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TTS Group

Case Study

Infigo Software integrates Catfish Web-to-Print within TTS Group Ltd's ecommerce site

Infigo Software has customised its Catfish Web-to-Print platform to be fully integrated within TTS's ecommerce site - the home of innovative educational resources for schools and parents across the UK.

TTS now offers a unique service - customers can visit their familiar TTS account and gain seamless access to Catfish where they can personalise items such as bags, maps, badges, stationery and books.

Part of the RM Group of companies, TTS Group has over 270 people working at its offices in Kirkby and Annesley in Nottinghamsire.



Andrea Smith, Project Manager for Business Systems and Improvement, is focused on expanding the company’s ecommerce site.

“We knew that we wanted something different. The key challenge was that we needed to create a hybrid experience of web-to-print that was fully integrated with our existing ecommerce system,” explains Andrea. “Our customers are mainly in the school office and work in extremely busy and fraught environments. We needed to make it as easy as possible for them to benefit from web-to-print whilst using our existing account and billing services.”

Andrea invited leading web-to-print suppliers to submit information and from the responses she selected three to deliver demonstrations.

“Infigo Software was chosen based on price, the quality of the Catfish platform and the best fit in terms of a working relationship,” she confirms. “We really liked their innovation and sensitivity to our market.”


Andrea continues, “Infigo Software adapted its highly flexible Catfish Sync API to accommodate our needs. The Catfish templates enable customers to see exactly what their personalised products will look like when produced. The templates then link directly into our storefront and pricing system. It provides customers with a painless shopping experience.”


"A key challenge was introducing web-to-print to TTS’s suppliers who specialise primarily in promotional goods; they produce hundreds of products from a single file.

Working with TTS’s suppliers, Infigo Software created unique templates to fit the distinct specifications of each supplier such as file format, set up and colours. The Catfish platform was also departmentalised so suppliers could see only their own area of the TTS site.

In addition, Infigo Software worked with each supplier to ensure that their internal systems and processes could benefit from Catfish’s automated capabilities."


“We’ve had excellent support from Infigo Software,” concludes Andrea. “We really like the fact that like us, they value quality and never want to settle for second best. When we identify an opportunity, Infigo Software has worked with us to find the best way to deliver and execute it for our customers.

“The company is also highly flexible. It’s not the case that every time we ask for something, that we get a bill. They’ve invested in their own infrastructure to ensure our system is a complete success.”