from customer". This information is available in the SPO window (Details section) and on the order details (Products tab).

Add custom name to downloadable products view Added the custom name of products if you have enabled the Infigo setting "EditInfigoOrderProductName" to the downloadable products window of "My Account" area. Disable the "Hide 'Downloadable products' tab" customer setting to see this tab.

Add ACL access to configure MIS plugins Added a new access control permission (ACL) to manage MIS plugins. Now you can give this permission to the roles that need this level of control to change the configuration of the MIS integrations.

Support Product Attribute Combinations for product groups Added support for attribute combination to product groups. Now you can create the combinations with images, SKUs, pricing and stocks on the product group level.


Data is not transferred completely to hotfolder Resolved a bug when generating the output on designs with text fields generated by a script as some of the properties of those fields were not set.

Not calling the Mis when we add a new address to a customer using the API Resolved a bug with the Customer Post API as it was not calling the MIS in the correct order and depending on the MIS, it can accept the address before or after the user is created. Now, all the external MIS calls to add an address are done after creating the user and with the External ID of the customer set, so the link can be resolved on the external MIS.

Delivery Countdown deadline Resolved a bug with the Delivery Countdown Product templates as it was not adding an extra day once the daily deadline has been reached.

MegaEdit Scripts do not allow to copy and paste text into generated fields Resolved a bug on MegaEdit that was preventing from using copy and paste on text fields when they were generated by a MegaEdit script.

Copy product issues Resolved a bug when using the copy product function as it was not copying the attribute logic, attribute price adjustments and editor type used.

Fix the Status Text in the history list to match the main one Resolved a bug in approval workflow as it was not showing the language string for the status of the jobs in the approval queue. Now it is also possible to translate the message.

Discount disappears when you log in or register after applying it Resolved a bug when entering discount codes on the basket before login or register as it was not transferring the entered discount when migrating guest to registered users.

Exception 500 thrown when updating a saved project Resolved a bug when trying to edit saved projects fromm "My Account" area as it was showing an error.

If you try to register after the basket stage you receive an error Resolved a bug when registering into a storefront after having added products to the basket as some of the customer data on the registration during checkout was not saved when migrating the guest user.

Unpaid Order Email Reminder still fires when orders are cancelled Resolved a bug when using the unpaid order email reminder as it was sending the reminder email even the order was already cancelled.

Text not updating when layout changed Resolved a bug when changing layouts and using placeholder data as the first time you used a new layout was not copying the existing data on the current layout into the new one and was only showing after refreshing the page.

Test access permissions throws an error when selecting a user Resolved a bug with the 'Test Access Permissions' page that was throwing an error after the new speed improvements to admin.

Editor change of content in Product missing in new admin Resolved a bug with the editor selector for text fields on the products as it was missing since the new admin release.

Release Notes - 31/01/18


Populate >ProductExternalId<of generic MIS with the Attribute Combination External ID We have updated our Generic MIS integration to include on the ProductExternalId node of order lines the external Id of attribute combination if the ordered product has a valid attribute combination with an ExternalId assigned. We have also added 2 new nodes: ProductVariantExternalId and ProductAttributeCombinationExternalId in case you want to perform more complex combinations with the Ids.

Pricing Script - add debug messages into the console log Expanded the Pricing engine to be able to add debug messages to the browser console, you can use the function console() to output messages that will help when debugging your pricing scripts. The messages are only visible in the browser console so should not interfere with your site.

PDF library page rendering issue Resolved a bug with the preview of dynamic upload products when the uploaded PDFs contained transparency groups, blend modes or image masks. Now it is possible to change the rendering libraries depending on your storefront configuration.

MegaEdit Upload losing canvas size and other options Resolved a bug with MegaEdit upload products when using static canvas sizes as they were not detecting the correct dimensions of the uploaded design if you did not enter into MegaEdit.


Add support for European payment types for SagePay Added support for European payment methods of SagePay: iDeal, Sofort, Giropay and EPS. If your SagePay account has those methods enabled you can use them in Catfish. Take into account that they only work if the storefront currency or user currency is set to Euro.

Be able to configure the display order of the tabs in MegaEdit album Added new options to Product Options of MegaEdit to be able to change the order of the tabs of the left panel. You can easily hide and show the tabs you do not want and change the order if you change the order setting.

Modify Standard Batch script to upload CSV first to create placeholder Add a new setting to the batch script JSON config, 'useOnlyCSVUpload'. When you set this config to true, we will hide the ability to Add new placeholders and instead encourage the user to upload the CSV file first. Once the CSV file has been uploaded we then create the placeholders based on each of the column headers. This works great for MegaEdit products where you give the customers lots of flexibility on the design.


SagePay Fix payments without a shipping address Resolved a bug with SagePay which was caused when no shipping address was sent with the order. Now we just simply send the billing address again to meet their requirements.

Album names with the same name Resolved a bug with image album names as you were able to have more than one album with the same, just in different type case. e.g. Test, test, TEST.

Euro Currency does not have a defaultdisplay mode Resolved a bug with the currency format for EUR on the "My Account" area that was preventing users from viewing the placed orders on their "My Orders" page.

Aggregate response data for USPS for multiple packages Resolved a bug with USPS delivery plugin for big quantities as USPS was returning multiple packages for that live request. Now we aggregate the response for all the packages of the same order and offer the user a single option with the combined cost.

Not possible to add or edit topic pages after Edit

Resolved a bug with Topic Pages that was showing a 500 error after editing a page on the platform level.

Approval instant email does not work Resolved a bug with the approval workflow where the approvers with the relations based on product or product group were not getting the "Approval Workflow Submitted Instant Email".

Image field prepopulated image does not retain image during batch upload Resolved a bug with the prepopulate data using the avatar on batch products as it was completely ignoring it.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object Resolved a bug with department address and some payment methods when the user selects a department address as billing or shipping address instead of one of their own addresses during checkout.

Updating Avatar does not work right away and needs time to see the updated image in the editors Resolved a bug when updating the avatar from My Account as the change of image was not immediate on the product designs of the editors and was only visible after 4 hours.

Release Notes - 17/01/18


Delay Invoice/PackageSlip/JobTicket Creation We have changed when the invoices, packing slips and job tickets are copied to the final hotfolder. Before it was copied when the order was placed and now is copied when the order is paid.

Cache final price for discount rules on basket Improved the speed of checkout when having more than 5 items in the basket and using custom pricing scripts and discount rules.

"Customer enters price" functionality for Dynamic products Updated the Catfish charity price feature "Customer enters price" of products to work on MegaEdit products. Now you can allow to your clients to specify the amount they want to pay for a MegaEdit product.

Export/import ME products across storefronts We have extended the export/import of MegaEdit products to work on any storefront. Before the products did not allow the copy across storefronts with different URL bindings.

Show validation messages from MIS plugins on the product landing page formatted as errors We have changed how the warning messages regarding price change or stock availability when using MIS integrations are displayed on the product landing page. Now we use the same style as the red warnings on the basket.

Edit from Cart, MegaEdit products We have changed the messages that appear in MegaEdit when you re-edit a product that has been added to the basket previously. Now it offers the options to save or cancel the changes before going back to the basket.

SKU and stock to be available in search results page Added some specific classes to the SKU code (.product--sku) and stock quantity (.product--stockquantity) on homepage, category page and search results so you can use CSS to un-hide and show those in your storefront.

API and Customer settings consolidation We have expanded the validation messages and data consistency of the API calls regarding user creation and update. The messages are more clear on the missing data in a wide variety of enabled settings.

MegaEdit upload preserving original pdf boxes Added the ability to dynamic upload products, to upload a PDF with Page box info (trim, Bleed, Art, Crop box info) and be preserved if the user does not do anything else in ME. Only jobs created after deployment will benefit from this.


Add text editor selector to rich editor settings We have added to the admin area the possibility to change the text editor you want to use while creating content on your Catfish site. Blogs, news, categories, products and topics. They now offer the option to use the CodeMirror editor instead of the Rich Text editor on all the HTML entry fields. Find the related setting for the editor in each field that allows rich text and save to change it.

Attribute Combinations CSV Export/Import We have introduced new functions to import/export attribute combinations inside product attributes. Navigate to Product variant > Product Variant Attributes > Attribute Combinations. Here you can export the existing attribute combinations, update them and upload them back using the id's or the SKU as key. Using this you can easily update stock, SKUs or MIS id's for integrations.

Support blend modes for backgrounds in MegaEdit We have added the ability in MegaEdit, to set blend modes of the content with the background. You can find that option on the "Effects Options" tab of image fields. The following blend modes are available: Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Lighten, Color Dodge, Color Burn, Hard Light, Soft Light, Difference, Exclusion, Saturation, Color and Luminosity.

Add SKU to attribute combinations Now it is possible to add an SKU to the attribute combinations. That SKU will be displayed on the product landing page if there is a valid combination selected. This SKU will also be the one that is shown on the Job tickets of Metapack and Generic MIS plugins over the product SKU if relevant.

