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Stationery HQ


FT Solutions offers innovative communication services comprising print, mail and online media, along with branding services that help to build brand engagement through consistent brand messaging and highly personalised campaigns.

Stationery HQ offers digital print, web-to-print and production services to the stationery industry and was born out of a desire to offer the great work its mother company, Progressive Solutions, creates for large business clients on a more intimate scale to small independent home-based businesses.

Coming with a long history of success built with their existing website, PrintHQ.com, the issue that StationeryHQ.com faced was finding a tool that enables full, seamless integration with the existing site whilst simultaneously allowing sophisticated personalisation options.


Stationery HQ were impressed with the approach Infigo Software demonstrated at Dscoop. Rather than push a hard sell, Infigo exhibited a keen interest in what Stationery HQ wanted to achieve and whether the products that Infigo can offer were a good fit. In the words of Mark Sarpa, CEO, Stationery HQ, “Really it was more about the company and where they see the future and someone who was willing to work with us to accomplish our goals; Infigo asked ‘what are you trying to build and let’s see if we are a good fit’”. This constructive attitude stood Infigo out against any competitors and won the attention and business of Stationery HQ. Mark recognises that such a partnership ‘should grow their businesses and allow us to grow ours’.


Both companies understand that a focus on the business partnership and the future prospects of any relationship set the right environment for future growth. With the new upgraded sites just going live this new year, 2018 promises to be a year of growth. Once Stationery HQ is established, Mark Sarpa plans to implement Infigo’s Catfish platform and MegaEdit design module to a third site, Frecklebox.com and after that the two new sites he has in the pipeline. This is a key attraction: the ability to develop niche sites, integrate them with existing sites and grow ecommerce across the brands. Ultimately the aim has to be ““about growing the business”. for all parties.

Stationery HQ purchased Catfish and MegaEdit.