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Wyke Printers

Case Study

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Case Study, Wyke Printers

With over three decades of experience, Wyke Printers is a forward thinking company that has access to the latest print technology, and is the first in their region to invest in digital technology in order to provide many benefits to their clients. Their innovative approach to printing extends to their software which made them an ideal client for Infigo Software Ltd.

A keen focus for Wyke was to allow their clients to handle stock which was held for them. They required a solution that could manage the fulfilment aspect as well as provide inventory lists and assets downloads. Catfish was the perfect solution.

Stephen Connor, General Manager of Wyke Printers Limited explains,
“It was a full time job for one person with another employed 20-30% time on one of the projects, we wanted to replace our existing web-to-print system with something which could handle ’kitting’ i.e. ability to create groups of products, share products across these groups and also be able to adjust the contents of the products by deselecting products on an ad-hoc basis”.

"They were the only supplier who understood what we required and showed us a way to achieve this. Other suppliers came close but did not offer the functionality that Catfish would give us” continues Stephen.

Catfish is the market leading web-to-print platform, ideal for companies looking to expand their printing business online in both B2B and B2C environments. The enterprise level solution can be configured to customers' exact requirements. Customising the front-end and user workflows help to improve the user experience and internal processes.

The intuitive nature of Catfish allows anyone, anywhere, the capability to submit customised print-ready artwork whilst maintaining and adhering to strict brand guidelines.

Wyke Printers and Infigo Software had known of each other for a number of years but the timing wasn’t right for Wyke initially. Catfish now fits perfectly with their requirements.

They purchased Catfish and also commissioned Infigo to design and build the first couple of sites. Wyke issued the briefs from which Infigo Software could then show the features best used for each scenario, some that would probably not have been obvious had they built the sites themselves. Infigo Software offer this service for businesses that have neither the time nor the design skills to achieve this.

As a result, the solution has allowed better use of the resources and time efficiency at Wyke as well as being able to track orders and manage progress. Reports are easily generated for monthly and quarterly meetings, giving customer satisfaction and strengthening relationships with their clients. “The move from Commodity based to Supply chain based is proving to be very successful for us”. Stephen added.