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We are a leader in personalised print and marketing engagement solutions.

Screen shot of Catfish platform, offering full personalisation as part of Infigo's web to print solution


Our personalisation on demand solutions is the very essence of web-to-print. These are built on an inexpensive way to produce all personalised business collateral and merchandise, even smaller packaging print runs. In Addition, the technical set up is quick, retaining inventories and stock are not required, reducing handling and accounting costs. There is little waste from unsold stock as well as increasing the customer’s choice with an improved quality control time factor.

The benefits to markers in a corporate or agency environment are endless and all at the press of a button.



The educational sector is no exception when it comes to its print needs, looking to personalise items, with the ability to push one off unique jobs through automation to lower costs, provide a portal to do so and create a feeling of community and pride with students, faculty, staff and supporters.
Offering flexibility to each educational facility is the key, giving the creativity to the students, enabling them to manufacture themselves and purchase whilst offering more educational opportunities.

Staying on top of current trends and new technologies across all media platforms is essential and Infigo’s innovative software is dynamic in its offering. Its HTML5 responsive designs, mobile responsiveness on all devices, faster load speed and the most extensive templates allows just that. A fully automated workflow with Infigo’s state-of-the-art software.

Let’s discuss how Infigo can help your learning and print.

Screen shot of University of Print - Infigo Software offers web to print solutions to the in-plant sector


It’s never easy managing print costs, achieving a fast turnaround as well as ensuring the entire process is easy to manage. In-plant providers face this challenge every day with their internal and external customers demanding the best efficiency for their organisation. Infigo offers a web-based solution enabling you to implement cost effectively and with greater speed.
Offering greater control, efficiency, fully automated production, delivery and is fully integrated with all social media channels. Catfish provides all you need from web-to-print, personalisation, mail merge, stock management and much more.

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Estate agents are one industry where we feel we can really add value.

Imagine being able to produce a glossy fully intuitive brochure with all the details required to present and sell that high-end property, to a well-designed, consistently branded and fully informative brochure but at speed and efficiency, your clients will be delighted with.

Infigo Software sees themselves as collaborative partners in offering web-to-print solutions for specific industries and the benefits to the property industry are enormously valuable. We think that a joint approach to print companies servicing these types of clients’ and those looking for a bespoke solution is the way to go.

Our MegaEdit software is the perfect vehicle for print companies to win web-to-print contracts within this sector. The flexibility of our software, which can pull personal details from a CRM system, and its ability to personalise each individual properties details whilst maintaining the company logos throughout all templates adds endless value.

Being a web-based software in multi locations within an organisation is never a problem, keeping the consistency of a brand worldwide. The easy to use solution enables staff to edit and order their own print materials, streamlining the entire process.

  • Cloud solution, with no server to install
  • Smooth installation
  • The great support offered by our technical team
  • The flexibility of MegaEdit Editor

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Screen shot of MegaEdit - Infigo offers web to print solutions to the estate agent sector
Screen shot of Symphony - Infigo offers brand and marketing communications software


We offer effective models to help you accelerate your brand and products by streamlining all your communications.
A personalised marketing campaign along with flexibility and simplicity to keep your brand consistency in all you do. Using our print platforms enable you to control your brand and tailor it to your business or that of your clients while ensuring the brand is not compromised.
Our Catfish Cross Media Marketing tool provides a single, easy-to-use platform ideal for marketers and printers.
To create deliver and track their campaigns across all media. A truly user-friendly online portal.

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