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Chris Sutherland, Graphic Designer

"Thank you for everything you guys did for me over the past couple of days, your hospitality was fantastic and I appreciate it immensely. I learned an incredible amount from Ricky in such a short space of time, the training he gave me will serve me immeasurably in the coming months for the sites we’ve already got planned to build.

One of the selling points of Infigo Software for us as a company, over some of your competitors, wasn’t just the product but also how approachable and friendly you were in those initial contacts, something which has continued, you are genuinely a great bunch of people that we are very happy to work with. It’s always a pleasure when we deal with you, and it’s a refreshing change to deal with a company with such nice staff who have such a good positive attitude."

Marcus Wise, Managing Director

"We wanted to give our customers the flexibility to choose the songs they wished to have in a book and personalise it with a custom cover design. Infigo Software was the only vendor in this country we could source that offered this innovative service. Catfish and its integration into a sophisticated print facility that can handle one-off publications, is unique in the publishing industry. And from a user’s perspective, it is very intuitive and user friendly."


"Catfish gives us all the speed and functionality we require with consistent document production across the whole organisation as well as the invaluable corporate governance. No other product was able to offer us this opportunity."

Edward Arthur, Managing Director

"Catfish enabled us to position LEFA as a cutting edge business. It’s a powerful tool to take to customers and it gives them many advantages whilst also being a great weapon on our own arsenal."

Gary Keens, Managing Director

"We chose Infigo Software because they are a very fluid organisation, quick to react to new market opportunities but with an in-depth knowledge of the print industry."

Adrian Coates, Commercial Director

"A key strength of Catfish is its PDF engine. It delivers complete flexibility when designing cards and ensures the end user has a high-quality experience when manipulating their designs. The combination of Catfish and our design portfolio meant we were able to launch a comprehensive offer in the required time."

Roby Pryer, Managing Director

"Catfish has opened up new doors to business that we’ve never been able to do before. We’re on course to nearly doubling our print business and Catfish has played a major part in this growth."