MIS order totals using ordercurrency We have added to the Generic MIS Order integration new nodes to inform your MIS more about currencies and payments. There is a new node on the Order XML called Totals that includes: CurrencyCode, TotalPrice, TotalDiscount,, OrderDiscount, SubTotalDiscountInclTax, SubTotalDiscountExclTax, TotalTax, ShippingPrice, and ShippingTax. There is also a new node on each order line that includes: UnitPrice, TotalPrice, TotalTax, DiscountAmountInclTax, DiscountAmountExclTax. Change your XSL Transformation on the generic MIS if you want to include this new information.


Delivery countdown template fixes Resolved a bug when using the delivery countdown template on the product template that was not showing the correct date and time.

Checkout attributes not sending to MIS Resolved a bug when sending checkout attributes of type text and long text on MIS integrations.

Can not change language at the platform level Resolved a bug when changing the language of the storefront with language resources with a fallback language other than English and were not loaded properly.

Placeholder Text issues ME Resolved a bug when using placeholders on fit to box MegaEdit fields as an incorrect font size was calculated in some scenarios.

Warnings of MIS plugins are not displayed in the basket Resolved a bug in the basket that was preventing checkout when there were errors of any kind on the product selected, like out of stock or price change as it was not showing the errors on each order line. Now the customer is informed of the errors and can try to fix them.

Approval page can not be accessed Resolved a bug when trying to access the approval page when Dynamic Search from catalogue settings was used as it failed to find some libraries and the relevant CSS.

ME Scripting use only integer font sizes to establish cross platform compatibility Resolved a bug with automatic calculations of text position, cursor position or font size as different browsers calculate them in different inconsistent ways. Now, all the calculations are rounded to the closest integer number so we do not need the browsers to do their own rounding.

Addressy not loading on https Resolved a bug that was preventing the 'Addressy' address provider for auto-fill addresses from being used in sites with https.

Email Validation Account Activation link not working Resolved a bug with the Account activated view that was returning a 500 error despite working. Now it shows the proper success message.

"Tax display type" setting change doesn't save Resolved a bug when changing the tax settings "Tax display type" as it was not saving the changes.

Back button in ME not working with skip product landing page products We have removed the back button in MegaEdit when used in combination with the feature of products "Skip product landing page" or when using MegaEdit inside an iframe as it is not possible to go back to the product landing page.

Can’t save changes after editing the price and quantity of a product when “Customer enters price:” setting is enabled Resolved a bug with "Customer enter price" product price feature when editing the price or quantity after adding to the basket and going back to the landing page as the new changes weren’t saved.

If you delete your avatar, it is still available on the MegaEdit products or Infigo products that use avatars Resolved a bug with the use of avatars when deleting the image associated as it was still showing the avatar on the Infigo and MegaEdit products that were using the avatar to populate image fields.

MIS Custom Settings UI doesn't show the WebHook Endpoints anymore Resolved a bug when showing the available web endpoints available and the related information on the MIS plugins. Now it is visible for all plugins.

Fields marked as do not participate on layout are deleted when dragging in spread layout Resolved a bug when swapping spread layouts with fields marked as do not participate on layout as they're getting deleted because they were not taken into account when out of the page but still inside of the spread.

iFrame mode for InfigoProductEditor not working Resolved a bug that was affecting the use of the Infigo Editor inside an iFrame.

Fix DPI Warning in Catfish Editor Resolved a bug In Catfish Editor with the DPI warning on images with the "Use scale to fit" option in combination with the "Fit image to field box" as it was ignoring the field box size for the dpi calculation.

Fix Category Display order Resolved a bug where the display order of 'child' categories was ignored in some scenarios.

ME price calculates different to landing page price Resolved a bug with pricing display for European countries. Changing the currency form the landing page now displays the correct rate exchange on MegaEdit pricing and show it with the correct digit separator depending on the selected currency.

ME Product options editor for canvas size on product landing page Resolved a bug when using dynamic canvas and allowing the customer to modify the values on the product landing page in storefronts with a language whose decimal separators are different than English.

Attribute combination images on admin Resolved a bug with images from product attribute combinations that were not shown in the admin SPO or order details when a corresponding combination was selected on the order line.

Opacity applied to cliparts in MegaEditor not reflected on output Resolved a bug when using opacity on clipart fields as it was not using the specified opacity on the editor when generating the output.

Counties are not loading when the store is closed and login is required. Resolved a bug when registering on closed storefronts as they were not showing the state or county field after selecting a country on the registration page.

Text sizes discrepancy between editor and output Resolved a bug in MegaEdit when calculating font width on product load, as there was previously a text discrepancy between editor and output.

Attribute logic price of hidden attributes Resolved a bug when using attribute logic and standard pricing as the selected attribute values were taken into account for the pricing despite the attribute being hidden.

Categories load placeholders for products that have no access to the user Resolved a bug with access permissions and Category view as when the category has the necessary number of items to paginate and the customer does not have access permission to view some of therm, an empty space is left on the storefront.

AttributeCFPARAMETER{AttributeName} placeholder not showing hidden form customer attributes Resolved a bug with the AttributeCFPARAMETER{AttributeName} Infigo placeholder as it was not pulling the value of attributes that were marked as hidden form customer for jobtickets or invoices.

Error when placing an order with category discount applied Resolved a bug when using category discount codes which was previously the shopping basket a empty and restricting the ability to checkout.

Set all items in order as shipped when one is shipped Resolved a bug with the order setting "Set whole order as shipped when a single item is marked as shipped" which was previously not functioning.

RecordOrder oes not save StateProvince Resolved a bug with the RecordOrder API call that was not saving the validated states of the addresses under https calls.

Static Pdf product jobs appearing in Other Products tab on SPO Resolved a bug when placing orders using the storefront or the RecordOrder API that was allowing to place duplicated orders on some scenarios. Now we only allow one order at a time per user, so if a customer tries to do a second checkout while another one is in progress, the customer will be redirected to a page saying that the checkout is already in progress.

Duplicate elements with non-unique id Resolved a bug when navigating to a closed storefront in incognito mode as the registration form did not allow to select the county or region after selecting a country.

Product attribute combination are not duplicated Resolved a bug when duplicating products as it was not copying the images or SKU from the attribute combinations.

Release Notes - 13/12/17


Frontend product search by SKU Added functionality to allow an end user to search by product SKU in the front end. Enable the Setting called "Search Page Can Filter By Sku" in Catalog settings to use this function. Please note: This can affect the speed of the search.

Change dates format in reports Changed the format of the date fields in the reports generated from the Report Centre. The new format does not include the seconds. If you set your windows format time to be " dd-MM-yyyy" then you'll have all date columns of the resulting CSV report in this format.

Integrate with VAT API and assign VAT-exempt to users on registration Added to the EU VAT plugin the possibility to use the European VAT API to validate the VAT number entered during registration and make a decision. If enabled, it applies VAT to all UK address or EU addresses with no VAT number and marks as tax-exempt the addresses out of EU and UK and the validated against the API, VAT number of EU addresses.

Changes to My Account area Added a new setting to Order Settings called "Show Download Button In My Order" to show a download button on the order details of My Account area in your Catfish store. Also, we have included the custom names in the search results of your previous orders.


Support MegaScripts for ME output generation Now it is possible to configure MegaScripts to run on output creation of MegaEdit products in order to perform post-processing actions. This allows you to access the final artwork file both in Shared Print Operations, as a downloable product, and to be sent to the relevant MIS plugin.You can select using a dropdown in the Dynamic Product configuration a MegaScript instance to be run.

Ability to remove cart items for a customer from admin Added the possibility to delete individual or all products form a customers basket within admin. You navigate to a customer and select the "Current shopping basket" tab to be able to delete selected products or delete all using the new buttons.

Registration actions to assign to a department Added the possibility to perform an action against the users when they register. There is a new tab on Configuration -> Settings -> Customer Settings -> Registration Actions to configure this. You can add individual actions or use the CSV import option. For the moment the only allowed action is the "Assign to department" so you can auto-assign a customer to a department by using regular expressions against registration field values.

Redirect to MegaEdit from basket Added a new setting under Shopping Cart Settings called "Enable copy and edit shopping cart items" that will add a new button against each order line of the cart to "Copy & Edit" the MegaEdit product and be able to edit a copy of the personalised product before adding it to the basket. There is also a new button to edit the last edited job that will remember the last product added to the basket.

Ariba punchout changes Added a new webhook to our Arriba Punchout integration to take order requests. We take the XML data sent to the webhook endpoint and place an order in Catfish with the data.


Can not checkout having lots of cart items Resolved a bug when trying to checkout a basket that contained 80 to 100 order lines and was using an MIS connection to validate prices or stock. Previously it was timing out and throwing an error. We have increased the performance for this scenario.

StockQuantity reading 10,000 for products which do not have inventory tracking enabled Resolved a bug when running product reports that was showing the stock quantity value of 10,000 on products with no inventory tracking when it should not show anything.

