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Women of Infigo Software

Women of Infigo Software

Women of Infigo Software

Infigo Software

As it is Women’s History Month, we decided to ask our female staff members to share their opinions about working in a male dominant industry.

Although the general consensus when thinking of a software company is that it is part of the male dominated industry, here at Infigo Software some incredible women are part of our teams, from development and marketing, to design, accounts, and management. Check what they have to say below.

Digital Strategy Manager – “Although I have not been long at Infigo, I have worked for other companies where the environment was predominantly male. I think the difference on how work is handled by a man and a woman is very clear, but that turned out to be advantageous: by working with people that have a different mindset from me, I got to see situations with a fresh pair of eyes and their opinions usually include ideas that would not have occurred to me so quickly. I think it’s a two way-road, where both parts can learn and combine strengths to achieve a common goal. I particularly never experienced any type of gender discrimination and have always worked with very professional men.”

Accounts Manager – “Working in quite a male dominated environment over the years, I have perhaps developed a slightly thicker skin and have also defiantly acquired the skill of selective hearing (and not just when there is a conversation about football). Everyone is different but ultimately regardless of gender, we can all be sensitive at times, we all get annoyed occasionally and we all have our moods (hmmm thinking about it some of the males more than most) but we are a team and a very strong team who respect each other personally and professionally which is why we all work to be the great team that we are.”

Tester – “I am in Infigo team for not so long time and I am the only girl in the team I work every day. What I can say about how is to work for a company where all co-workers are males is that I don’t feel that they treat me different just because I am a girl and that is awesome. The only situation in which I feel that I am the only girl in the team is when I receive more sweets than others, which is not so good as seems because I am getting fat.”

Digital Marketing Team Leader – “Working in a predominantly-male company has, in my opinion, strengthened the bond between the Infigo Software women. With women in a variety of job roles across different departments - we still manage to work together as a team and have a lot of respect for one another. With women often labelled as 'catty' or 'ditsy', I am proud to say that this is not the case with the women I work with and I have learnt a lot from each of them which is something that continues to bring much value to my day-to-day.”

Accounts – “I think the team here is predominantly male due to the nature of the services we provide here at Infigo, being a software company. Technical software development in my opinion being a male-dominated sector. In our office, the female staff mostly fulfil the ‘Administration’ side of things, i.e: Marketing/Accounts, although we do have two female members of staff that work in the website design department. I think it is quite well-balanced male to female ratio as we have more ‘technical development/Support’ staff than we do ‘Administrators’. All job types here require good organisation skills which I feel everybody has. I enjoy the fact that our office is mixed male/female as I find the males ‘laid back’ attitude seems to balance out the females who, in my opinion based on my experiences in previous female-dominated workplaces, tend to be a tiny bit more highly-strung and perhaps not as ‘straight-up’ should an issue arise, compared with males. Likewise, I find the females balance the males ‘laid-back’ attitude and perhaps influence them to be a little more serious when necessary. Of course, this is a generalisation. We have such a mixed group of people here and everybody is different and brilliant in their own ways.”

Marketing Executive – “Always when I was at school it was the boys who were into tech and it was a rarity for girls to be interested, however this was not the case for me, I always had a flare in IT and technology and wanted to have a career in it. As I knew it was a male dominant area in technology I thought it was going to be hard working in an office predominantly male, but this is far from the case for Infigo Software. All of the males and females at Infigo get on well and have a laugh, and there is no discrimination between our job roles when it comes to each of our professions.”

Graphic Designer – “The tech industry is predominantly male and since working at Infigo it's been great getting more and more females into the office. It offers different views and opinions which is especially helpful in the design process. There’s a big focus on getting more women into the tech industry overall and I think over the past few years its brought women together to be more supportive and respectful of each other. Design is sometimes seen as just making things look pretty so it's easy to feel inferior to the predominantly male development team but I think every woman in the team has a crucial role in the business that without would not have got the company where it is today.”

Head of Marketing – “Having worked in a predominantly female environment for most of my career (retail marketing is mostly girls!) and now a male dominated one, I would say that you learn to take life a little less seriously in the latter! The banter can be more brutal but it’s all in jest and so you quickly learn to take it that way. There’s much more room to get ready in the toilet for a work night out and the dancing involves many more break dancing moves than when you’re out with female work colleagues. I’ve never seen so many drunken caterpillars and windmills… All in all, it’s fun working in a female environment and it’s just as fun working predominantly with men, just in different ways. In all seriousness, it's great to see more females coming into industries that have previously been the domain of men, and I think it will bring with it greater balance.”

It may take a while for male predominant industries to change but there are already very successful women making their mark and this reinforces a positive feeling about the future. At Infigo, independent on being male or female, each and every person has a unique personality and is ready to give each other a hand whenever necessary to complete a project – and this type of collaboration is what makes us proud to be a team.