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Find out if Google’s new SSL Policy affects your website

Find out if Google’s new SSL Policy affects your website

Find out if Google’s new SSL Policy affects your website

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It is no secret that in recent times Google has been making security a priority. However, now the tech giant has really stepped it up a notch with its latest SSL Policy changes that flag websites without encryption.

Since October 2017, warnings appear on all pages requiring content input from the user that are not secure. This includes incognito pages if the user begins to fill in a specific field. Google’s aim is to clearly label pages which are not safe and secure, encouraging website owners to implement SSL certificates. One of the most well documented methods of encouragement Google has given to business owners is the increase of SEO scores of websites with SSL certificates, with non-HTTPS websites facing the possibility of being blacklisted. It now seems that Google has taken a big step in ensuring that SSL certificates are mandatory.

The actions you need to take now!

Every time Google adjusts and changes their policies or algorithms, website owners must make changes to their sites and their strategy to adapt. Millions of websites will be affected by this change in policy as Google makes a push for a safer user experience. You need to ensure you have an SSL certificate and that your website is modified to load over HTTPS.

By taking these actions, your website will be marked as safe by Google. If you choose to do nothing, visitors will be greeted by a disconcerting warning message when they visit your site. Google is not the only company pushing for more encryption on the web - joined by the likes of Apple and Mozilla, it seems the tech powerhouses all share a mutual goal.

Putting it bluntly, if you don’t have an SSL certificate, consumers will be deterred from shopping with you. And if your next best competitor is compliant, your customers are likely to defect to them. So not only will it be harder for your target customer to find you, because Google is penalising your SEO ranking, but when a customer does reach your site they may well quickly exit through fear of their information being at risk.

Today’s savvy digital generation is very aware of the importance of data security and so it’s essential to make sure you don’t risk losing sales.

How we can help.

Infigo Software and Netkandi both hold full SSL certificates ensuring a great user experience and security at all stages of our customers’ digital journey. Make sure you guarantee your websites ranking today. To find out more about how to purchase an SSL certificate, get in touch with our professional team here