Text on curve wrong measure in the output Resolved a bug with text on a curve when modifying the default character space as it was converting the specified amount into a different unit when generating the output, resulting in a difference between the preview and the final output file.

Error when trying to log out from the ME editor Resolved a bug when logging out of Catfish from the MegaEdit menu when editing a job in the approval queue.

Check for whitespace/empty lines in batch upload Symphony batch Resolved a bug with CSV files and data sources in Symphony products as it was treating empty lines of the CSVs as records when using the batch mode.

Fix error message when downloading a downloadable file from my account Resolved a bug when using downloadable products and you wanted to download the resulting file from "My Account" before the output was generated. Now we show a message informing that the output is not ready yet.

Can not delete files form hotfolder Resolved a bug that was preventing files from being deleted when the filename contained special characters in its name when managing hotfolders in admin.

Product attribute logic not hiding irrelevant attributes Resolved a bug when using attribute logic on the product landing page that was not hiding the attributes or attribute values when the conditions were not met.

Delivery countdown on product page Resolved a bug with language strings on the product landing page for the delivery countdown template.

Release Notes - 22/11/17


Create a new discount requirement by department Added a new type of discount requirement, "Customer belongs to a specific department". You can find this new option in the requirements of a discount and allows you to apply discounts to users within a specific department.

Display order totals in local currency Added a new setting to Order Settings called "Show totals in order currency" that will show in the admin areas Shared Print Operations, Sales > Orders and all reports in Reporting Centre the order totals - total, subtotal, tax, discounts, etc. should be in the currency that was selected by the customer at the point of order.


Add Pictures to attribute combinations Now it is possible to add images to the attribute combinations. When you are editing the attribute values, you can add additional images that will be used instead of the product images if the specified attribute combination is selected. Using this you can show to the end user an example of the finalised product with those options. Those images will also be shown in the cart.

Allow for a delivery method to be assigned to a department Added the possibility to assign available delivery methods to a department. A new addition to the departments' configuration called "Shipping" will show all delivery options from the enabled plugins list so you can select them as available, if you do not select any delivery methods the users of that department will have all methods available.

Redirect to MegaEdit Added a new setting to Shopping cart settings called "Enable copy and edit shopping cart items" that will add a new button to each MegaEdit shopping cart item that reads 'Copy & Edit'. Clicking this button will take the user into MegaEdit opening a clone of that personalised product for them to make changes and add to basket. There is also a new button to edit the last edited job that will remember the last product added to the basket.


Customer enter price throws on product landing page Resolved a bug when using "Customer enters price" and "Tier prices" on the product landing page that was preventing you from adding products to the basket.

MegaEdit Help text not showing as default Resolved a bug when using the Help Text that caused it not to show when no fields were selected despite it being configured to do so.

Approval emails are sent to each approver Resolved a bug with multiple approvals for Nop products as the approved email is sent every time the job is approved by each approver and not just the once when the job passes all approval criteria.

Issue with multiple approval workflow - approved order has unapproved status Resolved a bug with product approval and orders that had both types of approval. It was preventing the output generation and was not marked as approved if the same user approver was also the product approver.

Enable support for the Skip DataGrid Preview After Upload to work with batch Resolved a bug with the SkipDataGridPreviewAfterUpload in Symphony settings that was not working when you used in batch mode and as the data grid was always shown.

Customer API call does not allow to create deleted usernames Resolved a bug when trying to create a user with the same username as a deleted customer preventing you form creating the new user.

Check for whitespace/empty lines in batch upload Catfish & MegaEdit batch Resolved a bug when using Batch products (MegaEdit and Infigo) that was reading the empty lines of the CSV as valid records and creating the output. Now the row has to have at least one value.

Release Notes - 15/11/17


PrintOS Include Customer Delivery Method As part of our integration with PrintOS we now support sending the selected delivery method of the order. It is also possible to configure a default value when the user does not need to select a delivery method.

Allow to set attribute price tiers in the predefined attributes valuesExpanded the configurations of attribute value tier prices adding the possibility to use them on the predefined attribute values.

Modify the validation script to auto-execute validation rules for barcodesAdded to the validation options for the batch script the automatic validation of barcodes. Now it will detect the type of the barcode used on batch MegaEdit products and will apply the corresponding validation rule if it is mapped to a CSV column and will alert if there are any errors.

Change Workflow settings Scope Changed the way the workflow settings were stored in Catfish, before, it was following the settings configured at platform level for all the storefronts, now you can have the settings per storefront making the configurations more flexible.

Editable Content Opt in/out of WYSIWYG Added the possibility to change the text editor when modifying Editable content. Now there is an option called "Body text editor" that will allow you to change the editor between Rich Text Editor and a CodeMirror editor


T's & C's Links modifications Added new settings to control the terms and conditions pages. There are new settings in customer settings and order settings. The one in customer settings is called "TermsCondtionsTarget" to control the page where it will appear on the T&C registration page. The settings on Order settings called "Use dialog for Terms of Service" that will show in a pop up the "Terms of service link target" when you press the (read) instead of opening them in a new tab.

Commercial rounding on discounts Now it is possible an integration with MIS that needs the commercial rounding on the discount. Added the possibility to round the discounts when calculating the total amounts with the use of a new setting in Shopping Cart Settings called "Use commercial rounding on discount".

Allow to have approvers from different departments Added the possibility to assign approvers and budget managers from different departments. Change the setting called "Customer Relationships Mode" in Customer Settings to be "By Role". The change of the setting deletes the invalid relationships.

New Email Template - Customer Reminder Notification for unpaid order Added an option to send reminder emails to users with unpaid orders. Enable "Send order unpaid email to customer" in Order Settings and configure the number of times and frequency. Use the message template called "UnpaidOrder.CustomerReminderNotification" to configure the text of this email.


Batch CSV Upload section of Catfish Sync doesn't import path selection Resolved a bug with Catfish Sync when selecting the path selector for the Batch CSV Upload section of 'Advanced Mode' as it was not pulling through the selected path and was using the previously used path.

Customer API Get not working Resolved a bug with the customer Get API as it was not including all the attribute values of the user after the changes introduced with the new Customer Post API call.

SavedProject Error Resolved a bug with required product attributes when the user has saved a project and afterwards the admin changes the requirements of the fields. Now the user is warned with a pop up to select a value for the required attributes.

Custom Data Saving issue with rich text formatting Resolved a bug that was saving the custom formatting as part of the field data entry and escaping the special characters when using fields with rich text in Infigo Designer.

Access Permissions price adjustment not working Resolved a bug when using price adjustment and access role permissions. It was ignoring the entered percentage if the access permissions were enabled.

Empty fields for some attribute control types when using attributes prepare strings Resolved a bug when using 'datepicker' and 'textbox' attribute types that were not appearing on jobtickets when using prepare strings.

Release Notes - 07/11/17


Reapit - Add the status "New Instruction" as a value for publishing a property Added a new setting to our synchronisation with Reapit that allows you to publish or unpublish property products checking the sale status of the property in Reapit. Change the setting "Published Sale Status Values" to include the values you want to use to be published in Catfish.

New status page Updated the status page found by navigating to yoursite.com/status, extending its functionality. Now it loads more areas of the solution in order to have the site ready for the first use after the cache cleanup.

Add to the default roles the Budget Manager role Added to the system roles the budget manager role. Now it is needed to have this role when using the "Customer Relationships Mode" by role and you want to assign budget approvers.

Roles in Customer Post API Added more functions to the API call to create customers. Now it is possible to set roles, custom fields and external MIS IDs against addresses. There are additional checks to report in the wrong/required data on the API call parameters.

Change the record count string in the cart Added the possibility to edit the language string for the "x" text that appears on the basket alongside the number of records when you use Symphony products or the Batch script.


Add a back button in MegaEdit Added a new button in MegaEdit to go back to the product landing page so it is easier to navigate to the previous page without having to use the browser actions.


Error when downloading Catalogue to PDF and importing from Excel Resolved a bug when creating products using the import form Excel feature or generating a catalogue of products as the function used to Save/Load the picture image was using an old version and not a recently updated function.

Product approval email Resolved a bug where there was an email sent to every approver of an order for every single approval instead that just one email at the end when product approval was enabled.

Fix Category Hiding/Showing in ME Resolved a bug with the layout albums in MegaEdit and the admin access to them as it was showing the folder names despite not having access.

Background opacity is not working for barcodes Resolved a bug when using background opacity on barcodes. Now, the colour of the barcode on the output follows the user configured value.

Batch Script - Allow to remap after validation Resolved a bug with the MegaEdit validation script that was not allowing you to remap the placeholders after having failed a validation.

ACL menu entry is visible for normal admins Resolved a bug that was showing the menu entry to the ACL despite not having permissions to edit them, therefore logging you out and asking for a user with permissions.

Image Quality in ME Preview using masks Resolved an issue with the image quality of the masks. Previously the masks quality were based on the size of the field and now it always scales to a value of 1000 pixels.

