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Tony Lock joins Infigo as new sales director

Tony Lock joins Infigo as new sales director

Tony Lock joins Infigo as new sales director

Infigo Software

Infigo Software is delighted to announce the appointment of our new sales director, Tony Lock. The former Duplo UK managing director and Duplo International sales director, blogs here about why he wanted to join Infigo and why he believes print is here to stay…

"After leaving the RAF in the late 1980’s I have spent more than two decades servicing, marketing or selling grey boxes of various flavours. No disrespect to these boxes but it is time for a change for me."

"Back in the 1990’s I took an HNC in computer studies at night school (call it old school actually as I even programmed in binary with actual 1’s and 0’s at the time!) and have always been interested in software and how it was, and is, changing our world. When I first joined Xerox I actually used their own PC system, which was much more advanced than Microsoft at the time (Xerox invented drop down menus and the mouse for example) but they couldn’t figure out how to sell it. Along came Bill Gates and the rest is history. It was a valuable lesson for me as in my view there are very few bad ideas in business. It’s in the implementation that makes or breaks an idea most of the time."

"So I am now helping Infigo Software in the next stage of their journey. 1’s and 0’s again for me! It’s actually very nice coming into an organisation that is really on the up, growing strongly and innovating all the time. Normally I have had to do a bit of a rescue job in most of my previous roles. Here at Infigo I am building on a very positive place and I will help scale the business to the next level, which is very exciting."

"The Web to Print market in which Infigo is a significant player, is actually quite fractured and full of a lot of smaller companies re-skinning software packages and re-selling these as their own. Infigo’s
1’s and 0’s are their 1’s and 0’s, developed completely in-house and this is a real advantage for our customers, as we have total control."

"Printing was once a craft. The clue is in the name I guess. Now modern Print Service Providers are sophisticated businesses and this has changed everything. It is a craft no more, so I am focussing my learning in my first few days and weeks to really understand how Infigo can help customers."

"Selling to printers used to be about the ‘latest thing’. Something faster, better or cheaper. The way solution providers like Infigo are successful in helping printers is through demonstrating innovation of course, but focussing on how their solution actually helps a printer. It may be to automate to be more efficient. It may be to offer new profitable services to their clients. It may be a way of just being different. However we help, selling solutions has changed, and the industry has changed as it has moved from being a craft to a business."

"This blog can’t go out without me eulogising about print. In this digital world there is a ‘minority backlash’ and a significant move towards the physical world. Vinyl and CD sales are just two examples. If you don’t believe me on this, look at Sofar Sounds' success in hosting intimate events in 418 cities around the world, where the main USP is, you cannot take your phone into the event, so you can’t hold it up in front of other people and spoil their view of the band. I even heard today that Microsoft (back to 1’s and 0’s) is opening their first store in Europe. The physical is here to stay. Print is here to stay."