SagePay - Paid orders no longer registering as "orders placed" Resolved a bug with the setting "Enable Process Order After Payment Confirmation" that was not sending the order placed email when authorising a payment.

Hidden gallery tab when using layouts with images Resolved a bug in MegaEdit where it was not allowing you to access the albums when using a layout with images and the product is set as default without image fields or add image button.

Time showing incorrectly for Order notes Resolved a bug where the "created on" date and time on orders was not the same time as the order placed notification time on Shared Print Operations as it was not getting the selected Time Zone on that view.

MegaEdit Mobile iPhone Keyboard Resize Resolved a bug in MegaEdit that was not showing correctly the iOS keyboard when in mobile mode and now it uses all available space.

Full Screen Detection In ME Resolved a bug with the fullscreen mode in MegaEdit and using the Esc key that was making the button to exit and enter that mode.

Error when attempting to delete static PDF products Resolved a bug that was impeding to delete static PDF products from the product catalogue within admin, as they were still in customers baskets.

Dynamic products do not populate onto the order successfully processed

Resolved a bug that was not showing the correct number of jobs to be approved on the checkout step if you used dynamic products with product approval.

Customer's list is sorted viceversa when moving to page 2-> Resolved a bug that was showing the customer list in an incorrect order when changing the page.

Username does not change when Email updated and Usernames disabled Resolved a bug that was not changing the internal username of a customer when you changed the email address, making the approval workflow fail.

Order placed and paid for in Euros but the records in Catfish show it as it's value in GBP. Resolved a bug where the admin was viewing an order paid in the Primary Store Currency when the order was paid in a different currency. Now the admin can view what was the amount passed to the different payment methods in the selected currency of the customer.

Theme Layout Issue with account Ids Resolved a bug when applying themes that was mixing different storefronts layouts and scrambling the final result.

Release Notes - 16/10/17


PDF Rasterization Quality Added a new Setting to configure the PDF Conversion Resolution to Catfish > Media > Media Album Settings. Now you can configure the resolution of the conversion to PDF when clients upload documents to Catfish.

SAML - Ignore IDP non-standard nodes Added compatibility for our SAML2 integration with non standard implementation with Active Directory that uses some RoleDescriptor nodes that can not be processed by our system.SAML - Ignore IDP non-standard nodes

Friendly Names on all documents We have included the new "Friendly Name" for attributes and attribute values in the jobs tickets, invoices, and packaging slips. Now you can have a more consistent naming for the client and for the administrators.

Log and ask for confirmation when retriggering MIS notification Added to Shared Print Operations, a button to "Re-trigger MIS Create Order" - this triggers a confirmation Pop Up avoiding to click it by error. It also adds an additional status to the Status History showing the time and it logs more information about the user triggering it.

Blog search functionality Added to the blogs page the possibility to search blogs by words in the short description, the title and by published date.

Update Catfish Font Awesome version Updated Font Awesome to the latest version

Add to the API tokens the Storefront Name Added to the API Authentication Tokens page is a new column to view the related storefront of each key so you can be sure to use the correct key on Catfish sync and the API integration.


Allow for thumbnails previews to sit side by side in basket Introduced the possibility to show more than one preview image on the cart for editable products. There are new settings in shopping cart settings to configure the number of basket product images to show on the cart and whether to display the images next to each other or, as they currently are, in a light-box when the thumbnail is clicked. This can be found under the heading of Product Image Settings.

Split Information Added the possibility to split output files upon output creation for Static PDF, Infigo Product, Multi Part Product and Dynamic Products. You can access the setting to split pages from Catfish > Settings > Page Split Settings.
This new feature allows you to process your output files before they are either downloaded to print or sent to your MIS/print management system.
For example, if you have a double-sided business card product and your workflow expects all the front and back pages to be split into seperate files then we can accommodate for that using these page split settings. Ending up with two output files, one containing all the front pages, the other all the back pages.

TaxJar integration Created a new Tax plugin that integrates with TaxJar. The plugin allows you to accurately retrieve tax rates based on the shipping address of the order. The plugin requires a TaxJar account and can be configured here Configuration > Tax > Tax Providers. For more information on this integration please contact our support team.

Addressy integrated for shipping/billing address validation Created a new address validation plugin that integrates with Addressy. Addressy are a global solution that make entering and verifying addresses super easy. You can configure your account from Configuration > Plugins. Using this new plugin you can validate your customers' shipping addresses before an order is placed avoiding issues further down the fulfillment process. For more information on this integration please contact our support team.

New Blogs UpdatesAdded new settings to the blog posts. Now you can write a blog post, and keep it unpublished until needed, show them on the featured view and change the display order that will affect the next and previous links.
Added a new feature to dynamically show the next and previous blog post when browsing blog posts. You can enable the "Show blog post next/previous links" setting from Customer settings in Configuration > Settings > Blog settings. You can also configure if you'd like to include or not the featured image for speed purposes.
Created a new layout module for blogs. Now you can display featured blog posts or the list of blogs easily. You can configure the number of posts with "Display number of elements" in module settings in Configuration > Settings > Blog settings.

Add context helper text to MegaEdit Added a new feature to MegaEdit to be able to add help text. The help text can be text, image or HTML snippet that will appear on the canvas, guiding the customer with hints according to the elements selected or not. To view all the available options you can view the new section called "Help Text" in the product options menu in MegaEdit.


Attribute logic with same display order Resolved a bug where the attribute logic was impossible to set up due to some missing scenarios of attributes and values.

The approvers can't show JobDetails for approval items based on product Resolved a bug when trying to download or view a job for approval when using product approval.

TM character in the log files Resolved a bug where special characters like the Trade Mark symbol were being incorrectly encoded when displayed in the MIS XML/JSON and the CSV reports.

The default country is ignored in delivery addess Resolved a bug where the default country setting from customer settings was not being used for the delivery address creating an inconsistency with the billing address that was correctly using this setting.

Theme Layout Issues Resolved a bug when applying themes that was mixing different storefronts layouts and scrambling the final result.

Fix MIS performance issue Reduced the loading time of the cart when using external MIS plugins that validate the prices and the stock of the items on the cart.

The transition from the billing section to the shipping section is taking longer than before Resolved a bug where the loading time of the cart was taking longer that usual because of the address providers validation. Now it loads faster.

Addresses are not validated correctly Resolved a bug where the API calls with addresses were not properly validated, leading to errors in Catfish.

Attribute and values in the cart do not follow the display order Resolved a bug that was not showing the attributes and its values in the order line summary of the cart with the same display order they were configured in the product variant.

Issue in ME output generation Resolved a bug with output generation that was making the batch script output files to take up double file size and taking too much time to be generated.

Bullet points in MegaEdit Resolved a bug where the bullet points script was adding the bullet points as elements that you can select and move in MegEdit allowing a mismatch between the positions and the text in the new lines.

Release Notes - 29/09/17


Convert Image to PDF on Upload (per product setting) When using the new Upload product feature in MegaEdit we have added a new setting called "Convert Image to PDF on Upload" that allows you to pre-flight image files. We will take the image, convert it to PDF and then run the profile.


Update the Batch plugin to handle validation We have enhanced the "Standard Batch Script" to include validation. Now you can add custom regular expression rules against the custom data types in MegaEdit (customer is responsible for the Regular expressions used).
We have two modes, one where we allow for you to disable the add to basket option when the batch order contains invalid records - this will require the user to correct or remove those records in order to checkout.
The second is to allow the user to add to basket with invalid records but they are just disregarded from the order.
For example, If you upload a CSV of 100 records and 20 fail validation then the record count for the job would be 80. The pricing would reflect this as would the final output.

MegaEdit Image Field Support direct upload We have introduced a new way to upload images without having to drag and drop from the Media album. This new mode allows you to select an image field and upload an image directly into it. To enable this setting go to Product Options in the MegaEdit product and enable the option "Direct image upload". Please note that none of our external image plugins are supported at the moment. This feature only works for local storage upload only.

Support for Multiple Approvers We have added support for both approval by product and a minimum number of approvers to the approval workflow. Now it is possible to assign multiple approvers for a product from the MultipleApproval setting in Approval workflow settings. On order placement, all the approvers (including department approvers) will get an email to review its approval and the (configurable) minimum number of approvers must approve the job before it is marked as approved. If the job is rejected by any of the approvers then it must be re-submitted and go through the approval process again for all of the assigned approvers (even if they approved it previously)


MegaEdit Image upload image name is random Resolved a bug that was changing the name of images uploaded into the media album in MegaEdit. Now the original name is kept.Clients cannot access Shared Print Operations

Clients cannot access Shared Print Operations Resolved bugs relating to the default Access Control List (ACL) after the previous release where we organised and removed permissions only for super admins.

Support for PrintOS to checkout without Shipping address It is now possible, when using the PrintOS MIS plugin, to place an order in catfish with no delivery information and have it successfully trigger a job in PrintOS. We have created the ability to set a default (fallback) delivery address for orders where it has not been set, due to PrintOS expecting one for each order.SagePay "Confirm payment" doesn't work

SagePay "Confirm payment" doesn't work Fixed a bug that was causing payment to fail if the user had no address when paying for the order at a later point in time.

Barcode Field Background Issue Now it is possible to set the background of a barcode field to be transparent so if you have a clear background colour you do not need to have the white background of the barcode.

The output fails while using the photo mask Resolved a bug when using invalid mask files that was making the output fail with an Out of Memory exception. Now there are checks to avoid this and we have added support for PDF mask files.

Release Notes - 14/09/17


Add a checkbox to use the same address on delivery and on billing We have added a new checkbox in the checkout process that appears under the billing address selection that says 'Use same address for delivery' - checked by default. If left checked the same address will be used for delivery skipping one step of the checkout process making it quicker for your clients.

Create a new API method for adding a tracking number to an order We have added a new call to the API to be able to set the tracking number of an order easily. It is in the form of POST /services/api/order/SetTrackingNumber?id=6763&trackingNumber=test . For more information look on the Service API page /services/api of your Catfish site.

Extend Generic MIS plugin Advanced mode to allow multiple integrations and to include template library Now it is possible to support multiple integrations for the automatic posting of orders in Catfish, using just the one plugin. Our Generic MIS plugin allows you to Post to FTP, Post to an API endpoint and drop the integration file into a hotfolder all in the same request. We have also added new integrations with third party systems - CERM, EPMS, Imprint and Presswise. Ask our sales team for more information on automating your workflows

Adjustments to Greyscale/Transparent Conversion Improved transparency support for the greyscale/transparency algorithms. If an uploaded image contains transparency (that is one pixel is at least not fully opaque) the transparency will be left untouched. This allows the end user to convert the transparency in Photoshop etc, upfront and just upload that instead for better results in complex image scenarios.

Combine different aspect ratios in Infigo products Added a new setting 'Match Page dimensions on template change' to each Infigo product that will allow to mix portrait and landscapes pages on a template selector by adjusting the page dimensions based on the page size as it was not previously working correctly and the pages were getting distorted.

Add product class to MegaEdit body tag Now it is possible to add a CSS class to the MegaEdit body tag based on the Custom Product Class in Product Details. This allows you to create custom editor skins per product.

Abililty to use an external ID of a product group Now it is possible to add an External MIS id to the Product groups. First we check if the product variant has an external ID - if it has, this will get used, if it has no external id and it is assigned to a product group, then we use the product group's external id instead. This allows you to quickly and easily set the external IDs for groups of products if they all share the same.


Add an option to select source and target language on the language strings window Now it is easier to translate the language string from the Configuration > Languages > View String Resources page. Now you can select the source language, the target language and a filter to show only the missing translations. We have also added a new column to view when a language string was created so you can easily order and view the recently added language strings.

Add localisable friendly names and product landing label to the product groups attributes We have added a new property called "Friendly Name" to all the attributes of products and product groups. If you enter a text on that property, that text will be used instead of the attribute name and value on the product landing page, cart, invoices, job tickets and delivery notes. Using this you can have cryptic names on the attributes for your MIS integrations or MegaEdit scripts but a more friendly name for the final customer. This friendly name is also translatable for multi-language sites.


It is not possible to login when the storefront language is set to a non English language Resolved a bug that was preventing login into the admin section of Catfish when the default language was not English and English was disabled for the site.

Custom Name Parsing Error Resolved a bug with Custom Name of products that was escaping the special characters of Infigo products.

Generic MIS ParseHttpHeaderConfig can not pass values with URLs Resolved a bug when trying to set up the text headers on the Generic MIS configuration that was preventing use of URLs or time parameters.

Short Description token doesn't pull any information Resolved a bug that was not pulling the short description text of products to invoices, job tickets or delivery notes.

Postcode lookup returns 2 sets of addresses Resolved a bug when using the postcode lookup as it was returning 2 sets of addresses, one for the commercial properties and another for the residential properties. Now all the values are shown in the same group.

Release Notes - 23/08/17


Attribute Logic to work on cart and basket when accessing attributes for display Now, attribute logic that is taken into account on the product landing page will still be relevant on the cart, only showing the selected attributes and not the hidden ones by logic.

Deleting empty lines affects formatting Resolved a bug that meant that the format was lost when deleting empty lines (with Delete or Backspace keys) of text while editing a text field in MegaEdit. We have also added cursor navigation (home/end and page up/down) with and without selection changes (holding shift) to all text fields.

Document Prepare Strings for Specification Attributes We have added new prepare string for your jobsheets and invoices so you can add extra information: "OrderLineSpecificationAttributes_X" add the Specification attributes for Xth order line item and "OrderSpecificationAttributes" shows the summary of all order line items specification attributes.

Font fails on output Now we have added a check when an admin is adding a font to MegaEdit so a check is done against the output availability and not just the preview therefore avoiding some problems we had with fonts that worked on preview but failed on output.

Add new message token and Prepare string for DiscountCode We have added to the message templates and prepare strings for invoices and order discount code placeholder. Use the placeholder %Order.DiscountCode% for the email templates and OrderDiscountCode for invoice PDFs.

Too many shared albums in Catfish Editor Added new feature switch to InfigoSettings called CatfishEditorExcludeMediaAlbumShare. When enabled, we would not show any shared albums in the editor, which should allow the editor to load faster as it will ignore the shared albums.

Increase the character limit for Approval comments We have increased the number of characters available on the approval comments field. Now an admin is able to add comments on the approval up to 500 characters.

Add Order Status to Generic MIS XML We have added the Order Status, Shipping Status and Payment Status to the Generic MIS integration so they are available for all your integrations.


Redirect setting for registration Added a new setting to customer settings called "Redirect to current URL after registration" that will mean the registration page remembers the last previous page and will return to that after registering

Calendar Script - Create 'safe zone' over date block Added to the calendar script a safe zone, where the customer cannot drag and drop fields. If the field is moved into the safe zone the fields is moved back to the starting point. Added admin areas to be able to configure this zone

MegaEdit Script - PreSet Positions We have created a new MegaEdit script called "PreSet Positions" that will help you restrict the movement of fields in your templates. You can block the movement of a field to the end user and configure the script to show a dialog to select from a list of pre-configured positions only.

Disable add to basket button when editor is 'dirty' Now it is not possible to add a product to basket from the Catfish Editor while the Editor is updating or needs manual updating.

Include postcode lookup on registration form Now it is possible to use the Post coder lookup on the registration page.

Create a new API method for checking all cancelled orders We have added "Order Status" option for the orderlist API call available in services/api/order/list?id={customerId}. Now it is possible to add the filterByStatus parameter and the value 50 to get the orders that are cancelled for that user i.e. services/api/order/list?id={customerId}&filterByStatus=50

Show Record Count to end user Added to the shopping cart a display of the number of records of a batch product. Now, if an Infigo, MegaEdit or Symphony product is in the basket it will show the number of records alongside the quantity making it easier for the customer to review the order.Text Prompts and Friendly names of attributes and attributes values translatable

Text Prompts and Friendly names of attributes and attributes values translatable In Order to make it clear for the administrator of a storefront, we have changed the name of the "Text Prompt" field of attributes to "Product Landing Label". We have also added a 'Friendly Name' field to attributes and attributes values that will be used instead of the name in the places that we do access attributes and its values out of the landing page

Ability to apply a back-fill to the barcode field Now it is possible to change the background colour of the barcode field. It is white by default but it can be changed. Be aware that not all combinations are acceptable for printing.


Use Quantity Based Pricing option display unit price in tier price dropdown. Resolved a bug with the new setting "Generate tier pricing table using custom pricing" for products with no pricing script attached and quantity based pricing that was making the dropdown show the unit values instead of the total.

Fields with units of measurement on product variant pages add 4 0s to end upon saving Resolved a bug where modifying the price or measures of products when having the admin in a different language than English was converting the number to the configured language adding the precision decimals as normal whole numbers.

ZIP+4 codes don't return tax rate using Tax.CountryStateApi Resolved a bug where the American zipcodes were not working if not using hyphens

The Facebook image upload plugin is not working Resolved a bug with the upload from Facebook plugin after the last update from Facebook API. Now it is possible to use the image upload from Facebook.

Character spacing offsets placeholder text Resolved a bug in MegaEdit that was offsetting the placeholder text when you changed the character spacing and using centre or right alignment.

Layer support Script conflicts with drawing tool Resolved a bug when the layer script was enabled in MegaEdit and you used the drawing tools. If you draw a line on the canvas, the line re-positions itself to the top of the canvas.

Tab key disrupts formatting Resolved a bug when the TAB key was disrupting the line of text format when editing text fields in MegaEdit.

Text gets placed in an album when copied from Word using Chrome Resolved a bug that was preventing text copied from Word being pasted in MegaEdit when using Safari browser.

MegaEdit field "Fit to text" not working with CSV uploads Resolved a bug where the "Fit to text" setting on a text field in MegaEdit was not correctly working on fields with text placeholders being filled on batch MegaEdit products.

Failed to retrieve states Resolved a bug where you were not able to add new addresses to departments for some country configurations

ME reads single page as a spread Resolved a bug where selecting to save only the right layout and applying it was stacking the layouts up instead of replacing it.

Empty image thumbnails are generated in the ME gallery albums in case the Image upload plugin fails to upload a certain image Resolved a bug where the Dropbox plugin was failing to upload the images and was still showing an empty image thumbnail.

Update needed for Instagram Image Upload Resolved a bug with the upload from Instagram plugin after the latest update from Instagram to include Photo collections. Now it is possible to use the Photo collections for image upload from Instagram in MegaEdit.

Variable replacement mode - sidebar not working Resolved a bug on the Variable Replacement script when it was in 'sidebar mode' that was preventing the entering of data into the placeholders.

SagePay Profile value not saving Resolved a bug in the SagePay configuration that was not saving the Profile when changing its value.

Release Notes - 10/08/17


HTML Editor Message templates Now we have added a new editor for the message templates that will help you to use the placeholders and HTML tags.

Add language string for Cookie Banner "Accept" button Now it is possible to edit the text inside the cookie banner button. Search for the CookieBannerAcceptButtonText language string.

Category Search Performance improvement Added extra performance to the category search window. Now it loads faster through getting cached versions of the images.


Add a setting to show the department address as available address for billing and shipping We have added a setting in Customers Settings called "Include department addresses on billing and delivery selections" that enables the use of department addresses for shipping and billing on checkout. When this setting is enabled the department addresses of which the user is assigned will appear as an available address in the checkout

Add a link to the release notes in the admin menu Now it is possible to access the release notes page from the admin area of all the storefronts. A new link has been added next to the Store and clear cache links.

Support ITF barcode on Barcode Field in MegaEdit We have added to our MegaEdit barcode field the type of barcode ITF-14. Please note no borders are included in our version of this barcode.

Hide Payment Information section on Checkout page Now all the payment plugins that take payment once the order is confirmed we skip that section in the one page checkout. It affects the following payment methods: Authorize .net, SagePayEnterprise, PayFlow Pro, Paygate and Paypal.


Invalid drop-down values on the parent Category when editing a category Resolved a bug where you are able to select a category as its own parent category creating an infinite loop.

Tax is added twice Resolved a bug when applying 100% discount codes with products with taxes on the basket as it was applying the tax amount twice.

Cannot Access Blog Settings Resolved a bug that was not allowing users to access the page to modify the Blog settings.

Decimal variables on margin values are not saved Resolved a bug where the margin measurements for canvas were not correctly saved.

"Approval required" does not display against static products in basket Resolved a bug where the "Approval required" message was not displaying in the basket for static and Infigo products.

Quantity based pricing wrong values on dropdown Resolved a bug where the price for the tier pricing on the dropdown list when using quantity based pricing and a pricing script were involved. For this behavior to work you have to enable the setting from catalogue settings "Generate tier pricing table using custom pricing" and then the value of the dropdown will be calculated using the pricing script.

Slider Category template configuration Resolved a bug on the configuration of "Category Slider" template for categories that was not showing the additional settings for the configuration.

Fields with units of measurement on product variant pages add 4 0s to end upon saving Resolved a bug where modifying the price or measures of products when having the admin in a different language than English was converting the number to the configured language adding the precision decimals as normal whole numbers.

Add the https:// when using SSL to the storefront url message templates Resolved a bug where the URL links to the storefront on the message templates for emails was not getting the correct secure https prefix. Now the customers will feel more confident when pressing a link with the https on an email.

Cannot upload images through Dropbox Image Plugin Resolved a bug where it was not possible to upload images using the Dropbox plugin. When selecting and clicking "choose" button on the Dropbox window, no image is actually uploaded to the image list or to the album itself.

Release Notes - 26/07/17


Add a language string for login errors Now it is possible to edit the error messages of the registration and login windows. Search for the language strings starting with "Admin.Login.Errormessage" to edit these messages.

OrderPaid notification - not sent when payment type is set to authorize Now it is possible to send an email on order paid for all the plugins that support capture and release payment. Now it is also possible to configure if the store owner and the client get an email on release of the payment from the Order Settings "Send order paid email" and "Send order paid email to store owner".

Include placeholder text for custom user registration fields Now it is possible to customise the pre-populated placeholder text on the registration form "Custom Fields" changing the text for the language string Account.Register.Placeholder.Custom1, Custom2 and Custom3.

Calendar Script - Enable options Image Tab Added to the Calendar script the possibility to manipulate a date event image. Now it is possible to zoom, rotate, scale and flip images and then reset the changes for images being used in the calendar date blocks.


Upload Product add to basket broken Resolved a bug where the redirect to the ShoppingCart was not working for some upload template scenarios using the new Upload UI.

Calendar Script - Unable to amend text in event block Resolved a bug where the special effects for text of events in the Calendar module were not displaying correctly in the preview.

User access through direct link and Facebook login scenario Resolved a bug where the Facebook login was not returning you to the requested page and instead you were redirected to the store homepage.

USPS - Do not include into final result entries that have service errors Resolved a bug with USPS where it was showing as a shipping option despite the API returning errors during the calculation and web connections.

Release Notes - 12/07/17


Add CubeRootMethod for Shipping Service service Added a new setting to Configuration > Settings > Delivery Setting to use the cube root method for determining total package dimensions. It will set the package dimensions as the cube root of volume, in case the number of items is more than 1. This change should help when integrating with 3rd party delivery companies that use the same system when calculating number of packages and returning an accurate price.

Facebook login plugin updates Updated the Facebook login to the latest version to allow login with Facebook.

Change the way we display attributes in the basket Added a new class to all the attributes of products for easy styling using CSS. Now all attributes are surrounded by a class with the naming convention attributeInfo_{Attribute name}

Shipping Plugin Description Handling A new information icon has been added to all delivery methods in Checkout so the user can get a detailed explanation of the delivery info. This is especially useful with delivery plugins as it helps to understand the package calculations.

Calendar Script - Enable options Image Tab Now it is possible to zoom, rotate, scale and flip images and then reset the changes in the MegaEdit Calendar Module.


County not populated from postcode lookup Resolved a bug when using search for address by postcode where the county was not being returned.

New users created in admin should have registered role Resolved a bug where the users created in Catfish were created without a Customer Role.

The parcel order weight is wrong for the multi item order Resolved a bug where the wrong weight was sent to MetaPack if there was a combination of different product types in the basket.

Issue when download pdf from SPO Resolved a bug where the download button from Shared Print Operations was visible while the output was not available. Now it will be hidden if there is no output available, the output creation process has started, or output has failed.

Cant delete media images using tick and trashcan icons Resolved a bug where you were unable to delete an image from the new user album in the My Account section.

Incorrect time and date in current work section Resolved a bug where the the localisation settings for Date and Time were not applied to the name column on the basket.

FlexiSlider stops auto scroll when clicked Resolved a bug where the FlexiSlider auto scroll stopped working and did not scroll when pressing the arrows to navigate.

Investigate Basket and Checkout page speed issues Fixed a bug where the basket was not loading when ordering more than 40 products.


Add SEO Functionality to Blogs/News Added new SEO capabilities to blog posts and news. Now it is possible to add meta title, meta description and meta keywords to each individual post.

Update Record Order API - Dynamic and Infigo Products Support We have updated our RecordOrder API to be able to work with Dynamic products and Infigo products. There is a new parameter on the OrderLineItem called JobId that has to contain the Job id for the dynamic or Infigo product. Can be a number or a type+number. e.g. d1234, 1234. So, for an order with dynamic or Infigo products to be placed you have to pass the JobId of the product in the basket.

Release Notes - 28/06/17


Extend Generic MIS plugin to allow for multiple ways to post a job Our Generic MIS plugin now allows to select multiple actions for the XML file generated. Previously you would be able to decide if you wanted to send the XML or JSON to an API endpoint, an FTP or copied to a hot folder. Now, if required, you can request it to do all three or a combination of.

Autocopy to hot folder of MetaPack Packaging slip When embedding the MetaPack shipping label into Catfish Packaging Slips we have added to the plugin the possibility to auto download the populated packaging slip once available. If you enter the id of the hotfolder into the "Hotfolder Id" setting, that will be the destination folder when the consignment is available.

Amend to Optimus order XML We have added to the outgoing XML Order created for the Optimus plugin the order line item position of each order line so that their system discerns between a single delivery with lines and multiple deliveries.

AddProductName to XML for Generic MIS Now the Storefront name is available when we post an order with our Generic MIS plugin with the field name "StoreFrontName"

Friendly editable MegaEdit table We have added a new type of control to MegaEdit scripts to enter data in an easier way, a data table. Now you can add data to fill out information in a more organised


Catfish causes has bad issues when Masking is enabled Solved a bug where the use of masks in Catfish products was making the image disappear under specific circumstances.


Two page thumbnails on Basket Now it is possible to review all pages of an Infigo Product when you are in the basket. If you click the thumbnail of the order line, a pop up will appear and will allow you to browse all the pages of your design.

Calendar Script - Ability to set a fixed date block area height Added new functionality to our Calendar module. Now it is possible to configure the area where the calendar is going to be generated on every month to leave room for headers or side panels. You can enter the default values for all the months or override a specific month.

Extend Customer CSV upload to include multiple addresses We have extended the user creation by using a CSV file to include multiple addresses. Now you can add to each address column an ending in the form of "_1" to bind together address fields. You can download an example with 2 address fields from the import users page.

Release Notes - 14/06/17


Print Solutions magazine product creation with 3D preview showing metallic finish Added to our 3D preview module the possibility to have metallic reflection.

Create short description field for blogs. Now blog posts can include a short description field that will be used on the view page /blog

Add new field for copied products which stores original product GUID Now it is easier to track when a product is copied from another product as base. There is a new field called "Copied from" that will appear when you copy a product and will contain the unique GUID of that product.

Calendar Script - Remove start month restriction Now it is possible to select on our calendar module a starting month in the past.

Extend quote email to include product information Now it is possible to use more save quotes tokens on the message templates, attributes, product name, or calculated price. Look for the tokens that start with SaveQuote when editing the message template.

Ability to set Instructions popup to appear only once per session Now there is a checkbox on the instructions pop up of MegaEdit that says "Don't show again" to do not show the instructions message again while the cookie is active.

Solprint - Update the GetStockPriceInfigo call Implemented in the Solprint plugin the validation of price with quantity when in checkout using batch MegaEdit products.


Capture incompatible TIFF's on upload We have introduced new checks for the compatibility of TIFF files. Some incompatible files now will display an error and will not allow you to proceed when using them.

Hide "sharing options" for non-AlbumAdmin users Solved a bug where the "sharing options" of an album when using the New Album Management were accessible to non admin users.

Tier discounts not including the smaller quantity Solved a bug where the tiered discount for MegaEdit products were not correctly applied when in the editor.

Attribute Logic- Some problems with pre-selected values Multiple issues resolved within attribute logic and pre-selected values. When changing values on the product landing page that forced other fields to disappear and then appear again, the default value was not correctly selected.

Static job prices not showing in approval workflow Fixed a bug where the price for static jobs was not appearing in the approval workflow so approvers were not able to sign off the final price.

Assign role "Registered" to user Solved a bug where users created using the API without a customer role could not be edited.

Disable input fields from 'Read Only' row in Catfish Editor Batch Now all the data fields set as 'Read Only' in the template for Batch Infigo products are ignored when using the keyboard navigation for the entering of data.

XML Description tag references short description, not full description Fixed a bug in the Generic MIS plugin where the Short Description field of a product was used in the Description field of the XML order post. Now the Description field is populated by the Full Description and a new XML node has been added for ShortDescription.

Allow AuthorizeDotNet orderes to complete payment after completing the order Added support for AuthorizeDotNet payment to allow for payment to be taken at a later date if the user cancelled the payment or left the payment screen without confirming but the order is still placed.

Address line 2 required through admin when setting is disabled Fixed a bug where the setting "Address Line 2 required" from Customer settings was ignored on certain scenarios.

Shipping Method text encoded on email notifications Fixed a bug where the order delivery method token was not correctly encoded for the message templates.

Certain layouts causing errors Solved a bug that prevented changing the current theme layout if you have previously set as active an erroneous layout.

Fix SagePay plugin Solved a bug when trying to defer more than one transaction in the new capture and release mode for SagePay.


PDF Support more than one page Now it is possible to select the page that you want to use when using a multi page PDF file as source for an image field in MegaEdit. After adding a PDF file to the library just simply drag and drop it into an image field, a pop up will appear and then you will be able to select the image that you want to use.

Send a notification email on symphony operation email trigger Added a new setting to Symphony Settings called "SendNotificationForImmediateTriggers" that when enabled sends the email template "SymphonyTriggered.CustomerNotification" to the customer that placed the order when the trigger is fired to inform them that their campaign is running.

Release Notes - 31/05/17


Extend Customer csv upload to include multiple addresses We have extended user creation through CSV upload to include multiple addresses. Now you can add to each address column an ending in the form of "_1" to bind together address fields. You can download an example with 2 address fields from the import users page. Please see support article here: https://infigosoftware.zendesk.com/knowledge/articles/115003234423/en-us?brand_id=1942986.

Add additional prepare strings for department information We have added new tokens to access the Department information on the message templates. You can use Customer.Department.{PropertyName} and Order.Department.{PropertyName}.

Delivery method per product/group filters We have added to the USPS delivery method the possibility to specify a Maximum weight for the Flat Rates to be available. Use the "FlatRateMaximumWeight" setting to configure it. If the weight of an order exceeds this then those Flat Rate USPS delivery services will not be made available.

Extend Packaging Slip to support Order Line Item data Now it is possible to target Order Line attributes from the Packaging Slips. When creating an Infigo Designer template you use the following naming convention as the name of a field: OrderLineText_{Order Line Index}_AttributeCFPARAMETER{Name} where index starts from 0 and the Name is the attribute Name. i.e. OrderLineText_0_AttributeCFPARAMETERLicense Please see support article here: https://infigosoftware.zendesk.com/knowledge/articles/115003239486/en-us?brand_id=1942986

Supporting product groups for MIS plugins Now it is possible to use product groups information and attributes when you are posting product details in any MIS integration.

Create a new settings feature in MetaPack plugin for parcel data We have added new settings to our MetaPack integration. You can enter different parcel dimensions in the job details from SPO, if you save a parcel size as default you can also confirm automatically the order with the setting "Automatically confirm order" so you do not have to manually enter the package detail form SPO.

Extend attribute logic to work on product variants Now it is possible to use the attribute logic that was available for product groups in product variants. You can hide or show attributes in the product landing page depending on the previous attributes selections. The hiding of attributes is still not carried over to the checkout attributes or reports.


Incorrect Tokens for URL paths on messages Solved a bug where the incorrect token for the store URL was used on the message templates when using https.

"Do not ask for a default album" setting sticking Solved a bug that was not allowing the setting "Do not ask for a default album" to be enabled. Now it is possible to use albums as they are intended to be used instead of forcing them to use the default album.

Certain Date instance doesn't use Localisation format Fixed a bug that did not allow you to localise the date format for the UPS plugin


MetaPack auto-copy to hot folder of shipping documents We have extended the MetaPack integration to allow for the shipping documents returned by MetaPack to be unzipped and placed into a Hot folder of your choice. The resulting file has the format: MetaPack_{OrderId}_{Timestamp}

Anonymous checkout changes Now it is possible to enable Anonymous checkout. Enable the setting "Anonymous checkout allowed" from Configuration > Settings > Order Settings. With this setting enabled, customers will have the option to checkout as guests, not needing to be logged in to place an order. They will be asked to enter an email on checkout which will be used to send the order notifications. An attempt for a guest checkout with a registered account forces you to log in.

Logging Window updates Changed all the admin Error Logging area in System >Log so they adopt a new framework and style with the addition of extra information for troubleshooting and set a permanent URL for the log entries details.

Release Notes - 08/05/17


Force browser to clear cache for images: Solved an issue with the user profile picture not refreshing immediately after uploading a new image.

Shared Print Operations Updates: We have included an additional product status filter for ‘Verified’, so you can now quickly and easily see which jobs have been successfully downloaded through Catfish Sync. We have also improved the search so that you can trigger it using the enter key on the keyboard, rather than having to click the search button.

MEGAEDIT - Image Alignment options within Image Fields: We have extended the alignment options available to image fields in MegaEdit by introducing a new setting, a new product option called ‘Show Image Alignment Options’. When this is enabled it will allow you to set a default alignment for the image that sits within that field. These alignment options include: Vertical alignment (top, middle, bottom) and horizontal alignment (left, centre, right).

Release Notes - 21/04/17


Add Gift Code to Checkout: Now it is possible to add a gift code in the checkout process. There is a new setting in Configuration > Settings > Order Settings > Show GiftCard Box On Checkout. If you enable it, it will appear as Gift Cards and Applied Gift Cards on the Confirm Order step of the Checkout.

Tracking URL in My Orders: When using Metapack, a new tracking URL will appear to the customer on My Account > Orders which will open a new window to show the order status.

Tracking URL in Notification Email: There is a new token available for the message templates, it is called %Order.ShippingInfo% and it contains the tracking URL provided by the Metapack Plugin for the tracking of a shipment.

Closed groups visual change on symphony operations: Added a visual indication to Symphony Operations when a group has been closed.


Introduce new reapit web service option calls: It is now possible in the Reapit Integration to select the type of properties to import and update. You can choose General or International.

Amend spell checker in Catfish editor: Updated the spell checker to the latest version and added new words to the dictionary.

In Reapit Sync, set the category to unpublished if it is anything other than Active. On our Reapit Integration, now all properties with an empty SaleStatus or "Under Offer" get unpublished. Using this setting you can clear up the site from old sold properties.

Add Payments.[Method].FriendlyName language strings to all platforms: Updated the default names of all the payment methods.

Prevent Downloadable product outputs from being removed during cleanup tasks. Added a new cleanup setting to Catfish >Settings >CleanupSettings called ‘Delete Expired Downloadable Products’ that will check if the "Number of days" of a downloadable product is reached and will delete the outputs.

Hotfolder modifications: Now it is possible to browse, download, upload, create or delete files and folders from hotfolders within Catfish. Added a new permission to Configuration > Access Control List called "Admin area. You can manage hotfolders" that will make a new button called "Manage" to each folder of a print location.

Implement Budget edit/delete: Now it is possible to edit or remove budgets from the Budgets tab of customers.

Product Groups Attribute Logic: Now you can configure attributes logic in product groups to show or hide other attributes and its values. Enable the setting from Configuration > Settings > Catalogue Settings > Enable Attribute Logic when editing a product group on the attributes tab, if you add a dropdown list, radio or checkbox attribute control, you can set a logic that will make the rest of the attributes with a higher Display Order to show. If the attribute showing is also a multivalue, you can then select holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the values you want from the dropdown list, the values that will be available to the end user, or if you do not select any, all values will be available on the product landing page.

Force browser to clear cache for images: Solved an issue where the user profile picture didn’t refresh immediately after uploading a new image.

Sub Tasks:

CATFISH-5944 Support for Column Flow: Added a new MegaEdit script called "Advanced Layout Product". This script allows you to add column flow to MegaEdit products. Now there is a panel on the right when editing the product as an admin with all the necessary options for the fields to automatically add tags to the fields that will control: column flow, combined areas, suppression, horizontal lines, bullet points, flexing groups or font size.


Discounts of the type "Assigned to product variants (SKUs)" should not appear in Product Group Discounts: Solved a bug where it was not possible to set discounts to product groups in some scenarios.

Character countdown doesn't work when using Infigo Designer: Fixed a bug on Infigo Designer to show the number of characters left on text fields with a maximum number of characters.

Discount start date and end date not localising correctly: Fixed a bug where the Format display of end and start dates of a discount were not localised according to the settings.

Release Notes - 06/04/17


Enable multiple concurrent MIS’ to be enabled: We now allow for multiple MIS plugins to be configured at a time. This opens the door to allow for different plugins to handle different functionality - for example, you can use one plugin to manage stock and price and then post the order to a separate MIS system. Or alternatively set it up so that you both download the XML job into a hotfolder and post the job information to an MIS, this is all now possible.


Export To Excel function on Manage Products Page only gives published products on output: Fixed a bug where un-published product variants were not exported when using the export functions of the export to Excel function on Manage Products.

Calendar setup script extension: We have created a new module for MegaEdit that allow admins to quickly create highly functional calendar products. The module also allows for an advanced UI experience for the end user when populating their calendar dates, images, and layouts. For more information on setting this script extension up, and to see example products please contact the Helpdesk.

TIFF file upload: We have introduced support for TIFF files to be uploaded and used in both our Catfish and MegaEdit editors. Only baseline TIFF tags are supported.

JPEG file upload support: We have introduced a new setting that allows for JPG files to be uploaded for a MultiPart upload product. Previously this only supported PDF files but with this new development, it also allows for TIFF, JPG, and PDFs to be used. For images, we will check the DPI setting - if DPI is not configured then we will use 300 as default. This DPI setting will then be used to calculate the page size so we have Pixel size / DPI to calculate the size in inches of the output page.

Force browser to clear cache for images: Solved an issue with the user profile picture not refreshing immediately after uploading a new image.


Discount start date and end date not localising correctly: Fixed a bug where the format displays end and start date of a discount were not localised according to the settings.

Release Notes - 21/03/17


MegaEdit Pricing Addition: Now it is possible to add pricing rules from the MegaEdit product configuration admin page. There is a new button to insert discount tiers where you can configure the quantity of pages and the discount (percentage based) applied. You also have a way to select where the discount applies: Quantity, Record Count, Quantity * Record Count (default).


Re-visit tax with discounts: We have added a new type of discount along with the already existing "Assigned to order subtotal" and "Assigned to order total". " Assigned To Order Sub Total Including Shipping" as some clients want to do the discount on the shipping costs.

Product Configuration module: It is now possible to save the attribute configuration of a product and send that configuration by email. There is a new setting in Configuration > Settings > Catalogue Settings called "Allow Save Quote" that will make a new button to appear alongside the edit of a product with attribute configuration. On that new pop up, you can save the quote to your account, by emailing it or copying the URL.

Include support for static products in Kit Product: Now it is possible to add Static PDF products to a custom Kit Product.

[Magento] Adjust the plugin to use the new API to download the output: You can now download the Catfish output from our Magento Plugin using new API methods.

Variable Replacement Script Popup Dialogue: Visual improvements on the UI of the variable replacement script pop up on MegaEdit products.

Release Notes - 16/03/17


Generic Webhook (Advanced): You are now able to access extra Catfish Generic webhooks to interact with Catfish. You can apply an XSLT transformation to incoming data, which creates the correct XML that Catfish is expecting.

Paygate plugin: We have added a new payment plugin for PayGate. Now it is possible to take payments using this provider.

Allow for CSV upload in custom pricing script: Now it is easier to update the prices of the products with a complex algorithm calculation. We have added an option to use CSV files and a page in "Catfish > Other > Additional Data > Global Additional Data" for uploading and downloading the files used.

Editing Specification Attribute Option Redirects to Platform Login, Deleting throws error: We have fixed a bug that prevented you from editing specification attributes. Previously, when you edited a specification attribute you were redirected to the platform admin area, and when you deleted an attribute you were shown errors.


Multiline textbox attribute preloads space characters: Fixed a bug that was making a multiline text box field pre-populated with empty spaces.

Assigning a theme with layouts: Solved an issue that was happening in some scenarios when creating new storefronts with modified themes.

Editing Specification Attribute Option Redirects to Platform Login, Deleting throws error: We have fixed a bug that prevented you from editing specific attributes. Previously, when you edited a specific attribute you were redirected to the platform admin area, and when you deleted an attribute you were shown errors.

Release Notes - 01/03/17


Create an API method to accept an order from an external system: Now it is possible to create an order in Catfish from an external system using our API. You can send in the Payment Status, Delivery Address, Order lines or even a Callback URL to be notified when the order is shipped.


MegaEdit mobile - Mobile styles for tabs, buttons, tools: Now it is possible to use MegaEdit easily on mobile phones. A multitude of style changes has been made in order to enhance usability.


[Admin] Not possible to edit a category from the tree view: There were issues when trying to edit a category information using the Tree View.

Approval Workflow Submitted Email message template does not send: The approval emails about an order being placed in the approval queue were not always sent as the general check for pending approvals was done at platform level and some storefront configurations were preventing emails being added to the queue.

Workflow Approved message template default incorrect: Updated the email template "Approval Workflow Approved Email" to include extra information about the job being approved.

Release Notes - 16/02/17


Symphony Expand buttons to change cursor: We have made visual changes to Symphony so that when you have buttons or interactive areas the cursor changes to notify the user.

Create Editable content for homepage mid: Added a new content area on the middle of the homepage called "Homepage.Midpage.Content" that can be used as a separator between the featured categories and featured products. What also has been added is a new content area on the middle of the homepage called "Homepage.Midpage.Content2" that can be used as a separator between the featured products and the news section.

Calendar setup script extension: We have created a new module for MegaEdit that allow admins to quickly create highly functional calendar products. The module also allows for an advanced UI experience for the end user when populating their calendar dates, images, and layouts. For more information on setting this up and to see example products please contact the Helpdesk.


Setting static jobs to verified once Catfish Sync downloads it: The verification status that was given to variable and dynamic products when Catfish Sync downloads the files has been extended now to work for all product types. So if Catfish Sync now downloads a static file, we will mark that job as verified so there is consistency.

Private messages not laid out correctly: We have improved the layout and style of the Private Messages page in Catfish. The editor now has more space assigned, all the controls are aligned and positioned correctly.

Cannot place an order as an anonymous user: We have fixed the bug preventing you from using the anonymous checkout functionality in Catfish. This, now when enabled, should work and allow you to offer users to checkout without having to register on the site. Settings: Order Settings > "Allow Order Without Email" Order Settings > "Anonymous checkout allowed"

The issue with PDF's in MegaEdit: There were issues with uploaded PDFs in MegaEdit across different page orientations and with cropped PDF files. This has now been fixed so the PDFs appear correctly when used on your MegaEdit products.